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Informant #32908: They're worried that if I get married to someone from another race our children would have problems with getting made fun of etc.

Informant #32909: My parents are kind of old fashioned about this stuff. They'd probably tell me that if I were meant to date a black man (for example), then I would've been black.

Informant #32920: Well, my parents more in a way disaprove of me dating other hispanics and african americans because they think that they're not good enough. they would rather me date a caucasian i dont really know why. it sucks because they dissaprove of the people that i want to date.

Informant #32944: Some of them don't, but my brother is gay and he's dating a black man. My mom doesn't really care. My step sister is also dating a black man. My grandfather and uncles don't approve of that stuff.

Informant #32970: Personal Issues

Informant #32991: religion

Informant #33011: Old-fashioned opinion that they were raised with.

Informant #33018: My Grandmother is 83 years old, so she grew up in another time. Alot of her friends are racist, and when I went to prom with an African American she was afraid to send pictures to her friends because she was scared to see what they would say to me.

Informant #33057: if we were to have kids, it would be hard for the kids to get through life.

Informant #33098: Religious reasons

Informant #33106: not all my family and friends are like that but older people (parents) i think were brought up that you shouldn't interacialy date

Informant #33292: Just about all of my family approves, except for my grandmother just for the fact she doesn't believe that it is right for two races to intertwine with each other

Informant #34563: It would be harder

Informant #50374: Not traditional

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