Responses on: "If you answered the previous question, why do you restrict yourself to this/these particular race(s)"

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Informant #32500: not sure, coincedence

Informant #32905: I'm just not attracted to people of other races

Informant #32917: I'm not really sure, I've just noticed that any person I've been attracted to from a different race has been someone of Puerto Rican descent.

Informant #32920: I'm most attracted to them because I feel that we are the most compatible.

Informant #32925: I just do not find myself attraced to african americans or asian americans.

Informant #32962: Find them attractive.

Informant #32986: i do not know

Informant #33001: I just find them more attractive and have more in common with them.

Informant #33023: I feel the most attraction towards those races

Informant #33035: I find myself more attracted to the ethnic and moral background as well as the culture of this race.

Informant #33063: I do not object to other people dating any specific race, but for some reason I would feel weird dating the other rces. I cannot really explain it, but I just don't feel comfortable around the other ones.

Informant #33076: which ever has a fine ass let me at it

Informant #33094: because blacks and latinos are both minorities and we come from the same type of background, as far as family

Informant #33113: I'm really not sure why.

Informant #33141: really don't know, just never thought about them like that

Informant #33429: I tend to find them more attractive.

Informant #33544: I don't generally find myself attracted to the members of the races i did not chose. Only on very rare occasions.

Informant #34212: it might not a a particular race i go for, i just find that i am attracted to certain shaped-features...sometimes facial features are characteristic of a race.

Informant #142395: Because i love to see black skin against my white skin i love the contrast

Informant #171139: N/A

Informant #355812: Because black and mixed women remind me of men

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