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Informant #32909: Although both my parents would disapprove, my mom is a little more modern and would probably accept it over time, whereas my dad would be very unhappy.

Informant #32916: I dont really know what their views on interracial dating are.

Informant #32920: they approve if he is caucasian but disaprove if he is my own race (spanish) or african american. i dont know their views on asians/indians because i havent dated any but they probably would not be too comfortable with that either.

Informant #32937: They don't mind but I think that as long as the guy is Cauasian--they would be uncomfortable around a Hispanic or Black person that I am dating.

Informant #32938: Mother approves, father disaproves.

Informant #32944: My dad doesn't relaly like it, but my mom doesn't care

Informant #32952: My mother would not care what the race of the person I was dating was, however my father might be worried and say something to me if the person was African American/Hispanic.

Informant #32975: Depends on what race and to some extent thier background

Informant #32989: My mom approves as long as I'm happy, and my father would disappove.

Informant #32998: Only in the case in which my wife's and my children would be raised in an environment which especially is harsh to bi-racial chilren would they have concerns.

Informant #33009: I am not sure, but I did take someone from another race to my junior prom.

Informant #33038: My mother approves and has no problem with it, but my father is somewhat disapproving of certain other races.

Informant #33045: i dont know

Informant #33099: They don't mind, at least for most races. I do feel that they would have a problem with some races and also have different feelings about marriage then dating.

Informant #33106: i think that they would accept in eventually but it would take some time

Informant #33278: my mom approves, my dad would approve if he was educated

Informant #33544: They don't mind depending on the race.

Informant #33566: I don't know what they would think.

Informant #152913: still a tad racist but dont mind at all

Informant #171139: Parents deceased

Informant #199426: Mom approves, Dad dont know

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