Responses on: "Do you think peer pressure is positive or negative? Why?"

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Informant #78815: negative

Informant #78881: It can be both depending on what the pressure is for

Informant #78886: depends on the situation

Informant #78960: negative

Informant #78965: Negative. It changes people and does not allow them to be themselves.

Informant #78972: Neither

Informant #79398: positive, ultimatly everything is your own decision any intelligent person wont do something to stupid. But it gets people to experience things they wouldn't have otherwise

Informant #79712: both

Informant #79733: negative,people should be able to make their own choices based on their own beliefs

Informant #79734: 99% negative, the 1% would be for encouraging children or people who may be socially challenged to do things like going for a cycle, a walk or other positive, healthy things. The negative? It's all around us, people starting fights, drinking, smoking, abusing drugs, joyriding, even the smaller things like music and putting on a tough/rough accent that sounds nothing like that of their parents or other people in the area.

Informant #79739: People shouldn't do something just because it's "cool", but similarly they should take other peoples opinions into account

Informant #79742: Often negative for most.

Informant #79744: it depends on the situation. eg, i know friends who've been slagged because they smoke. this is positive in my opinion. on the other hand, some people are pressured into smoking, which is obviously bad.

Informant #79774: Depends on the situation and what is being pressured. More often than not, from my experience, peer pressure is of the negative kind.

Informant #79777: I think it's positive. A lot of teens are too afraid to do many things and need to be pressured to do them. Peer pressure can push a person to expand themselves beyond their tiny little world

Informant #79790: c

Informant #79792: Peer presure can sometimes be healthy. For example: if there is a child who is lacking in personal hygine then peer presure could make them actively change their ways, helping them intergrate into society.

Informant #79801: oi

Informant #79802: It can be good or bad depending on the situation. It can give people new confidence, or get them into something negative.

Informant #79810: I don't think it exists. The stereotype of "if you don't smoke we wont like you" is completely generated by the media in my opinion.

Informant #79814: positive, not all peer pressure is bad.

Informant #79818: negative. fake life

Informant #79838: negative

Informant #79852: depends on the situation

Informant #79860: Both. Obviously people are pressured into doing things they don't want to do which aren't good for them. But people can be pressured into doing good things too.

Informant #79866: Both ways. It stops you doing silly things and also lets you experience more of the world. But sometimes it can lead onto bad things...

Informant #79867: I personally think peer pressure can be both. This is because sometimes it can help you gain confidence however can also lead people intp bad habits.

Informant #79941: both. it's a negative thing but learning to overcome it is extremely positive.

Informant #79943: Positive. It helps a person socializ

Informant #80379: Positive, i shagged my sister

Informant #80480: uctutyu

Informant #93193: peer pressure can be both negative and positive but negative peer pressure is more noticable

Informant #98398: depends on the person

Informant #119577: Could be both, sometimes peer pressure can get people into trouble or addictions. If you are a strong person, then you know the different between right and wrong and can control your behavior.

Informant #139399: negative it hurt people

Informant #173033: both because there are different kinds. negative examples: smoking, drugs, stealing, etc. positive examples: study, donating money, etc

Informant #202279: ad

Informant #208424: ugyugyu

Informant #210422: Both, a positive ay would me if it helped you, such as going to church. A negative way would be if they got hooked on drugs or smoking.

Informant #212563: positively because it is..

Informant #215133: negative because no one wonts to get dragged in stuff they dont waa do

Informant #220821: it's both because

Informant #223855: both ways..depends on the situation

Informant #225987: YES

Informant #226337: Both sometimes positive and sometimes negative

Informant #226636: Can be both, depend on the intention and result. If harmful threatens are involved, it is bad.

Informant #228220: both

Informant #228258: NEGATIVE WILL DO WORNG

Informant #228260: negativeno

Informant #228261: HKCV

Informant #228262: positive

Informant #228265: I think peer pressure is negative because you're pressuring people to do something they may not want to do.

Informant #228266: it is negative because they are trying to make you do something

Informant #228267: yes

Informant #228268: it can change you

Informant #228269: i DONT KNOW

Informant #228270: because its nothing


Informant #228272: i.d.k

Informant #228273: it could be both for diffrent people

Informant #228274: if somebody tell you to do something

Informant #229214: aawwa

Informant #231144: s

Informant #231449: Both - some friends can influence you into doing positive things

Informant #231862: Negitive, becuase it pushes you to do bad decisions.

Informant #232120: Peer pressure goes both ways. Negatively, peer pressure causes teens to do illegal things or anything outside their comfort zone.Positively, teens can get motivated in being successful.

Informant #234235: It can be both,but mostly negative.

Informant #234237: depends o the situaton

Informant #234242: and

Informant #234244: i don't know

Informant #234928: i think ist negative because sombody tries to confince u about somthing thats not lega

Informant #235173: negative, in most cases a person, is being pressured to doing something they normally wouldnt do everyday. sometime to dont even have to ask someone or tell someone they should. they just see others or friends doing and feel they should do the same, or maybe they wont fit in.

Informant #235256: yes

Informant #235564: and

Informant #236288: no

Informant #261424: Depends.

Informant #262177: Both, because it can lead you into good things and into bad

Informant #262806: dghdghdgh

Informant #266131: asd

Informant #268127: depends on the situation.It can be either positive or negative

Informant #268784: It can be positive or negative. Some peer pressure helps people to conform to basic social norms, and while that may seem to some to discourage individuality, it encourages social bonding and makes children feel less alone. It gives them a sense of belonging. It can do the opposite and alienate people as well. It can open a mind, close one, bring about the best decision in someone's life or the worst. It's all a matter of circumstance.

Informant #269763: waffles :D

Informant #270133: depending on the situation it could afflect anyone in any way or form

Informant #275241:

Informant #283548: Both, Because depnding on the situton you were in

Informant #285605: f

Informant #285660: both, sometimes it can broaden your likes/disslikes

Informant #287106: Peer pressure can be both, your can be pressured into drugs, or you could be pressured into helping your community

Informant #287795: Cant say wether positive or negative

Informant #289075: well it could be in a good way or in a bad way but all depends on the crowd.

Informant #289472: ...

Informant #296359: It depends on the situation.

Informant #296991: Mostly negative

Informant #298490: can be both according to the situation

Informant #299177: It can be both. It depends all upon the person doing the pressuring. I mean, trying to persuade a person to do something good can teach them a wonderful lesson without negative consequences.

Informant #300264: It depends on the situation.

Informant #303916: g

Informant #306581: a little of both

Informant #307634: It depends on the situation :P

Informant #307937: I think it is negative because their is hardly ever a friend that is going to pressure you to study or get good grades but more so the opposite.

Informant #308369: it is always negative,because peer pressure lessen the confidence of someone and make someone dependent on others decision.

Informant #312161: Negative Because Sometimes It Can Lead People Into Doing Something Reckless

Informant #312613: it depends on the situation

Informant #312812: positive.. because it helps us to advance in certain areas

Informant #313416: s

Informant #313520: i think it depends on the situation because it might be a very serious issue or just something silly

Informant #322081: both depending on the situation

Informant #326183: Most of the time I think its negative. From what I see its looked down upon.

Informant #327523: negative

Informant #328333: I think it's a bit of both. It depends on the situation. Your friends, like mine for instance, they pressure me into persuing my talent of singing. In fact even my family pressures me into doing so. It can be a way of breaking out of your shell. However it can also be bad because one, you yourself need to know if you are ready to take on such an act. You may start too early when really you were not ready. Then of course you have the completely bad pressures of people that pressure you into doing illegal acts and so on.

Informant #331868: Negative, because it changes your values and morals.

Informant #332517: I think for the most part peer pressure is negative because people might be afraid to say what they really feel about something because of what people might interpret from that, and judge you.

Informant #334794: both there are both positive and negative aspects drugs alchohol and anthing to harms your body but also friends can help you get involved, study hard and become a role model

Informant #334979: gfgfhgfhgfh

Informant #335579: dsgfg

Informant #336831: both

Informant #337415: it can be both. it all depends on the crowd you hang with

Informant #342451: both, depending on situation

Informant #349271: negative...coz ppl wl nt do wt dey wnt 2!!

Informant #350801: soso

Informant #352431: both because there is both negative and positive peer pressure

Informant #356143: negative if you followed th wrong doings. ositive if you did the right things your friends tell you

Informant #357115: Both. There are situations that can harm or benefit you.

Informant #359279: yuiy

Informant #359661: c

Informant #361903: its negative but it really depends on the siuation.

Informant #362494: negative, because by people leading into being pressured into something then making there own decisions can sometimes rely on what other people chose

Informant #363240: I think its negative because i have never been in a situation where peer pressure was positive.

Informant #363378: bhj

Informant #363963: negative at adolescence but mainly positive later in life. but is both ways.

Informant #364259: It can be both. Your friends could influence you into doing your schoolwork OR acting out. It all depends on other people.

Informant #364760: eqfr

Informant #364920: it depnds on situation we face

Informant #367626: negative because it can cause negetive influence

Informant #368213: sdfkajs90hasfjkh

Informant #368264: both ways

Informant #368887: negative, because it makes people feel like shit

Informant #372116: both

Informant #373654: In some situations, it is positive. However, with what our society supports, I think that peer pressure is an overwhelmingly negative force. I think it contributes greatly to the prevalence of transphobia, homophobia, sexism, racism, etc, etc, etc, because those who fail to express, or try to fight against them are considered outcasts.

Informant #374155: both depending on situation

Informant #376989: Negative because it's persuading someone to do something they don't want to and it may get them in serious trouble.

Informant #378581: ipipi

Informant #378928: negative,because it keeps you fro achieving your goals

Informant #381279: NEGATIVE, there shouldn't be pressure in the first place... Ever heard of own free will?

Informant #383246: it can be positive and it can be negative.

Informant #384535: I think its in exaple is you can make the goal.that was an exaple of potive peer pressure.see it can be good or bad

Informant #386192: It can be Positive because it can push you to stride for success but it's negative because it pressures you into doing things you may not want to do.

Informant #386299: both depending on what your friends are trying to get you to do

Informant #387043: Could be both, depending on the situation.

Informant #387805: i think that peerpreasure is mostly negative but there can be some positive peer preasure.

Informant #390157: both, because it depends on the situation

Informant #390177: positive only if the thing is volunteering or something positive. Negitive is mostly what happens when dealing with peer presure.

Informant #392555: positive and negative

Informant #395045: negative, it's mostly used to make people do things they wouldn't do if other people were there

Informant #395080: It depends, If it's positive influence it would be good, but negative usually resluts in You giviing in and making you an easy target for future infliences that could get you into more trouble.

Informant #396534: i do not know

Informant #396982: both

Informant #397530: both. depending on the situation

Informant #399770: Both; because they can influence you to do fun stuff like join clubs and do things you'll enjoy, but people also can influence you to do/say bad things so they can watch you self-destruct.

Informant #402759: Both it can be positive or negative depending on the situation at hand.

Informant #402821: It can be both, there can be both Negative and Positive consequences to you're actions.

Informant #404449: positvie but sometimes negative

Informant #404623: it can be both because there are times that we are really mean

Informant #406142: it can be a positive one, but most of the times it is negative

Informant #406377: Negative because most peer pressure comes from another's own self needs.

Informant #407340: both

Informant #407740: rkajghasiudgss

Informant #409719: I think it depends on the situation.

Informant #410419: no

Informant #410558: It depends on the situation, if your friends are trying to pressure you into doing something that's either illegal or bad for your health obviously it's bad. If they're pressuring you into doing something they know will help you out, then it's good.

Informant #411577: Positive if its used correctly,

Informant #413222: i feel that it is more of a negative thing. i feel this way because my friends and people i know are hardly ever pressured into doing the right thing, or something that is good for them.

Informant #415227: negative because you rarely hear of people telling others to do something good

Informant #415228: Peer pressure at all is negative. No matter what, it's someone telling you or persuading you into doing something that you don't feel fully comfortable doing. Even if it's studying for a test.

Informant #415231: most peer pressure is negative but i try to do the best i can for me and others.

Informant #415232: it is negative mostly but can be beneficial

Informant #415233: sometimes negative because it could affect you how you live from then on when you got peer pressured. sometimes postive becuase your friendss might start to like you more.

Informant #415234: It is both, because you can be pressured into doing good things or you can be pressured into doing bad things.

Informant #415235: both it depends on the situation

Informant #415236: It depends. Most peer pressure is neagative though.

Informant #415237: Positive or negative. It can get you to join something or hate something.

Informant #415238: I think that it is both because there are different situations.

Informant #415239: I think it is nagitive because people can make you do somthing bad.

Informant #415240: Both. It depends on the situation. If they are pressuring to do something good than yes. If not, than no.

Informant #415241: Both. It depends on the situation.

Informant #415242: both because it depends on what you are being pressured into.

Informant #421577: some can be positive while some can be negative, but they are mostyl negative.positive peer pressure can be forcing some1 to go to church and negative can be forced to have sex. NO FORNICATION!!!!!

Informant #423199: it depends what the problem is it could be good and the person wants to do bad

Informant #429698: it depends, sometimes people can influence you to do something bad, but sometimes they influence you to do something positive you were afraid to.

Informant #431226: hg

Informant #437240: no

Informant #437427: NO

Informant #437465: I think its both, depending on the situation. If you were pressured into studying then obviously that is positive, if it was alcohol, drugs or smoking then thats a negative

Informant #437522: both

Informant #437525: It can be both, just depending on the situation.

Informant #450428: negative..........its affected in our life

Informant #456877: its both

Informant #460708:

Informant #461859: I think it can be both positive and negative giving the situation.

Informant #470167: negative

Informant #470550: gfcgf

Informant #472392: both

Informant #476839: its,s negative as it makes u do the things that u don,t want to do

Informant #480922: fghfghhhgdf

Informant #489705: lujhjk

Informant #494375: it can be both the ways,depending on what you are pressured about!

Informant #498757: positve because it helps me improved my study

Informant #504616: gvsd;g

Informant #504921: both it depends

Informant #507033: negtaive

Informant #513230: for me, it depends on the situation. but most of it is bad. because you are being pressured to do something bad.

Informant #517335: wjjtw

Informant #521999: both

Informant #522222: both. depending on situation.

Informant #522336: It depends on the situation abt what the pressure is making u do..

Informant #522440: most of the time peer pressure is negative because it usually involves conformity with the peer's antisocial activities

Informant #522859: Both depending on the situation.

Informant #523994: fsdf

Informant #524829: no

Informant #526016: positive if refers to study negative if teasing someone

Informant #526097: sdfasd

Informant #528204: Its negative as its very strainful

Informant #533311: peer pressure is both positive and negative, because at some point you'll learn from it and in the negative side is that you can somehow be oblige to do a thing you dont want to do

Informant #533359: ye5ryhb

Informant #534728: depend on a situation

Informant #534772: both. some of my friends are not always into negative peer pressure

Informant #534783: iI think its positive and negative because of my experiences being with good and bad peers.

Informant #534810: klhkjhl

Informant #552402: ddfwdfds

Informant #556257: s

Informant #557012: It depends upon the situation because somehow, i experienced a positive peer pressure

Informant #561878: Almost always negative, because a person should choose to act or do things with his/her own free will.

Informant #561879: I think that its both because if it´s a situation for like smoking. It´s negative because you know it´s bad for your health, but it can be good for example: If you dont take this job your life will be misereble and no one will like you.<-- makes you take a job that good but also stay closer to friends.

Informant #561880: Dopendes on the situation

Informant #561881: Negative because it makes people do things they dont want to do.

Informant #561882: Both. Positive, if you look back and make sure you never do that again. Negative, if you don't.

Informant #561884: i think that it depends on the situation

Informant #561885: It can be both depending on the situation.

Informant #561886: both depending on the situation

Informant #561888: It depends on the situation because it might be influencing your thoughts in a positive way.

Informant #565556: It can be both. If it influences you to do things that are against your beliefs then yes it is negative. However, if the influence inpsires you to challenge yourself and reach your highest potential then it is positive.

Informant #571044: Depends on the situation

Informant #578631: negative I,m doing bad things

Informant #582267: Can be both depending on the individual and supports in their lives.

Informant #588804: hrfh

Informant #589400: both, it depends on the situation.

Informant #589475: both, depending on the situation

Informant #601947: both

Informant #604636: Positive, cause my peers helps to know God more/

Informant #605004: na

Informant #607926: it can be both depending upon the SITUATION

Informant #608038: Peer pressure can be both negative and positive. Positive peer pressure can come from people who are trying to make you do better in school, work, or life. On the other hand, bad peer pressure can come from people that want you to feel the pain they felt.

Informant #608159: fgsfgds

Informant #609622: kik

Informant #610049: it can be positive or negative . it depends upon the situation.

Informant #612134: Negative.

Informant #614923: negative

Informant #614996: Positive

Informant #615470: some times positive and some times negative

Informant #615818: positive cuz it let peers open up to the public

Informant #616052: negative

Informant #620077: I think peer pressure, for a most part, has more of a negative impact on an individual than a positive one. I believe this to be true because people tend to feel as if they need to oblige to what they are expected to do, in order to maintain their order of social status. Generally, I believe that peer pressure occurs most often in adolescents and children, because they have not developed a secure sense in who they are and are not as confident of someone who has lived through their childhood already. Many adolescents are too concerned with keeping their peers and friends happy, rather than focusing on what they really want. However, I do believe that peer pressure can be a positive action. Since peer pressure is defined as 'the suggestion or insistence by peers of actions that stray away from an individual's interest and values', a friend may encourage an adolescent to pursue an interest that could end up being beneficial, rather than harmful.

Informant #636891: Negative. Because it affect many of the students

Informant #662842: In sum cases

Informant #680561: both

Informant #681519: Depending on the situation, it can be both. But for those with low self-esteem, like myself, it can definitely be negative.

Informant #699066: it depend on kind of pressure you give in to

Informant #702723: gffg

Informant #706931: it is both because one can be pressured into studying

Informant #715981: both

Informant #716307: depends.

Informant #718558: Both depending upon the situation.

Informant #723809: positive

Informant #738448: yes

Informant #741341: most of teh time positive.

Informant #741371: both

Informant #747264: ccbnb

Informant #762063: Both. Depends on the situation. But mostly its negative.

Informant #767119: It can go either way depending on the circumstance.

Informant #803957: it can be positive because sometimes when you need to do something, people can pressure you into it for your benefit. also, for example, if you were pressured onto a rollercoaster, you'd realize how much fun you actually had when you listed to your friends. it's negative because it can lead you down roads that either too soon for you to cross or it can leave you with a lifetime of regret.

Informant #806845: Negative. It disrupts my target

Informant #810915: Both.

Informant #836338: both

Informant #838181: positive... escape to school

Informant #839772: ciyckycoyuoccououc

Informant #859260: it depend

Informant #860203: negative

Informant #860208: negative, kids are easily lead

Informant #862126: fytftygugiugig

Informant #870874: do

Informant #871832: It is depend on situation.

Informant #885087: both because my friends influenced me to take my work seriously and they also influenced me to skip school with my boyfriend


Informant #903084: w

Informant #903870: g

Informant #917876: positive because i had a good company

Informant #920844: both

Informant #938015: negative because it does not do any good fot you and won't take you anywhere

Informant #950668: it can be positive or negative.. positive when you can share the activities you do with parents with your parents and negative when you indulge in bad activities and cant share it with others exept your peers...

Informant #958525: g

Informant #971042: none

Informant #976149: Negative becausw they're pressuring you to do something you dont want

Informant #983549: both, it depends on the situation

Informant #986413: Positive, theres no right or wrong decision because it you who decided it.

Informant #1004717: jhiuvh

Informant #1017273: both

Informant #1027341: negative

Informant #1105286: sad

Informant #1140111: both

Informant #1232485: NEGATIVE

Informant #1372780: oo

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