Responses on: "If you answered yes what are some of the stereotypes that you have heard? "

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Informant #89571: AKA-stuck up Zetas-beastly Omegas-wild Sigmas-country

Informant #89740: Too competitive

Informant #89765: That all Red People are Skaters...Which is true AKA's are Skaters...again...true Q's are retarded...again...true Sigma's are lames...blow me Apes are sneaky snake bastards....true.. Delta's are really men...kinda true... Zeta's are ugly and fat...not always all SGRho's...who is that? Iota's....lmao.......never seen 'em

Informant #90228: AKA's are stuck up, light skinned girls. Zeta's are overweight. Kappa's are pretty boys. Sigma's are country. Que's are wild & out-of-control.

Informant #90239: violent gang like reverse racism

Informant #90272: hazing

Informant #90362: They trry to embrass you during your pledging period. The only thing to do is Step,etc

Informant #90372: Hazing is a must.

Informant #90376: That AKA's are usually light-skinned and stuck up. Delta's are darker skinned and more "rough". Kappas are gay. Ques are just nasty. Thats frats and sororites are just for people to meet up and have sex.

Informant #90382: AKA's are light skinned and tend to be self centered. Kappa's are pretty boys.

Informant #90385: AKAs are prissy, Deltas are ride or die, Zetas are ones that cook their behind off. Alphas are the business types, Sigmas are the cool party types, and Ques are the players.

Informant #90398: AKA's are bourgie, pretty Alpha's are more business-minded Kappa's are ladies-men

Informant #90405: They whoop your ass to get in

Informant #90411: The typical sterotypes associated with each organization. For example Kappa are pretty boys...etc.

Informant #90415: Kappas are pretty boys, Alphas are intellectuals, etc.

Informant #90417: Black fraternities and sororities are "rowdy" (frats especially) The girls are said to be "stuck up."

Informant #90421: the pledge process is harder, they step, they are just college approved gangs, they are stuck up

Informant #90423: uppity about something

Informant #90428: the physical aspect of pledging is much harder than white frats/sorors.

Informant #90436: All they do is party. None of them work hard enough to build houses. The OD when doing the pledging process.

Informant #90441: AKA's are prissy and conceited. Kappa are pretty boys.

Informant #90445: Hazing includes getting beat.

Informant #90470: there are various stereotypes about individual fraternities and sororities but I don't of any on black frats and sororities as a whole

Informant #90479: yes, different fraternities have different stereotypes. For example, people think AKA's are conceited.

Informant #90492: There are stereotypes about each specific sorrority. There are particular personas associated with each organization. An example is that the AKA's are suppose to be prissy, high matenience, and on the lighter shade of the color spectrum.

Informant #90499: Alphas are gay, Kappas are stuck up, Ques are wild and stupid, AKA's are pretty and stuck up, Delta's are mean, Zeta's are fat and ugly, SGRhos are non existant, and Iotas well I've never met an Iota.

Informant #90527: AKAs-uppity pretty girls that pass the brown paper bag test. Deltas-rougher. Kappas-pretty boys. Alphas-intelligent. Ques-wild.

Informant #90546: wilder more crunk more dedicated best parties

Informant #90553: Physically rigorous pledging process, gang mentality, elitist in principles and overly concerned with image vs. community development

Informant #90554: A K A's are always have a lighter complexion and thats not a coincidence. Kappa's are always soft pretty boys. etc...

Informant #90561: All we do is step. We just throw parties. We have sex with everyone.

Informant #90564: Paper, pledged, deltas are mean, AKA's are prissy bitches, zetas are ugly

Informant #90566: hazing

Informant #90572: All we do is step and party, we are involved in it until we are senior citizens, etc.

Informant #90573: hazing

Informant #90576: All they do is step and party; black frats. are degrading towards women; all AKA's are stuck up; all Kappas are gay, etc.

Informant #90582: That you will be hazed or that you cannot join certain ones because of your ethnicity or complexion.

Informant #90613: hazing process

Informant #90618: Many of the stereotypes that are said about the Divine 9 Organizations is that some have the reputation for being very pretty, while others do not, etc.

Informant #90624: They are gangs All they do is haze They do not uplift the community

Informant #90627: each org has it's own stereotypes, but GBLOs as a whole have been stereotyped for only pledging/hazing and not really doing any good for the community, known to party, but other stereotypes make us out to be smart young individuals and leaders emerging in college.

Informant #90629: AKA's are superficial pretty girls Alphas are homosexual or polictians/business men Kappas are pretty boys/womanizers/or homosexual Deltas are dark-skinned/afrocentric/successful women Omegas are dark-skinned, rowdy, life of the party, disrespectful to women Sigmas are country, mad cool, rejects of other frats Zetas are overweight, can cook, unattractive, very sisterly SGRhos are plain janes, nerdy, unattractive, reserved and/or quiet [sooo not true except for the nerdy part :-)] Iotas are lames, rejects from other frats, very brotherly

Informant #90630: Party minded.

Informant #90631: Every individual organization has its own stereotype that people associate them with.ex. AKA..pretty light skind girls with long hair

Informant #90632: Alphas And Kappas-Gay Zetas-Fat Aka's- Paper/whores

Informant #90634: No Comment

Informant #90636: We only step and dance. we're all about partying. We only accept black people.

Informant #90638: I've heard them all but do not agree with them.

Informant #90642: All we do is party and haze. Luckily my organization well known for it's community service and our stereotype if working hard. Even movies that point out clear black greek stereotypes have always noted one organization DST as the one to model for it's commitment to service.

Informant #90643: Kappas=Pretty Boys/Feminant Alphas=Smart/Feminant Omegas=Nasty/Athletes/Jocks Iotas=Who? Sigmas=No Stereotype/Diverse/The Best AKAs=Lightskin/Prissy Deltas=Manly Zetas=The best next to SIGMAs, beautiful SGRho's=none

Informant #90644: We don't do anything important (in the community) and all we care about is partying and hazing.

Informant #90650: All BGLOs do is step & stroll, do hand signs and calls.

Informant #90657: AKA-Pretty & Smart or Pretty & Dumb Alpha-Nerds Kappa- Pretty boys / Gay Delta's - Tom Boys Omega's - Nasty/Freak SGRho's - Nobodies Sigmas- Weirdos

Informant #90664: AKAs - pretty, light complexion, all paper Deltas, dark, loud Zetas - fat, country SGRhos - rejects Alphas - nerdy Omegas - perverts, party all the time Sigmas - country Kappas - gay Iotas - rejects

Informant #90666: That all we do is stroll and step and that black frats and sororities feel their different or better than people who are not greek, which is not the case at all.

Informant #90667: partying

Informant #90673: That all we do is step and party, when in reality we most divine nine organizations are dedicated to community service and scholarship.

Informant #90703: 1.) Pledging is all about hazing 2.) Some black frats are just about sex 3.) AKAs are stuck up snobs, but pretty 4.) Deltas are the homegirls and chill ppl guys want to hang out with 5.) Zetas are fat, black, or tall or all three 6.) Sigma Gamma Rhos are fat 7.) Alphas are geeks 8.) Kappas are too pretty maybe gay 9.) Sigmas are the home boys that are just the friends 10.) Omegas are the nasty stupid over sexed animals 11.) Iotas do not get love or respect

Informant #90718: zetas love to eat, deltas can step, AKAS are stuck up.

Informant #90736: sluts, ghetto, rude, greedy, selfish

Informant #90752: AKAs are snobs and stuck up. AKAs are just pretty girls with no smarts. Deltas are watered down AKAs. All any organization is about is stepping and partying.

Informant #90755: I have heard that fraternity or sorority members are individuals who have a need to feel as if they belong to someone or something. Which is completely false!

Informant #90763: Amongst the black college community you hear that AKA's are prissy, Delta's are stern, Omega's are dogs. Zeta's are hood rats, Kappa's are pretty boys, Iota's are nobodies. Nothing about their sterotypes are about the work that they do in terms of community service.

Informant #90764: Inept, there is no purpose, dancers and steppers

Informant #90789: too many!

Informant #90801: Stereotypes based on looks and intelligence range throughout the Divine 9.

Informant #90802: AKA's being pretty girls/stuck-up.

Informant #90835: We are like gangs. We join to make friends. We do it to isolate oursleves. We feel we are better than others. Zetas are ugly. Kappas and Alphas are gay. Deltas are mean...

Informant #90848: That BGLO's are legalized gangs for some of the activities that occur.

Informant #90893: yes but I think that the stereotypes form before are fading with each generation of lines

Informant #90909: You have to have a certain look to be apart of a Devine Nine Organization. If you don't take wood you can not join a HBGO.

Informant #90945: akas have to pass a paper bag test, S G rhos are fat, all of the divine nine male fraternities beat their pledges badly.

Informant #91012: That all we do is step.


Informant #91023: AKA = pretty girls, have to be light skinned Delta = down to earth Zeta = usually overweight and can cook SGRho= usually overweight

Informant #91034: That all greeks do is party. We are stupid. We are hard to get along with.

Informant #91035: All these groups do is step. They are "educated gangs."

Informant #91042: All they do is party

Informant #91272: All Alpha Kappa Alpha's are pretty

Informant #91344: hazing All they do is party don't graduate

Informant #91545: We are wild. Do not serve a purpose. Kappas are pretty boys. AKA's are conceited. Que's are dogs, literally. Aplha's are studious.

Informant #91653: they are followers

Informant #91670: They only party and stroll, they are demonic, they are superficial people, they are full of groupies

Informant #91697: kappas pretty boys omegas are dogs alpha intelligent nerds iotas "Who"

Informant #91785: 1. Que's are womenizers 2. Kappa's are majority Gay Iota's also 3. Zeta's don't comb their hair or are raggedy looking. 4. Delta's are in it for attention 5. AKa's are Stuck up and snoobish 6. Alpha's are sneaky 7. Sigma's are not that smart 8. Sgrho's want to be in other sororities but couldn't cut it... these are just a few...I've heard

Informant #92798: That we don't do anything but party...WRONG!!!

Informant #92832: Alphas gay, kappas gay, Ques are dogs, Sigmas none,

Informant #93249: Party all the time Condescending

Informant #93591: parties all they do is step if you are a certain skin color than you belong with a certain group

Informant #93662: Pretty, Smart, Fat, Boring, Wild, Sophisticated, Head Strong Men and Women

Informant #93864: That the organizations are all for status and are useless now

Informant #94073: Deltas are always smart, AKAs are always pretty, Sigmas are country, Zetas are big and love chicken etc

Informant #94303: Stuck Up, Elitist, Conformist, Cookie Cutters, Hazing,

Informant #94743: No stereotypes about black frat and sororoties in general but each org has its own stereotypes.

Informant #99652: they haze aka's only allow light skinded people que's are tough alpha's are intellectual zeta's marry sigma's only visversa

Informant #100304: AKA's are pretty Delta's are strong Zeta's are unattractive Sgrho's are unknown

Informant #100568: AKAs are stuck up QUEs are loud wild party boys ALPHAs are borderline gay ZETAs are loud ghetto

Informant #100740: People believe that students just go to college to pledge.

Informant #100820: thet they are all about partying and looks.


Informant #101063: You must assimilate to a certain look, behaivor, and beliefs

Informant #101229: pretty boys, bitches, cootchie eaters

Informant #101546: AKAs-stuck up Deltas-Wild Zetas-Fat/overweight Kappas-Pretty Boys Ques-Nasty Alphas-boring

Informant #101586: They take everything to seriously like a gang. They fight people for dumb shit. They talk loud like people actually give a f*** about what they are saying.

Informant #101649: AKAs pretty light skinned DSTs dark skinned Kappas pretty boys Omegas nasty Alphas smart

Informant #101881: AKA's are stuck up Delta's are ghetto Kappa's are players Omega's are nasty Alpha's are smart

Informant #102278: AKA- pretty girls Kappa-pretty & clean cut men Sigma Betas-Hyper active Ques-Tough guys Alphas-Nerdy type of guys SGRho-Quiet & Smart females Deltas- Big & ghetto females Zetas-Manly females

Informant #102350: just rich members of the black community there all elitist and aren't really open to all blacks

Informant #102385: AKA- wanna be white girls Delta- ghetto chicks, more harsh hazing Kappas- pretty boys Alpha's-Smart boys Ques- dogs

Informant #102660: AKA's are all light skinned with long hair, Delta's are all dark skinned, Zeta's are all large women, Que's only party, Kappa's are gay, Sigma's don't posses there own identity, Alpha's are nerds.

Informant #102695: Just based upon color you are stereo typed. Light skinned or dark skinned you should belong to certain frats or soros

Informant #103430: Akas = pretty kappas = pretty boys Deltas = hood Omegas = rowdy/crunk Alphas = nerdy

Informant #105098: AKA-barbies Delta-Ghetto Q's-Nasty Kappa-Pretty Boys Zetas-Fat

Informant #105203: deltas are ghetto, aka's are light skinned, kappa's are pretty boys, sigma are a joke

Informant #105306: AKA- light skinned, pretty girl Delta- independent alot of community service Zeta- dark skinned SGRho- made up of girls who didn't fit in to other black sororities, quiet girls

Informant #105397: being light skin stuck up ghetto fat smart part animal

Informant #105496: Iota-who? phi beta sigma-lame omegas-nasty kappa-sexy alpha-nerds or gay delta-womanly aka-suck up zeta-rough sigma gamma rho-who?

Informant #105858: akas- light skinned pretty girls deltas- overbearing, darker skin zetas- big girls, caribbean que- nasty kappa- pretty boys

Informant #106161: aka's r stuckup delta's r mean zeta's r ugly rho's just don't fit anywhere alpha r gay kappas only care about themselves sigmas r lame omegas r dumb iotas who?

Informant #106926: AKAs are pretty, light skinned (predominately) elusive and exclusive; Delta's are more business oriented, less discriminating but harsher and strong; Omega or "Q's" are womanizing dogs that party hard and degrade women, and Zeta's are rejected AKAs and Delta's

Informant #107027: Alpha Phi Alpha- Book Worm AKA- Stuck up Omega- Mr. Pleasure DST- Hood Zeta-Big girls

Informant #107991: Elitist, Intelligent, Powerful, ect.

Informant #107994: cult like

Informant #107997: All they do is step and that they dont get along.

Informant #107998: A Phi A- Nerds/ Gay AKA- Stuck up/ Conceited/ Light Skin KAPsi- Conceited Ques- Nasty/ Don't Graduate DST- Dark skin/ independent to a fault PBS- the leftovers ZPB- Fat/ ugly SGR- Ugly IPT- who?

Informant #107999: They pledge hard and they hate one another.

Informant #108001: Blacks join sororities and fraternities and drop out of school soon afterwards.

Informant #108002: looks,attitudes,level of knowledge,intake process

Informant #108008: Black greeks see themselves as the future of the Black bourgeoisie. They, many times, are seen as people who think that they are better than others because they are greek.

Informant #108012: To be an AKA, you have to pass the paper bag test. All Zeta's are big girls, to many Delta's, but they aren't too sisterly, SGRho???

Informant #108013: Many people feel that they are nothing but modern-day gangs

Informant #108016: All we do is party We do not uphold the standards of our sorority

Informant #108073: Lost their way, Social group

Informant #108077: Alphas-Smart/HomosexualAKA-StuckupKappa-Homosexual/Pretty BoysOmegas-Dogish/WildDeltas-Strong/LesbianSigmas-Lame/Rejects/CountryZetas-Country/Fat/Ugly/Laid-BackSGRhos-???Iotas-????

Informant #108555: They are true

Informant #109222: aka's = light skinned and stuck up delta's = dark skin omega's = party animals

Informant #109410: Negative connotations towards specific organizations due to ignorance and gossip

Informant #110461: AKAs all have long hair and are light-skinned...and must pass the brown paper bag test

Informant #110740: loudness,

Informant #110941: AKA: stuck up, snobby, lighter than a paper bag DST: down to earth, ride or die chicks, Zeta: Big Girls SGRho: n/a AphiA: intelligent Kappa: pretty boys Ques: party boys, entertainers, crazy Sigma: no specific stereotype Iota: who?

Informant #111464: Becoming a member of a black greek organization is partially based on your physical appearance.

Informant #111777: AKA's are stuck up barbie dolls. Deltas are hood. Alphas are smart. Ques are nasty. Kappas are pretty boys. Zetas are a bunch of nobodies. Iotas are a group of thugs. SGRho doesn't exist.

Informant #111787: there elitist

Informant #111859: zetas are ugly and fat and dark skinned, aKA's are stuck-up and all light skinned, deltas are the best, sGRhos are the coolest and easiest to get along with.

Informant #112172: That all black fraternities participate in Hazing.

Informant #112232: that the alpha's are the smart ones the que's are nasty the kappa's are pretty the iotas are individuals the sigmas have no stereotypes

Informant #112251: Alpha Kappa Alpha are the pretty, lighter skinned and stuck up girls. Delta Sigma Theta are the ghetto girls and have reputation's for being the "hoe's". Omega Psi Phi are dog's in every aspect!

Informant #113796: a k a are fair skin girl d s t are dark skin girt z phi b are fat girls

Informant #115233: that all they do is party

Informant #115682: AKAs are light-skinned Kappas are pretty boys/gay Alphas are nerds Sigmas are lame Zetas will do anything Deltas are tomboys/dikes

Informant #116403: pretty boys nupes, brainiac Alphas, prissy AKA

Informant #116649: actions, and lifestyles

Informant #116686: all of 'em!

Informant #117044: a.k.a.s are prissy omega psi phis are dogs

Informant #118255: As a member of AKA, I have heard that stereotypes about the individual characteristics of each organization. I have heard that AKAs are stuck up. I have heard that Kappas are down-low. BGLOS as a whole has a reputation of being no more than a group of students on campus who segregate themselves, have parties and step.

Informant #119740: All Kappas are light skinned, conceited, have wavy or "good" hair, etc....

Informant #119971: aka pretty and prissy delta down to earth, "real" kap pretty boys apa strong, classy, buinessmen

Informant #121453: AKA-prissy stuck up light skinned DST-dark skin, average, KAPPA-pretty boys, playas Sigmas-nobodies SGRho's-outcast, nobodies QUES-playas, party hoppers ZETA-heavy set girls not so pretty ALPHA-smart boys, possibly gay

Informant #121796: As an AKA, I hear that we are all too pretty and conceited, and although we are beautiful ladies, we are extremely helpful and kind to everyone!

Informant #122801: I have heard that most AKA are lightskinned and stuck up. There are many more.

Informant #122869: akas are all lightskind and deltas black skined

Informant #123609: AKA- pretty girl, stuck up Deltas- ride or die chick Alphas- smart, money makers Omegas- party animals, rowdy Kappas-pretty boys


Informant #124098: depends on that sorority or fraternity

Informant #125378: stuck up black people

Informant #128211: u know

Informant #128572: AKA-stuck up, light-skinned, long haired pretty girls; all about their looks DST-down to earth, dark-skinned girls ZPhiB-most are fat, not very attractive APhiA-book worms Kappas-pretty boys Sigma-a mixture of all frats SGRho-smart girls, but not very known Omegas-like to party all the time, "nasty"

Informant #130016: They are upper-level gangs

Informant #130018: Partying, late graduates, animosity amongst one another.

Informant #130458: pretty girls, pretty boys, divas, dogs

Informant #130908: AKA- Prissy Girls DST- Smart, Independent Women Que- Hard Headed Kappa- Prissy Boys Alpha- Nerds

Informant #131544: kappa's are the smart boys that eat p....

Informant #131830: Some stereo types are that they have been called "educated gangs". They have also been criticized as seperating black rather than bringin them together.

Informant #132463: aka-snooty. lightskin, conceited delta-independent, ghetto

Informant #133570: That they social and service organizations. The BLGO's are take great claim to the service they provide in the community.

Informant #134572: "All they do is step and party"

Informant #135084: Its another way of saying gang

Informant #135252: Black greeks haze

Informant #135380: They are party people. They only attract people with certain characteristics traits and/or personalities.

Informant #135544: They remained in their fraternity or sorority clique and look down any one else.

Informant #135927: Alpha= Businessmen AKA= Pretty DST=Down to earth Kappa=Pretty Boys Omegas=freaks SGRho=Smart Sigma=Country Zeta=Fat Iota=?

Informant #138024: About the alpha's will leave their girl for a man.

Informant #138442: I only heard about hazing and parties...

Informant #138716: they all haze alphas are nerdy akas are prissy que's are nasty delta's are independent/strong kappas are pretty boys sgrho's don't exist sigma's can't be stereotyped zeta's are down for their man iota's DEFINITELY don't exist

Informant #138776: that the black greeks are more dangerous.Black greek have bad reputation for drinking or partying

Informant #138915: AKA-pretty girls Deltas- down to earth etc.

Informant #138951: there are way too many to list but the aka's stuck up... delta's down to earth but hard to approach, sigma's lame. alpha's nerdy, que's nasty, kappa's- too pretty the lsit goes on and on

Informant #139301: mostly about kappas and AKAs pretty boy/girls that are stuck up and snobby

Informant #139577: all of them have their stereotypes

Informant #139802: AKAs are prissy and stuck up, not the epitome of a strong black woman Deltas are the strong black women and what men really want Ques are nasty and obnoxious The Alphas are the smart guys Kappas are the pretty boys

Informant #139851: Lots of hazing as well as certain fraternities and sororities have negative assumptions around them. For example AKA's are the 'Pretty Girls' that are only light skinned, Delta's are somewhat 'manly" , Zeta's are fat and whack and SGRhos are the 'rejects'

Informant #140429: Alphas are smart, Ques are nasty dogs, Kappas are pretty boys. AKA'S are pretty girls, Deltas are hard,

Informant #140898: AKAs are supposedly prissy, stuck-up and high maintenenced Deltas are supposedly hood or very down-to-earth Alphas are supposedly book worms Ques are supposedly real dogs and very rowdy Kappas are supposedly conceited


Informant #141398: Kappas - Pretty Boys, Smooth Akphas - Nerdy, Bookworms Omegas - Nasty, Loud, Big dudes Iotas - Unknown Sigma - Steppers, Hyper AKA - Stuck up and "pretty" Delta - Hood, A Lot of them Zeta - Fat, ugly SGRho - Smart, Unknown

Informant #141855: AKA- Stuck up, light skin Deltas-fat Zeta- gay and fat SGRos- nobodies Kappas- gay Sigmas- lame

Informant #142310: that it is a gang

Informant #142538: AKAs are barbie dolls. Omega Psi Phi are basically freaks.

Informant #142928: Stereotypes vary from organization Alphas- Smart, Nerdy, Money Makers Kappas- Pretty Boys, Ladies Men Omegas-Party Boys, Rough guys Sigmas-Country Iotas-No One Knows them AKA's- Pretty, Stuck Up Girls Deltas-Headstrong, Diva SGRHO,- Have to have 4.0 to join Zetas- Fat, Ugly, Good Cooks

Informant #142947: Interferes with religion, ungodly like, gang, cult, demeaning. AKA's are conceited and light skinned, DELTA's are dark-skinned women with attitudes, ZETAS are manly and SGRho's are out the question.

Informant #143012: pretty kappas or crazy Ques

Informant #143284: u have to fit in to get it!!

Informant #144392: that kappa alpha psi are the pretty boys... aka are the gorgeous girls omega psi phi are the dogs/sleeps around!!!

Informant #147296: kappas-pretty boys alphas-smart guys deltas-divas akas-pretty girls

Informant #148144: all they do is party, step, and haze you pay for friends

Informant #149610: Too many parties and hazing

Informant #149823: They are loud, act like bafoons and serve no real purpose

Informant #150536: That Delta's are ghetto. AKA's are stuck up and pretty. Zeta are the ugly ones that couldn't make it in AKA or Delta

Informant #151022: Arrogant, smart, successful

Informant #151080: deltas are sluts akas are arogant

Informant #151500: Aka's-Light skinned and pretty Delta- darker skinned, loud and ghetto Zeta- down to earth sigma-lesbians and fat girls

Informant #152267: Alpha - elitist, conceited Omega - wild, gregarious Kappa - superficial, unintelligent Sigma - country, uninteresting AKA - conceited, overly concerned with appearance Delta - mean, spiteful Zeta - weight problems SGRho - self-loathing

Informant #153507: Alphas have alot of gays Kappas are gay Omegas are sloppy and fat Iotas....Iotas who?? Sigmas are Swagger Biters AKA's are hoes Deltas are freaks Zeta's are book worms S-G-Rhos are losers

Informant #153956: alpha phi alpha - smart and nerdy alpha kappa alpha - stuck up and prissy. kappa alpha psi - (nupes) pretty boys, very romatic omega psi phi - (que dogs) ladies man, very sexual delta sigma theta - intelligent, smart, largest black sorority, men love them phi beta sigma - mix of ques and nupes zeta phi beta - larger in size, very good cooks sigma gamma rho - cute girl, down to earth iotas - not well known

Informant #154538: That AKAs are conceited and vain. ZPB are ugly chicks.

Informant #156465: AKAs-Huge Egos kAPPAs-Huge egos Deltas-pretty dark skinned, and smart zetas-homely and down to earth q-dogs-nasty, rough, and party friendly sigmas-out of the ordinary sg rhos-lames iotas-lames

Informant #157046: AKA's are stuckup, light-skinned, and skinny. Delta's are dark-skinned, loud and fat, Zeta's are dark-skinned, and not that cute, as well as athletic.

Informant #158017: akas are light skinned long hair preppy prissy girls with major stuck up and snobish attitutudes but they are very involved with the community. deltas are opinionated women and sometimes overbearing but they are much easier to relate to than akas

Informant #158629: Aka's are stuck up. Delta's are ghetto. Que's are tough and manly Kappas think are sooo pretty Zeta's are lame nerds Alpha are geeks

Informant #159217: hazing very selective

Informant #159435: aka- pretty dst- female version of the black panthers zeta- large, smart, shy sgrho- very few a phi a- smart, dynamic kappas-pretty omega- party animals iotas- revolutionary, popular in the 70s, sigmas- country

Informant #161723: Alpha are gay Kappa are pertty boys, Omegas are dirty and overs sexed, AKAs are stuck up and superfical Deltas are to manly... I could go on and on

Informant #162289: light skin, bougie, snobs, exclusive...

Informant #162836: mad hardcore

Informant #164265: AKAs are light skinned and rich Deltas are ghetto and dark

Informant #165046: haze

Informant #167567: It's only for social purposes which is untrue.

Informant #168714: Branding, hazing

Informant #169224: African American fraternities are violent in nature and White fraternities and sororities just engaged in irresponsible behavior, such as binge drinking.

Informant #169636: AKA- stuck up DST- loud ghetto ZPhi- country SGRho- not around

Informant #169882: Drugs, sex, what people look like, we are lazy, all they do is party

Informant #171244: AKA's are stuck up. Zeta's let anyone in or they are just there SgRho who are they? Delta's sleep with the ques

Informant #171497: AKA stuck up, pretty girls Kappa pretty boys Alpha Smart, nerdy Delta down to earth darker skin Que Wild, party animal, freak

Informant #171693: depends on the fraternity or sorority

Informant #173152: depends on which organization is in question...

Informant #173292: AKA's are stuck up Delta's are mean Alpha's are smart Que's are freaks

Informant #174199: Racist, Discontent

Informant #175017: AKA=Stuck up DST= Down to earth ZETA= Fat Girls SGRho= No one knows them Kappas=Homosexuals Ques=NASTY! Sigmas=Thugs

Informant #175842: AKA'S are bushi and think they're pretty Delta's are ghetto Zeta's are groupes SGRhos are unknown and unpopular Kappas are pretty boys/ gay Ques are horny dogs, loud and annoying Sigmas dont really have a sterotype Alphas are nerdy and geeky Iotas are unknown and unpopular

Informant #176057: The standard ones.. alpha's are smart, kappa's are pretty boys, que's are freaks, sigma's are ghetto, iota's are straight out of africa or some carribean nation, the AKA's are boogee and light skin, the delta's are darker, bad ladies, the Zeta's are ghetto, and the SG Rho's are ugly.

Informant #177342: N/A

Informant #177411: th typical stereotypes per fraternity or sorority

Informant #178023: some are smart, stuck up, gay, down to earth, dogs, etc.

Informant #180303: APAs- Smart AKAs- Stuck up Kappas- Pretty Boys Omegas- Loud Partiers Sigmas- Mix of other three Delta- Bossy Zeta- The Woman's woman Iota- No specific stereotype

Informant #180928: Kappa's - Pretty Boys, AKA'S -Pretty Girls, Alpha's - nerds, gay, Phi Beta Sigma - Country, Delta's Big Girls, Dark skinned, Iota - who? lol, lame, Omega - Loud, dumb, Zeta's - Ugly, Sigma Gamma Rho - Rejects

Informant #181413: They think they are better than anybody

Informant #181879: Each org has there own

Informant #183641: All black sororities are stuck up and they don't do as much community service than they did before they joined.

Informant #183701: Alphas are gay and bookworms AKA's are conceited and pass the "brown paper bag test" Kappas are pretty boys and conceited Ques are really nasty dogs who like to party 24/7 Deltas are gangsters/mean Sigmas are country and Alpha, Kappa and Que rejects Zetas are obsessed with the Sigmas and on the larger side SGRhos are nerdy girls Iotas....they don't have a stereotype yet

Informant #183729: Sigmas are corny and country; Alphas groom the black intelligensia; Kappas are pretty boys; Ques are loud and rowdy; AKAs are pretty and prissy; Deltas are down to earth; Zetas are unattractive; Sigma Gamma Rhos are irrelevant

Informant #184488: a lot

Informant #186281: RACIST

Informant #186551: aka's - pretty light skin stuck up

Informant #186776: party alot

Informant #187228: Alpha - Smart, Omega - Wild, Sigma - Pervert, Iota - Lame, Kappa - Pretty Boy AKA - Prissy, Delta - Down To Earth, Zeta - Real, Sigma Gamma Ro - None


Informant #188658: Delta's are the cream of the crop- Step Master's, Party Starters, Smartest, Prettiest, and Community Service oriented. They are every woman's dream to be and heavily impact the lives of Black Woman everywhere. Everyone should take notes when they see Delta Divas.

Informant #188994: Alphas-smart, leaders, gentlemen, nerdy, boring, can be homosexual. Kappas-Ambitious, talented, pretty boys, lots of groupies, worried more about their looks than anything else, can be soft and feminine. Ques-Charasmatic, politically active, like to have fun, tough, wild, nasty, promiscuous, can be more concerned about partying than graduating. Sigmas-Well-rounded, do a lot of community service, copy other fraternities, have no idenity of their own, can be corny and country. Iotas-Haven't heard any yet. AKAs-Pretty, intelligent, classy, light-skinned, stuck-up, self-absored, snoody, shallow Deltas-Classy, independent, sassy, intelligent, strong, friendly, can't say anything bad about my sisters ;) lol SGRhos-Free-spirited, unique, creative, not good looking, pledged to be different. Zetas-Strong-willed, afro-centric, loves sigmas, big-boned lol, can cook, their lines look offensive line-like

Informant #192957: Alpha's: intelligent, gentlemanly, business-type. AkA's: pretty, classy, oh so lovely. Delta's: those that didn't quite fit the standards of an AKA. Kappa: pretty boy, smooth. Q's: dogs, players, nasty. Zeta's: big-boned home- girl type.

Informant #193618: AKA's- Pretty and stuck up DST- Smart, yet ghetto and boyish Que's- Dogs, nasty, will never graduate Alpha's- nerds, good looking Kappa's- Very good looking

Informant #193748: -Delta sigma theta are beastly. (Best steppers, more service, smart) -Sigma gamma rho is rarely known. -zeta phi beta is manly. -alpha kappa alpha is "paper". -alpha phi alpha is kool -kappa alpha psi is playboys -omega psi phi is nasty -Sigmas are lames -iotas are unacknowledged

Informant #195237: That I am a well educated black young man. Handsome, Well mannered, and respectful.

Informant #195373: light skin African American girls belong to AKA

Informant #196013: kappas are closeted homosexual.

Informant #196110: aka= pretty, stuck up, light

Informant #198774: that theres not such things as 'black' greeks, its an oximoron -then all the stereotypes within each soro/frat

Informant #199357: Aka's-pretty girls deltas-hoodrats kappas-pretty boys que's- party animals, like to cheat alpha's-nerds zeta's-lame iota- no one ever knows who they are

Informant #199373: fake

Informant #200868: Alpha- smart aka- pretty delta- ugy divas aka wannabes

Informant #201474: AKA- prissy, conceited, pretty DST- strong, smart, sometimes ghetto Alpha Phi Alpha- cocky

Informant #201636: aka are uppity give run for your money phi beta sigma are gud cooks large delta sigma theta down to earth

Informant #203061: lets see AKAs-stuck up, usually lightskinned Deltas-dark skinned, the best steppers, more down to earth, Kappas-pretty boys, Alphas-smart Zetas-heavyset Ques-party animals, usually dont graduate on time

Informant #203539: no unity

Informant #203554: To begin with most of the people who have these "stereotypes" are those who are not greeks! if anyone is interested in any fraternities or sororities you have to be dedicated and want to do it for your self not just because what you heard about them. Also do RESEARCH people. Now as for the stereotypes hmm very funny now for the corrections.... Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity- The first, intelligent, ice cold, focused and very successful brothers. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority- Different colors, shapes and size, confident, beautiful woman. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity- Focused, confident, slick brothers that can shim it up. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority- The intelligent, focused, laid back ladies. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity- Strong, adventures and risk taker brothers. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority- Laid back, different colors, size and shapes, ladies. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity- Presenter, laid back Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Iota Phi Theta Fraternity

Informant #203623: Zetas are smart, AKAs are snobby, and Deltas are manly

Informant #206109: Apa-studious, smart, intelligent KAppa-pretty boy sigma-cool omega-jocks DST-down to earth smart AkA-pretty zeta-ugly

Informant #206890: kappas gay alphas business men and gentle men deltas classy but dnt mess with her aka atractive but stuck up and prissy zetas fat and can cook sgrho nobody knows and book worms ques nasty and go to school to bee ques.. phi beta siigma fat black and ugly

Informant #207433: aka's are suppose to be light skin. Delta's are hood, zeta phi beta has a lot big girls. Sigma gamma rho has the least pretty girls. Alpha phi alpha has the nerds. Omega psi phi are nasty guys who feel up on girls. Kappa's are the pretty boys who always drop their canes. Sigma's are country and don't fit in. And no one knows who the iota's are

Informant #208159: alpha kappa alphas -barbie dolls deltas- natural black pride alpha phi alpha- smart dudes kappas- pretty boys

Informant #208350: skin hues/physical features sexuality intelligence personality


Informant #209529: Nupes are Pretty Boys. Sigmas are country. Apes are gay. Ques are wild and stupid. Iotas are lame.

Informant #211237: All Deltas are headstrong, independent, all-natural AKA's are stuck-up, light skinned Kappas are pretty boys

Informant #212210: Pretty, conceited, hazing, fat, ugly,country, mannish, nasty, dogs, gay, pretty, killers

Informant #212418: Aka-light skin, snoody, classy, rich Delta-outgoing,ghetto Alpha-nerdy,gay Omega psi phi-cool, party animals Kappa alpha psi-handsome

Informant #212935: none

Informant #214656: That AKA's are light skinned with long hair and are stuck up Delta's are wild and lose

Informant #215184: Some are stuck up while others are more down to earth

Informant #215436: AKA's- Pretty girls Delta- Hardcore girls Zeta- Fat girls SGRhos-Smartgirls Alpha's - Smart boys KAY- Pretty Boys Ques-Rough Sigmas-Community Oriented Iotas-unknown

Informant #215617: AKA-pretty, stuck up Alpha- smart, nerdy Kappa- ladies man Omega- party animal Delta- sophisticated, homegirl, smart Sigma- country Zeta- overwieght, good cook SGRho- unknown Iota- very unknown

Informant #216311: hood

Informant #217418: AkA's, stuck up and light skinned. Deltas, don't take no mess and business like Zetas, never comb their hair, big SGRho's, never come out and shy

Informant #217485: AKAS are pretty,prissy,stuck uo Deltas-Headstrong,Strng individuals Sigmas-? Zetas-big black and ugly

Informant #217618: There are no stereotypes for my Frat.

Informant #218225: AKAs are stuck up, Deltas are cool, Zetas are country, and SGRho's are lame.

Informant #218287: aka are pretty and smart Kappa's are pretty boys, Q's are party animals

Informant #218810: AKA are paper, Ques are wild, Deltas are ghetto

Informant #218931: they are cliques they haze they are pointless one should just be their own person.

Informant #219004: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

Informant #220061: aka- light skinned cute and pretty girls deltas- down to earth females nupes- pretty boys they love pretty girls ques- nasty nasty dogs zeta- lesbians sgrhos- fat

Informant #221777: Alphas buisness/music Kappas Pretty Omegas- Dawgs/Gpa Sigmas-quiet Iotas-who?

Informant #222083: Hazing

Informant #222820: AKA's are prissy, Deltas want to be seen. SGRho are the misfits, Alphas are gentleman, Ques are bassically dogs(dwags),

Informant #223189: Aka's are prissy and only care about their looks and that kappas are prettier than the girls they date.

Informant #223482: alpha-smart kappa-pretty boys, smooth omega psi-nasty, dogs sigma-gay delta-strong minded, down to earth aka-prissy, stuck up, pretty girls zeta-lame sigma gamma-lesbian, lame

Informant #223791: AKA's are stuckup, Delta's are AKA wannabe's, Zeta's look like men, Kappa's are prettyboys, Omega's are sexy and nasty (good kind of nasty)

Informant #225516: that akas are stuck up and kappas are pretty boys

Informant #226509: AKA pretty girls Alpha pretty guys Delta business women Zeta hood chicks

Informant #226922: Zeta- Educators, good cooks AKA- Prissy, Snobby Delta-Hood, Natural SGRho- There are none AphiA- Old, smart Iota- gangbangers Sigma-Drinker, weed smokers Kappa- Gay Omega- Rowdy

Informant #227506: AKA's are the prettiest Delta's are hood Zeta's are rejects Kappa's are pretty boys Omega's are wild Alpha's calm and handsome

Informant #227843: that we haze

Informant #228511: aka's are light deltas are dark q dogs are sexual kappas are pretty gammas are ghetto

Informant #229056: Alphas-smart, kappas-pretty boys, sigmas-country, omegas-wild, iotas-rejects

Informant #230219: its harder to get in, it takes longer to be an official member, their evil, rude, and mean...

Informant #231336: all they do is step

Informant #231616: Aka's are the more stuck up pretty girls.Dst's Are the ones with the most ppl and less class but can step well.Opp's are the strong football players types but can also be known as players off the field.Zeta's Are cute and smart

Informant #231701: AKA's are stuck up. Deltas are loud, ghetto, and have a darker skin tone. ZPhiB are smart, pledge hard, and are really DARK! SGRho are fat and boring. APhiA's are cute. Omegas are loud and immature. Kappas are cute. Sigmas were cute and could party.

Informant #231774: aka- pretty girls, lighter than a brown-paper bag deltas- down to earth, really smart girls sgrhos- don't fit in anywhere zetas- fat, lesbians, smart

Informant #232307: kappas are pretty boys akas prissy girls deltas like to fight omegas are party animals sigmas are country zetas are freaky sgrhos are very smart alphas are nerds iotas have no stereotype yet

Informant #232532: Kappas Are Gay Sigmas Are laid back and wannabe's Ques are nasty and sexy aka are stuck up deltas are either dikes or headstrong women sgrhos are drowning in the scene and are unknown to some alphas are smart but lame to others iota is unknown to almost everyone zetas are the female versions of sigmas

Informant #232540: aka:stuck up and light skinned delta:dark skinned

Informant #232918: all give wood all love to party

Informant #233076: a lot

Informant #234997: AKA: pretty girls AphiA: smart men Omega: nasty Deltas: divas Sgrho: nobodies Zetas: fat wannabes Kappa: pretty boys Iota: nobodies PhiBetaSigma: party boys

Informant #235022: alpha phi alpha fraternity are intelligent men, alpha kappa alpha sorority are just stuck on their beauty,Omega Psi Phi Fraternity are strong men and have "nasty" tendencies Delta Sigma Theta Sorority are diva's and intelligent.

Informant #235091: Alphas are nerdy, AKAs are pretty lightskin girls that are stuck up, Kappas are pretty boys, Ques are dropouts, Deltas are ghetto.

Informant #235204: Sigmas are fat, black and nerdy AKAs are stuck up Deltas are manly and ghetto Zetas are down to earth and smart

Informant #235498: AKAs- conceited (i felt that way before i actually heard it though) APAs-mannerable, studious OPP-they do what real dogs do, wild DST-studious, close knit

Informant #236918: I have heard: the Zetas are all fat the AKAs are the prettiest the DSTs are the business women the SGRhos are nobodies the Alphas are the best fraternity the Omegas are the nastiest the Kappas are gay the Sigmas are country & the Iotas are invisible

Informant #236927: Omegas=Gang Kappas= Distinguised gentlemen/handsome Alphas = Businessmen/smart Sigma=Quirky AKA=Pretty/Prissy/classy Delta=Not AKA/Attitude/rude/Big Girls Sigma Gamma Rho=Nobody Zeta =Quirky/Afro-Centric=Dreadlocks lollipops

Informant #237080: Zeta's are fat, Alpha's are gay, Kappa's are hoes, Omega's are dirty, AKA's are stuck up, Delta's are lesbians, SGRho's are smart

Informant #237481: Aka's pretty ,snobby Delta ghetto ugly

Informant #237971: aka's are stuck up delta's are mean que's are players kappa's are ass holes and full of it zeta's are fat kappa sweetheart's are kappa sluts alpha's are nerdy sgrho's are non existant

Informant #238565: aka's are prissy delta's are tom-boys sigma's are nerds zeta's are very down to earth alphas are nerds and down to earth omigas are nasty and chase women kappa's are pretty boys sigma's are nerds

Informant #239486: Alpha-nerds, AKA-stuck up, Delta- hood, Kappas-pretty boys, Q's- wild and stupid, sigmas- wannabes, zeta-fat and ugly, sgrho- n/a- iota-n/a

Informant #240397: Alpha smart Kappa gay Sigma lame Ques nasty Aka stuck up Delta cool Zeta fat Sgro quiet

Informant #242177: AKAs are stuck up, you got be dark skinned to be delta

Informant #242255: AKAs are pristine. Alphas are distinguished Omegas are a dichotomy

Informant #242293: aka's are stuch up, sigma gamma rho's are fat ,kappa's are the pretty boys and the Iotas are the misfits

Informant #242503: akas are stuck up and delts are lookd at as ghetto

Informant #243056: Alphas- Smart business men Kappas- Conceded Pretty boys Deltas- Strong smart divas AKAs- Conceded Pretty girls Zetas- Fat ugly girls Ques- Dog like Party animals Sigmas- Down to earth

Informant #243220: For the frats: Kappas are usually pretty boys and are womanizers, Alphas tend to be homosexuals but very intelligent and business-oriented, Sigmas are usually country, Omegas are party animals and wild people, and Iotas... well they haven't been around long enough to have a stereotype. For the sororities: Deltas tend to be really down-to-earth and usually of regular/medium dark complexion, AKAs are usually light-skinned and are stuck up, Zetas are usually really dark-skinned and good cooks, and Sigma Gamma Rhos haven't been around long enough to have a stereotype.

Informant #243524: Alphas- book worms, intellectuals, nerds Kappas- play-boys, pretty boys, all they have is parties.

Informant #245935: Either romanticizing ghetto behavior or aspiring to a level of sophistiction as in wealthy white frats and sororities.

Informant #245947: a.K.A.s stuck up and sidity

Informant #246697: nasty, pretty, stuck up, wack, gay, quiet, church girls, undercover freaks, and unknown

Informant #248616: AKA's are uppity Delta's are manly Zeta's are eccentrics SgRho's are down-to-earth Alpha's are intellectual Sigma's are country, but sweet Kappas are stuck up Omega's are loud and ignorant Iota's are nice

Informant #250740: too many to describe without being irritated with this quiz... just being honest

Informant #251157: Omega psi phi- never graduate, party too much, are nasty. Alpha kappa alpha- light skin girls, stuck up, high maintenance. Delta sigma theta-ghetto, loud

Informant #251921: All they do is step.

Informant #252922: Akas are stuck up deltas ghetto

Informant #253091: deltas are the hood but classy chicks aka's are the stuck up chicks Q-dogs eat vagina

Informant #253126: Kappa Alpha Psi: pretty boys, conceited Alpha Phi Alpha: intelligent, gay Omega Psi Phi: wild, crazy Phi Beta Sigma: slow, country Iota Phi Theta: unheard of Delta Sigma Theta: smart, wild Alpha Kappa Alpha: prissy, dumb Zeta Phi Beta: homely, good cooks Sigma Gamma Rho: independent

Informant #253482: alphas=smart aka=stuck up kappas=pretty boys q's=nasty boys deltas=strong,smart

Informant #253642: A Phi A - intelligent - man you'd want to marry AKA - normally lighter complection, pretty, classy, snooty K A Psi - pretty boy, stuck up, smooth Omega - strong, nasty (good nasty), not afraid of anything DST - down to Earth, smart, sassy and classy Phi Beta Sigma - kinda corny (stereotypically), don't really fit in Zeta - kinda homely, drab Sigma Gamma Rho - the "least cute" of the sororities, Iota - who? lol

Informant #253822: Honestly, all stereotypes are sad but the stereotypes that I'm aware of are listed below: AKA- ling hair, fair skinned blacks, snobby, and refuse to work because her man will work for her,DST- soulful, chocholate complected, political, and rude ZPHIB- over weight, lesbian,can cook, unattractive, and must be around sigma men to be known Sgrho- shy, smart, tall,unattractive steps with canes, alpha men- smart and arrogant kappa-shallow, pretty, and can't hold a cane without dropping it phi beta sigma- country iota-smallest frate but are gentlemen

Informant #253825: All stereotypes are based on opinions are what someone was told but the opinions are below: alpha-arrogant and smart kappas- shallow omega's- nasty, muscular, and never graduate phibeta sigma- country, respectful men iota- smallest frate and genuine aka- snobes, long hair, paper bag test, and pretty delta- chocolate skinned blacks, rude,act more like omega's than lady's zphib- obess, can cook, not pretty, and lesbians sgrho-smart, unattractive, shy, and that we pledge 365 days a year

Informant #254434: ques think they tough. kappas think they cute. alphas think they smart..well most are. sigmas are just cool dudes.

Informant #255302: They feel that they are entitled to better treatment, they are no longer held to the principles upon which they were founded and they are less liable to network unlike their Caucasian-based counterparts.

Informant #255310: AKA's are color struck Deltas are all darkskin Zetas are fat and SGRhos are plain janes but i dont believe them at all

Informant #256202: Haven't heard any

Informant #257144: kappas pretty boys akas stuck up, prissy deltas ghetto, fat ques loud, disrespectful

Informant #257997: Alphas- Intelligent, Pure Gentlemen. AKAs- Prissy, Stuck Up, Pretty Girls. Omegas- Party Animals Deltas- Down To Earth, Always About Business. Kappas- Stuck Up, Pretty Boys.

Informant #258201: Stuck up, act too wild, drink too much, party too much, influence new people to do negative things.

Informant #259770: That they are not about achieving

Informant #261385: Prissy, nerds, ghetto, fat, misfits

Informant #261865: AKA are snooty Deltas are down to earth Omegas get crazy!

Informant #263999: AKA - Stuck up Delta - Ghetto and rough Sigmas - Country A Phi A - Smart, influential Kappa - Pretty boys Omega - Big, muscular clowns Iota - The disrespected ones

Informant #265351: bl

Informant #267831: Social Status

Informant #270515: AKA-stuck up and light skinned. pretty Deltas-independent woman, agressive Kappas-pretty boys

Informant #270703: The hazing is bad They make you do stupid stuff You probably become stuck up

Informant #271417: manorizims

Informant #273660: Alphas-Nerds AKAs-pretty girls Kappas-Pretty Boys Deltas-ghetto girls Sigmas-country Zetas-big girls Qs-party boys

Informant #273803: Legal gang All they do is step

Informant #276746: Q Dogs: party all the time, freaky Kappas: pretty boys, boy AKAs AKAs: snuddy at times, light skinned Deltas: ghetto, quick temper Sigma Rho: lame Iota: nobody cares about them Alphas: skinny, very smart, sometimes gay Sigmas: graduate late if they graduateat all, live above their means zetas:country, can cook

Informant #277840: AKA's are stuck up prissy beauties without brains. Alphas are intelligent, often geeky. Ques are nasty classless dogs who only joined a frat to get some cooter. Sigmas are enlightened potheads... really down to earth. Iotas think they're the shit (and they are...shit). Kappas are pretentious pretty boys who like to give back to the community.

Informant #278048: Being conceited or too proud!

Informant #279016: stuck up,

Informant #280553: Alphas-Arrogant/Nerdy/Clowns AKAs-Arrogant/Pretty Girls/Stuck Up/Divas Kappas-Pretty Boys/Homosexuals Ques-Big/Nasty/Not Bright Deltas-Ghetto/Wannabe AKAs Sigmas-Lames/Rejects from other frats Zetas-Big Girls/Rejects from other sororities SGRhos-Who? Iotas-Who??

Informant #280724: they are messy. and allow the "drama" of there chapter public knowledge.

Informant #283766: Each group has it own stereotype for example AKA, stuck up Omega. hype sexual

Informant #284124: A-Phi-A- Businessmen Kappa- Prettyboy Que's- Womanizer Sigma's- Country AKA-Stuck up "Pretty Girl" Delta- "Ms. Independent" SGRho- Dark skinned fat girls ZPhiB- Belongs in the kitchen

Informant #285042: The AKA's are stuck up.


Informant #288299: Some or smarter than others, haze really hard, party alot

Informant #289354: Elitist

Informant #289916: Pretty Boys- Kappas Thick girls- Zetas Successful- Alpha

Informant #290192: Hazing

Informant #291361: Alpha Phi Alpha- Nerds Alpha Kappa Alpha- Stuck Up Kappa Alpha Psi- Pretty Boys Omega Psi Phi- Dogs Phi Beta Sigma- Thugs Zeta Phi Beta- Fat Girls Sigma Gamma Rho- Lesbians Iota Phi Theta- Fake Kappa's

Informant #291705: AKA: pretty and stuck up Omegas: rough, bad (good) Kappas: so cute, like marriage material

Informant #293926: Kappas are the pretty boys aka's are the pretty girls(light skin and thin) delta's are hood(dark skin)

Informant #295786: AKAs are pretty girls Zetas are big black and ugly deltas are ghetto Omegas are dogs

Informant #296492: I just feel there are stereotypes, no matter the "color" of the fraternity/sorority. The biggest being too much partying (which I think is true...)

Informant #297516: Omega's: Dog's (literally), party hard but not good for much else Kappa: pretty boys, also party hard but with more class than Omega's Alpha's: leaders, much more low key and selective AKA's: pretty girls, stuck up, unnecessary black female attitude, pretend to care about the black community Delta's: smart, classy, make it happen women, actually care and get involved in the lack community

Informant #299826: I believe that separatism promotes racism.

Informant #300330: none

Informant #301299: AkAs are pretty and stuck up girls Deltas are rough around the edges kappas are pretty boys

Informant #303906: Assholes

Informant #303925: They haze a lot

Informant #303971: Hazing Serious pledging community service support life long membership

Informant #305330: Depending on the organization, some black sororities only accept light-skinned or darker-skinned girls

Informant #308053: q's r dogs aka's r prissy kappa's r pretty

Informant #308545: Alpha Kappa Alpha( Light skinned black woman, rude, nasty and mean and also only plegde to be known as a "pretty girl") Alpha Phi Alpha( Smart, Nerdy & Gay) Kappa Alpha Psi(Pretty Boys, Always changing the "c" in words to a "k" for kappa Delta Sigma Theta(Ghetto Anybody can get in and Wanna Be Akas) Omega Psi Phi(Nasty Freaks,Fail In School and get a lot of females) Phi Beta Sigma(Smart, Finish School, Sweetheart, Nerdy) Zeta Phi Beta(Girls on the bigger side, Sweethearts, differnet and cool, laided back and simple) Sigma Gamma Rho(Dont get alot of plegdes but are more for nerdy girls and people who didnt get in to the other ones) Iota Phi Theta(Open Frats NO Labels)

Informant #308753: They are wild.

Informant #309247: Alphas - very smart, gay; Kappas - smart, pretty boys, soft; Omegas - smart, rough & tough, nasty; Sigmas - smart, country; Iota - smart, mix of other frats.

Informant #310299: Deltas-Divas Aka's- Stuck Up Zeta's- Big Women Sgrho's- Educational Woman Omega- Eat Pussy Kappa- Pretty Boys

Informant #310680: Aka are Preety girls omgeas are nasty and like to party kappas are the preety boys

Informant #312030: its a lot of different stero types.

Informant #312485: AKA-stuck up, prissy, and snobbish. Deltas-down to earth and loud. Zetas-loud, ghetto, and love to eat. SGRho-rejects, nobodies. Alphas-nerds, intelligent. Kappas-pretty boys, in it to get girls. Ques-wild and nasty. Sigmas-thug like. Iotas-unknown

Informant #316466: Kappas are gay. Omegas are dumb. Alphas are followers. Deltas are crazy. AKA's are sluts. Zeta's are fat and country.

Informant #320562: AKA's= pretty girl SGRho=fat/ugly Zeta=smart Deltas=ghetto

Informant #321930: Alphas are the gents, Omegas are the dogs, Kappas are the pretty boys, And AKA are prissy and stuck up, the same with Deltas

Informant #324451: Hazing, guys forcing girls to have sex,alcohol and deaths in pledging.

Informant #324549: AKA- Light skin prissy girlie Delta- Darker down to earth loud Zeta-Smart country SGRho- Anybodys Alpha-Smart nerdy Kappa/Nupe- Cute better then you Omega- Love sex wild Sigma- Smart country Iota- New guys

Informant #327629: AKA are Pretty Kappa's are Pretty

Informant #329488: AKA - pretty girls, paper bag test DST - go getters ZPB-Chill OPP - dogs KAP- pretty boys APA- monkeys

Informant #331335: The AKA's are the snobby girls. The Que's are the large guys who are always ready to attack. The Alpha's are the smart guys. The Kappa's are the high sexual pretty boys.

Informant #332879: AKAs are the light-skinned girls Deltas are the dark-skinned girls and down to earth Alphas are the nerds Ques are your athletes or are truly dogs Kappas are the pretty boys Sigmas are lame in the South but big in the New York (Tri-State area) Zetas are the fat girls who were rejected by the AKAs and Deltas Iotas are your non-traditional students

Informant #334360: alpha phi alpha are the bookworms alpha kappa alpha are the stuck up girls

Informant #334774: They are organized gangs. They don't use any money that they receive properly.

Informant #336338: Alphas - nerds, gay, DL. Kappas - pretty, soft, DL. Omegas - jocks, gangsta, rough. Sigmas - country, regular. Iotas - mixed up, wanabees.

Informant #340063: deltas- ghetto kappas- pretty boys akas- stuck up pretty girls zetas- fat alphas- nerds omegas-wild dogs, charmers

Informant #343083: Cool! That's a clever way of lkoonig at it!

Informant #344470: aka's are pretty girls deltas are hood/ghetto girls kappas are pretty boys alphas are smart guys phi betas are country boys zetas are country girls ques are bad boys

Informant #344910: Kappas - pretty boys Omegas - Nasty/party boys Alphas - Bookworms/nerds Sigmas - All of the above Iotas - Unknown AKA - stuck up pretty girls

Informant #347457: they beat you with a paddle on your butt are arent allowed to talk to anyone but your ls/lb while on line everything must be kept a secret anything can happen while u are on line

Informant #347765: Legalized gangs.

Informant #349420: there is a stereotype for each frat/sorority

Informant #350290: akas are light skinned long hair and stuck up

Informant #350829: Alpha Kappa Alpha-normally lighter complection, pretty, classy, snooty Delta Sigma Theta- down to Earth, smart, sassy and classy Zeta Phi Beta -Homely,drab Sigma Gamma Rho - the "least cute" of the sororities

Informant #351439: AKA are prissy and stuck up!

Informant #351554: We are loud. Most won't graduate. We are only there to find husbands or become sluts.

Informant #352961: prissy freaks dl

Informant #357190: AKAs are paper, they are to worried about looking pretty to do any real work Deltas are just plain MEAN, they are AKAs unwanted stepchildren and do nothing original Zetas are manly, only join to sleep with Sigmas, very diverse SGRhos, really nice but very few of them, don't really know about them Alphas, Either Gay or feminine, too old of an org to do anything new, they rest on famous members who are now dead Kappas, pretty boys, players, no good men Ques, horrible men, don't graduate, rude and obnoxious Sigmas- country boys, partiers, ugly guys Iotas-up and coming, fine brothas who are in the books, although I've never seen more than 5 a semester, they are still great guys and they have official groupies (Iota Sweethearts) who stole the Zeta call...#justsayin

Informant #357813: AKA - light skin & stuck up, come from money, DST - "keeps it real" but just a pretty version of a Zeta, Zeta Bats - well.., S G Rho... WHO?, AphiA - not as gay as Kappas, Que - Nasty dogs, but suggessful in business, Kappa - Totally Gay!, Sigma - couldnt make it as ques, Iota... who let them in?

Informant #358141: AKA's - are stuck up. QUES- are all nasty players. Delta's- are like your kick it homegirls. Iotas & SGRHO - are lames . Kappas's - are gay .

Informant #358397: Que's are hoes

Informant #360428: AKA: Light Skinned, "Good Hair", Pretty, Stuck Up Delta: Rough, Darker Skinned, Loud, Independent Kappas: Pretty Boys

Informant #362092: the alpha kappa alpha's are high maintenance & stuck up. the delta sigma theta's are "Ms. Independent".

Informant #363421: gay stuck up nerds wild ect...

Informant #364258: AKA: stuck up Omega: aggressive, dogs Kappa: pretty boys Deltas: strong minded women Alphas: businessmen

Informant #373309: AKAs-prissy, stuck up;Deltas-ride or die sistas, about business;Zetas-homely;SGRhos-plain janes, afrocentric;Alphas-geeks, gay; Kappas-pretty boys, metrosexual, on DL low;Omegas-athletes,gangsta;Sigmas,country,wannabees;Iotas,afrocentric, for da people.

Informant #377147: As an AKA I always here that we are stuck up, prissy, light skinned women. i can agree to a certain degree because alot of us are stuck up. Alphas- nerds, businessmen Kappas- pretty boys Omegas- nasty, freaky, dogs. Iotas- rejects, which i would disagree with Sigmas- rejects, boring Deltas- ghetto, bullies SGRho- shy, last resort Zetas- fat

Informant #380519: AKA= stuck up SG Rho=rejects Deltas= hood/tough

Informant #380811: Branding

Informant #381312: AKAs are stuck up

Informant #381746: AKA are prissy snobs Deltas have attitude more down to earth but some are AKA rejects SGRHO don't rlly come out to step ZETAS are hood girls lower class Qs are nasty vagina eaters lol Alphas bullies big tough guys Kappas are prep guys Sigmas more thuggish hood Kappa rejects lower class

Informant #384096: clique-ish, especially the sororities; looks determine which ones you can pledge;

Informant #384467: Clicks, gangs

Informant #392117: akas are light skinned, deltas are rough etc

Informant #393150: AKAs are stuck up but the prettiest. Deltas are the coolest but the sluttiest. Zetas are really smart.

Informant #395372: kappas- pretty boys iotas- new kids on the block alphas- smart but boring deltas- ride of dies girls akas- prissy ques- man whores

Informant #406973: AKAs are light skinned pretty girls Deltas are dark skinned businesswomen Zetas cook all the time Q-Dogs are beyond wild Kappas are pretty boys Alphas are book smart

Informant #407252: at1

Informant #411381: akas-stuck up, high maintenance Deltas-Independent and down to earth omega psi phi- country

Informant #411798: d,

Informant #411841: b,

Informant #411874: c,

Informant #411906: e,

Informant #414461: AKA: Pretty, high class, shallow Kappa: Homosexual Omega: Promiscuous, unintelligent, masculine Sigma: Business driven Zeta: Zeta bear, male dependent

Informant #414934: stuck up pretty boys

Informant #423804: -We just step -Stuck up (think that we're better than people) -violent -organized gangs -racist

Informant #425088: Aka are pretty but stuck up deltas are tough, independent bussiness women Omegas get along with the women Kappas are pretty boys

Informant #427227: Aka's are stuck up and perfect.

Informant #431200: Skin tone, demeanor, behavior, background

Informant #438026: none

Informant #443335: Kappas- homosexual

Informant #448163: test_clean_base1.txt;1;1

Informant #448204: test_clean_base1.txt;1;1

Informant #449448: Like a non black american will have a harder if not any chance to joining a frat.

Informant #457011: AKA - pretty, high maintenance, DST - About busness, independent, ZPB - homely, SGR - out of the norm. APA - nerdy, soft, KAP - pretty, MIAKAs, OPP- roughnecks, PBS - country, IPT - political, rarely seen.

Informant #480750: AKA's are stuck up, Deltas are hard-core, etc.

Informant #493817: All degrading! Faggots and clowns marching, singing in boots, wearing lipstick and saying they are pretty! We don't even acknowledge the academia and community service that our founders set forth! Ass backwards trying to be elite and not piggy backing to get ahead!

Informant #494730: Alpha Phi Alpha- are the smart positive African American Men. Alpha Kappa Alpha- are the light skinned, stuck up girls of the college.

Informant #495878: Hazing

Informant #501219: Aka: fake DST: manly Zeta: smart Sgrho: ? Alpha: self-absorbed Kappa: players Ques: nasty Sigmas: loyal Iota: hard to find


Informant #514623: They are only concerned about their looks.

Informant #516505: SGRho are rejects. Kappas are gay. Que dogs are great at eating pussy. AKAs are stuck up. Deltas are mean.

Informant #539547: AKA's are prissy, stuck up, beauty-queens. Delta's are rowdy, ride-or-die type girls. Alpha's are the boys you take home to mom. Que's are the freaks. Sigma's are hippies. Kappa's are pretty boys.

Informant #594550: too many to list. AKAs are pretty snobs, mostly with light-skin and long hair... Deltas are manly and aggressive... Zetas are fat... Sigma Gamma Rhos are losers. Alphas are nerds, Kappas are effeminate and have homoerotic tendencies toward another, Omegas are party animals with either really fat or really buff bodies...

Informant #602171: This medicine is FDA pregnancy category C - mild side effects, which are more common, will most probably just go away on their own, so you need not tell your doctor about them.

Informant #602242: Mild side effects of Xanax may be any of the following: weight changes, changes in sex drive, irritability, changes in appetite, tiredness, talkativeness, dry mouth, drowsiness, difficulty urinating, and light-headedness. ; klonopin (clonazepam) is efficient in the treatment of anxiety, panic disorder and seizure disorders.

Informant #602294: Never combine Meridia with MAO inhibitors, such as tranylcypromine, selegiline, phenelzine, rasagiline, isocarboxazid, or furazolidone, or any diet medications, such as benzphetamine, phendimetrazine, phentermine, or methamphetamine, as dangerous and possible life-threatening effects may occur; . Its use in pregnant or breastfeeding women is not justified in most cases.

Informant #602353: Drug interactions can affect the success of your treatment and cause unpleasant and sometimes dangerous health effects . This drug is not supposed to be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as people with a history of drug addiction and those currently using MAO inhibitors - such as tranylcypromine, isocarboxazid, phenelzine, or selegiline.

Informant #641737: the AKA's are predominantly prissy , stuck up and pretty while Delta's are rough , rude and "ratchet" . Que's are disgusting , Kappas are pretty boys and Iotas are irrelevant as well as Sigmas.

Informant #771574: There are definitely a whole lot of paucltriars like that to take into consideration. That may be a great level to carry up. I supply the ideas above as basic inspiration however clearly there are questions like the one you convey up where crucial thing might be working in sincere good faith. I don?t know if greatest practices have emerged around things like that, but I'm certain that your job is clearly identified as a good game. Both girls and boys feel the impact of only a second’s pleasure, for the rest of their lives.

Informant #795475: Alpha kappa alpha - stuck up, full of themselves Alpha phi alpha - seemingly disinterested in women, book worms , money makers Kappa alpha psi- players , pretty boys, some join this fraternity because they want to have a flock of girls around them 100% of the time. Omega psi phi- They like to bite , lick on a ladies buttocks , they are loud , they never graduate, they aren't focused on academics because of their tendencies to party all the time , and they are dumb jocks. Delta sigma theta- Act like nothing bothers them , have attitudes, many of them HATE AKAS, and they are like the AKAS evil twin. Sigma Gamma Rho - nobody cares about them, they are too "homely" , fat girls . Zeta Phi Beta - same as SGR. Sigmas- lame, weirdos, they stink, ruins your rep if you ever get caught hanging with one. Iotas- nobody even really knows what it is they do , they are rejects of ALPHA PHI ALPHA, OMEGA PSI PHI, KAPPA ALPHA PSI, AND PHI BETA SIGMA. Most are musically inclined , refined , and uninterested in parties or any social events .

Informant #800363: That we are loud and Rowdy

Informant #853447: Stuck up

Informant #882509: AKA's are prissy. Delta's are more "rough." Omega's are beastly.

Informant #1043059: Black Greek members are too good for you.

Informant #1609918: Have to suck up to join.

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