Responses on: "If you are currently in an interracial relationship, how do people react when they see you and your significant other? Have you ever felt uncomfortable in public?"

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Informant #32479: People's reaction ranged from indifference or so what to approval or disapproval. My thoughts about such people who disapprove, "Get over it."

Informant #32547: n/a

Informant #32910: I'm sort of dating a Filipino American. People do not really pay much attention to us considering our races. She does have dark skin and it is obvious it's an interracial relationship... People still do not seem to notice all that much.

Informant #32920: well i was recently with an african american and most people don't mind it. i guess its becoming common to see hispanics and blacks. sometimes some african american girls might give me a not-so-nice look because they think that i should stick to my own kind. but its never to the point that i feel uncomfortable.

Informant #32929: I don't think people see us differently when we are in public. I have only felt uncomfortable once and it was because I was the only one that was not asian.

Informant #32937: I have never had any reactions or problems with my friends at home or in public. The idea that I am dating outside of my race only became more apparent to me when I came to Penn State because my Asian friends would makes comments. They are surprised that I am dating someone who is not Asian and they make distinct difference between dating an Asian guy and dating a Causasian guy.

Informant #32951: They don't react. No.

Informant #32979: i was in an interracial relationship in the past. i lived in california, which is where i am from, and nobody really cared. it is not unusual to see interracial dating back home in california. even my aunt dates black men.

Informant #32981: I have never felt uncomfortable in public and I find it funny when people stare and make comments. When people see me with someone of a different race we get mostly stares.

Informant #32985: I am not currently in an interracial relationship.

Informant #32991: i never felt uncomfortable because i have nothing against other races. and i do i want to limit myself from other races.

Informant #32992: They seem be to fine.

Informant #33024: People tend to notice that we are an interracial couple more than other couples, it doesn't bother us really but we have had conversations about what we might have to experience in the future because of our differend races.

Informant #33045: i dont notice. no i don't feel uncomfortable

Informant #33046: I am in an interracial relationship currently, the second one in my life, and I feel completely comfortable being with him in public and in front of my family. I've never been one to care about what others think, but I am aware of the fact that we are accepted amongst both of our peer groups and seem to attract minor attention in public or amongst elder adults. However, we do not feel uncomfortable by any means

Informant #33057: I have never felt uncomfortable here with my sig other. But when I go home to small town USA, I get looked at.

Informant #33099: I am currently dating outside my race. I have never felt uncomfortable. I do not feel that people judge me because of it and I have never had any problems with people in public.

Informant #33134: I am not currently in an interracial relationship.

Informant #33544: Sometimes they stare, but I rarely get much of a reaction; i think it's more acceptable nowadays. I never felt uncomfortable because I don't care what other people think.

Informant #33578: I have never had anyone react in a bad way towards us being different races. We have also been together for 2 years so I guess it's something that hasn't really affected us as far as the public goes.

Informant #33857: There have been times in certain regions of the country. But not in metropolitan locations.

Informant #41990: It's not an issue.

Informant #46655: yes

Informant #50374: There is always a double take. I used to feel uncomfortable, but now I am more comfortable with us as a couple, so I ignore any looks.

Informant #142395: My husband loves to watch me with my Black lovers

Informant #152913: a few times i have gotten dirty looks. those suck but then we rub it in their faces

Informant #155426: I have never noticed a reaction

Informant #157294: yes.

Informant #171139: Most seem okay with it.

Informant #261938: I never notice any reaction and I haven't felt uncomfortable in public with him.

Informant #288026: My friends don't even mention the color difference. They will just say things like "You guys make a great couple." and "you two are so cute together." Most people just ignore the race difference. Except for some adults, because they are not tolerant and are against it for no reason.

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