Responses on: "What, in your opinion, do you and other people miss in their lives?"

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Informant #16743: sometimes

Informant #16746: in life i miss having enough money, but most of all i have health

Informant #16752: companionship and 'art'

Informant #16755: i not miss anything


Informant #16770: They miss that by putting God first EVERYTHING else is better. They put work ahead of family and friends.

Informant #16787: Postive action and faith

Informant #16790: peace

Informant #16793: they miss appreciating what they have right now

Informant #16796: Life is but a game. Play by the rules and don't cheat. Also, don't take things so seriously to heart.

Informant #16811: ???

Informant #16817: Satisfaction with their role and lot in life.

Informant #16819: i don't now

Informant #16820: A purpose.

Informant #16824: Time to do things.

Informant #16825: A real goal and love for other people

Informant #16828: enlightenment

Informant #16830: empathy...understanding...

Informant #16833: Direction

Informant #16836: An appreciation for the processes that are responsible for our being here.

Informant #16839: IMPERFECTION

Informant #16843: respect, and the strength to love people for who they are, not how they look

Informant #16845: Fun!

Informant #16852: i think most people want guidance; someone with the answers to steer them in the right direction.

Informant #16853: Time to stop, stand still and look at what they need and where they are as opposed to bouncing into the next external thing that makes them feel better about themselves

Informant #16857: People (friends, family, lovers), love, pets, special moments that can't be gotten back, joy

Informant #16858: Cake

Informant #16860: Lots of money.

Informant #16861: direction the ability to self anaylse and the anayalsing of their interaction with other people and implenting solutions in their lives which makes them interact with a broader range of the soical specturm with a keys focus that with everything they do puts in chain a reaction be it little or small

Informant #16862: People often spend so much time getting to where they think they want to be that they completely miss the chance to be what they really want.

Informant #16871: To experience others cultures due to religious differences

Informant #16872: more money!!

Informant #16877: life.

Informant #16881: love, be closer to nature, true friends

Informant #16882: Life itself.

Informant #16886: Contentment.

Informant #16887: Insight

Informant #16889: Nothing

Informant #16890: They "miss" not knowing the true horrors that abound in this universe.

Informant #16892: Realism.

Informant #16899: everyone is missing something else!

Informant #16900: Proper perspective. The ability to step back from their situations and realize what they're doing.

Informant #16901: I miss doing things that I would like to do that cost more money in life. I also miss doing things that require the support of other people -family, friends - who may not be interested in the things I want to do.

Informant #16903: nothing

Informant #16916: cake

Informant #16918: opportunities, simplicity, relaxation, tranquillity

Informant #16919: a soulmate, love

Informant #16920: gj

Informant #16923: the space to be themselves

Informant #16931: People miss opportunities to better themselves and the environment around them, every single day.

Informant #16932: Love. Comfort. Happiness. Money!

Informant #16934: True happiness, as people often focus on the short term too much and don't look at the long term.

Informant #16935: Public virtue.

Informant #16939: bite me

Informant #16941: purpose

Informant #16943: People and experiences shared with them.

Informant #16947: glimpses of how worse their life could be!

Informant #16948: Most people are missing intellectual honesty and the backbone to realize they are just an individual and unimportant. That there is no "purpose to life" and any attempt to assign one is simply weakminded wishful thinking.

Informant #16950: Most people miss a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ alone, the only way to have real purpose in this life and eternity.

Informant #16951: Time spent with the people who matter - family, friends. Too much time is spent on work and trying to generate more and more things.

Informant #16953: An understanding of the human mind. People miss the opportinities to be compassionate.

Informant #16959: beauty

Informant #16960: liberty

Informant #16963: When you say, "miss," do you mean "I had this, but now I don't" or "wow, I never got to do that at all?" For the former, I miss recess. I think other people miss proper downtime as well. For the latter, I haven't got the slightest idea. For other people in general, I would have to say food, shelter, etc.

Informant #16966: the opportunity to do the things they really want to do

Informant #16970: People miss once in a lifetime chances because they are to scared.

Informant #16971: true happiness. we are never satisfied with what we have, we always want something more.

Informant #16973: Not sure I understand the question. If you mean, what do we lack that we would like more of? Time with friends and family and for personal growth and projects instead of work.

Informant #16975: Knowledge. Empathy. Socialism. Happiness.

Informant #16977: People spend their whole lives preparing for the next one. They are gonna be pissed when it doesn't come. They just need to experience this life.

Informant #16982: tick-borne illnesses

Informant #16989: beauty

Informant #16992: The time to stop and have fun.

Informant #16995: i don't know

Informant #16998: Dunno

Informant #16999: forgiveness

Informant #17000: Good health. Open spaces.

Informant #17006: Time to enjoy life

Informant #17008: Love

Informant #17010: Happiness.

Informant #17013: I miss marriage, romantic love, and sex. But I'm sure many other people have different goals and beliefs in their lives, so I have no idea what they miss.

Informant #17020: mmMMmmtwinkiesmmMMmm

Informant #17027: relationships

Informant #17029: They miss chances to reconcile with people who are important to them. People get in arguments and don't talk to each other for long periods of time. They take other peoples lives for granted. I think often in a situation when someone passes away we think about how we wish we had more time with them or how we wish we had resolved our differences.

Informant #17030: Unselfishness

Informant #17031: Freedom

Informant #17032: individuality that and some solid 60's and 70's music.

Informant #17033: Love.

Informant #17036: Most people miss true loving companionship with other individuals. Marriage, in particular, is often undertaken for reasons other than love.

Informant #17037: Perspective, broad, developed external consistencies.

Informant #17038: loved ones who pass away

Informant #17046: The big picture.

Informant #17050: people dont know what they miss, i think that is why we enjoy trying on different things to see if they fill the hole we think we have inside. i miss plenty, mostly when im thinking too hard about one thing, other things slip by unnoticed.

Informant #17051: Unbiased teaching.

Informant #17052: We miss the ability to stay centered on what is most important, often getting caught up in the game, thus we fail to learn the lessons.

Informant #17054: nothing

Informant #17055: freedom

Informant #17061: being happy and loved

Informant #17066: I don't fully understand the question.

Informant #17069: freedom from material wants

Informant #17075: True connetions with others. The process of revealing oneself is so often painful due to misunderstandings, the limits of language to express thought and feeling, and simple vaguarities of life itself that many, to avoid pain, refuse to make themselves vulnerable enough to connect with others. Even those that do must find someone else equally willing to risk themslves in order to achieve a conection of any kind

Informant #17078: ummm... underwater basket weaving

Informant #17080: feeling connected to other humans

Informant #17083: The ability to make happy and comfortable with ourselves.

Informant #17088: the security of knowing that we are all loved unconditionally.

Informant #17089: Appreciating it and looking for something that is right in front of their face, like love.

Informant #17096: Myself - Nothing Others-Self validation, a true sense of personal self, dependent children looking for safety, security, comfort while simultaneously trying to control the world in which they live. An impossibility and a source of their discomfort and unhappiness.

Informant #17099: Probably enough love, but then you cannot miss what you have never had ... can you?

Informant #17102: The everyday wonders. They are looking for big stuff. Life is with the small stuff.

Informant #17103: We all miss the oportunity to truly appreciate someone who deserves it.

Informant #17104: I think what people want most is certainty that they are right, and that they are good people, but I don't think the universe provides that. People need it so badly that they cling to beliefs that pretend to give them surety. I myself am not immune to this, of course, being human like anyone else.

Informant #17105: good weed

Informant #17107: Lost friends, family, oppotunities

Informant #17109: Certainty.

Informant #17114: sex and chocolate

Informant #17116: The courage to stop worrying and start living

Informant #17118: stability

Informant #17119: Excitment, happinesss.....people get too caught up in worries and stresses of the material world.

Informant #17123: Unity

Informant #17125: freedom

Informant #17126: Life long love and friendships.

Informant #17127: More sex

Informant #17130: Opportunities to be loving and close to others.

Informant #17131: Knowledge & true fullfillment

Informant #17133: TJ Hooker and Cagney & Lacey for sure

Informant #17139: people are too uptight, need to enjoy themselves and their sourroundings more

Informant #17141: Crystal Pepsi and the old USSR

Informant #17143: Purpose, reason to exist, religon normally fills this.

Informant #17145: Honesty and Sincerety

Informant #17149: That would have to be personal

Informant #17155: peace and safety

Informant #17157: happiness and contentment

Informant #17158: free time

Informant #17159: being fulfilled

Informant #17160: happiness

Informant #17165: love

Informant #17169: nothin

Informant #17170: People miss out on the absurdity of life.

Informant #17172: love, true love

Informant #17173: I don't feel I am missing anything that I know of. I can't speak for other people, though, maybe they feel that they are missing something.

Informant #17180: What do i miss in life? My life i guess. I'm always overprotected.

Informant #17182: The oppurtunity to see and experience as much as you can.

Informant #17183: the importance of recreational drug use as a means of escaping th pressures of society

Informant #17186: I think we all tend to waste time on unimportant things. But, since each of us knows what is important to us as an individual, I cannot speak for others on this issue. My description of unimportant is the possession of money as an indication of an individual's worth. I try to waste as little of my time as possible in accumulating money, as my only use for it is that my husband have enough for his retirement. I, personally, live in the "now" rather than the future as I have several chronic diseases and fell a need to live faster than others.

Informant #17190: Other people.

Informant #17191: love

Informant #17192: God

Informant #17195: True joy

Informant #17196: Oportunity.

Informant #17197: I'm only under 21, I'm missing a lot but I hope to get it!

Informant #17203: The idea that you can stop and take time out to relax. It's not about doing stuff all the time, but being and existing and loving.

Informant #17216: learning to truly enjoy life even with the barest of essentials

Informant #17218: Our departed family and friends.

Informant #17221: Sanity

Informant #17223: True spirituality

Informant #17224: serving God

Informant #17227: A chance to just live without worry

Informant #17232: being happy

Informant #17234: I don't think we look into another mans soul.. To walk in their shoes so to say.. To see what they see...

Informant #17236: I think most people miss the chance at true happiness.

Informant #17237: justice

Informant #17239: Not what I miss, but what I can't discipline, at times.

Informant #17241: eh?

Informant #17242: freedom

Informant #17245: nothing and everything.

Informant #17252: compassion, love, respect.

Informant #17253: Nothing

Informant #17260: Freedom

Informant #17261: Time for yourself.

Informant #17262: more money

Informant #17265: Security

Informant #17269: conscience

Informant #17271: evil

Informant #17272: Freedom from worrying too much.

Informant #17274: not much

Informant #17280: Some people want more money. Others want more friends. I'd like to find the perfect woman for me.

Informant #17283: sex with super models

Informant #17285: sex0r

Informant #17287: having fun

Informant #17292: Nothing

Informant #17307: They will probably miss the things they don't have. Poor people money, hatred people love, etc etc.

Informant #17309: This question doesn't make any sense. Who designed this survey?

Informant #17311: Just letting yourself enjoy what you have.

Informant #17312: Faith, in each other and ourself.

Informant #17314: The small things. I think we often forget to stop and smell the proverbial roses.

Informant #17315: Money. It gives you the ability to reach for your dreams. And alleviates some worry.

Informant #17316: my precious nate

Informant #17324: family , fun

Informant #17326: miss doing the fun things theyve always wanted to do but never had the time. miss getting to know your parents and grandparents

Informant #17332: brains

Informant #17333: i dont miss anything.

Informant #17334: privacy and time for contemplation

Informant #17337: Guidance

Informant #17339: I don't know.

Informant #17340: Dead people

Informant #17348: There is nothing to miss.

Informant #17353: Simplicity. We all are moving so fast, trying to do so much that we what we miss is the little stuff. How many people drive to and from work, school etc. every day and never stop to see the beauty of the world around them? I think that many people don't even realize that there is something missing, that maybe they couldn't even name it if you asked them. we are all so caught up in the minutiae of our lives that we don't slow down long enough to realize that there IS anything missing!

Informant #17354: I'm sure other people miss loved ones who have died, or miss money/wealth/belonging they once had. i miss wisdom and knowledge, it's become forgotten in today's age

Informant #17361: Time

Informant #17365: Happiness

Informant #17367: Carefree enjoyment.

Informant #17369: The simple joy of being.

Informant #17370: I'm always working towards perfection and a better tomorrow... Guess sometimes I forget to live the today. I believe a lot of people feel like this...

Informant #17372: a more intimate relationship with God

Informant #17373: sex

Informant #17375: the opportunity to truely know oneself and to share that self intimately with another.

Informant #17376: 42

Informant #17379: money, romantic love and affection. Other than this those who lack health may miss that. In general we miss what we don't have.

Informant #17382: A sense of others. We have the sense of ourselves down pat.

Informant #17384: understanding

Informant #17385: Honour, honesty, integrity, class, and the like.

Informant #17388: an objective to reach ..

Informant #17392: Oh, lots of things...I think people that are scared and think too much of the 'what if's' miss a lot...unfortunatly.

Informant #17397: I miss people when I am away from theM>>>THAT IS THE MAIN THING>>>SRY ALL CAPS BTW>>>SCREWY KEYBOARD>

Informant #17398: constant excitement

Informant #17408: direction, purpose, peace

Informant #17413: Being free of cares abour what other people might think of certain actions, statements etc.

Informant #17416: Self satisfaction, esteem

Informant #17420: the freedom to be themselves without most people around them judging them on their actions.

Informant #17422: Direction. As a kid I, as well as many of my friends, was told that I could grow up to become what ever I wanted as long as I was happy and all that jargon. But in all actuallity I have no idea what it is that I am looking for.

Informant #17425: Personally I miss boobies, I haven't them in awhile.

Informant #17427: i dont miss anything in my life

Informant #17428: Conscious awareness. Knowledge of how to conduct their relationships. Freedom from fear and anxiety. Leisure time.

Informant #17429: not enough sex.

Informant #17430: control

Informant #17432: sex

Informant #17433: Real togetherness

Informant #17435: A lot. Our lives are restricted due to time and monetary constraints.

Informant #17439: honesty, think about it

Informant #17441: good relationships certainty

Informant #17444: Structure.

Informant #17445: More quality time to enjoy each other. Spending time towards a common good of everybody. Alone time to appreciate. Better quality of life.

Informant #17447: true happiness

Informant #17455: Opportunities and knowledge. Not necessarily truth, just knowledge.

Informant #17457: money money monnneeyy.... MOOO-NEY

Informant #17458: security, confidence

Informant #17461: they live mediocre lives

Informant #17462: A non-materialistic view before death

Informant #17463: love

Informant #17469: peace, sex, fulfilment

Informant #17470: other people and opportunities

Informant #17471: the good times, because they get too caught up on stuff that doesnt matter *if you do not enjoy it, if it doesnt do anything for you, then it does not matter

Informant #17473: Elements, or absolute, internal direction. Clarity of being.

Informant #17475: love

Informant #17479: A twin, someone just like you that understands you.

Informant #17480: good relationships meaning

Informant #17481: I think that most of us live in the illusion that happiness can be found with someone else, somewhere else, thinking something else, feeling something else, doing something else, etc. As a result we misunderstand what happiness is and how it is arived at.

Informant #17484: The big picture. A moral compass.

Informant #17486: True Freedom

Informant #17487: chill out time

Informant #17492: love

Informant #17493: more parties

Informant #17499: Love and what life must be like without having any fears.

Informant #17502: True unity

Informant #17506: I'm sorry I don't fully understand your question. If you mean miss, like we don't experience it- then I think we take a lot for granted as far as animals and nature go and therefore miss a lot. Also the personalities of other people I think most people miss a lot in people's personalities by making judgements to soon. Basically I think we miss a lot in living things because we're too preoccupied with stupid stuff. But if you mean miss like memories of some event or person that makes you miss them then- I think your family and childhood friends, and cool past memories.

Informant #17508: Being true to ourselves and standing up for what we believe to be right

Informant #17509: that we should live for today, do the best with what we have just for today, to remember to thank and praise God for our lives today, no matter how difficult life may become.

Informant #17513: sex

Informant #17514: Some opprtunities will always be missed -- can't do everything, after all. Point is not to get down about it. "Don't worry be happy" kind of thing.

Informant #17516: orientation toward knowledge

Informant #17518: youth

Informant #17520: People seem to miss out on spiritual truths. Everyone strives for literal truth.

Informant #17533: excitement

Informant #17536: Nothing.

Informant #17537: Heaven

Informant #17551: love, not physical love or romance, but the love of your family and friends

Informant #17552: freedom

Informant #17557: I miss believing I had all the answers. You grow up, go to college, get a good job, find a wife, mary her, retire, enjoy retirement, die. But as I grow older, I learn the more I Know, the more I don't know. Other People -- i cant speak for other people.

Informant #17558: love

Informant #17563: time

Informant #17569: the present

Informant #17573: direction,purpose and spirituality

Informant #17579: Good Times

Informant #17581: I can't speak for other people but I don't miss anything. I'm fortunate.

Informant #17584: Cant actually think of anything for myself so you had better ask all the others about theirs

Informant #17585: Not able to take charge of emotional self. Confusing between emotional and rational self.

Informant #17586: sleep, chocolate, friends, laughs, peace. etc.

Informant #17594: Happiness.

Informant #17595: people are afraid to take a chance. They want to pretend every thing is alright even when its not. People miss the chance to change.

Informant #17599: Right now, I miss having a romantic relationship. But not so much that it interferes with the rest of my daily life.

Informant #17602: love

Informant #17603: Full happiness.

Informant #17607: true happiness

Informant #17608: Money, understanding and love

Informant #17611: jj

Informant #17613: * The power in this very moment right now. * The opportunity to observe, at every moment, this awesome event that is our lives, to see it clear of all history, language and cultural conventions, so that our next choice is pure and original: in that instant, for me, my next choice is always in joy and freedom.

Informant #17614: Satisfaction

Informant #17625: Living life to the fullest

Informant #17629: How can I tell when I don't even know what life really is, or what the options is?

Informant #17635: nothing

Informant #17637: Their other half

Informant #17652: Love

Informant #17653: People miss companionship and conversation, also a good laugh everyday is needed. I think people should be more optimistic, there's plenty of reason for it.

Informant #17654: Most things, because most people are confined to extremely small facets of existence and isolate themselves from other people, ideas, and experiences.

Informant #17656: the grand design

Informant #17657: .08

Informant #17659: love

Informant #17663: Fulfillment.

Informant #17666: Peace and harmony.

Informant #17667: truth, happiness and love people don't realise that there is a universal human state which has been variously realised as god or hope or transcendentalism in different cultures, which we can all feel insitinctively, and which justifies all hope for progress and freedom

Informant #17669: Cream egg easter eggs that have cream inside them instead of being hollow

Informant #17672: When it comes down to it, I think I'm pretty lucky, I have a good family life, friends, enough money, etc etc. But sometimes I feel like I'm missing love, happiness and most importantly fulfillment. There's so many things that I still want to do with my life, especially travelling. I can't really say what other people miss, I think that sometimes they don't even know themselves. Missed opportunites, time to relax and enjoyment are probably high on the list

Informant #17674: the ability to forgive and forget.

Informant #17675: joy and peace and rest

Informant #17676: Stop and smell the roses is bullshit--you've got to go out of your way to find the roses and smell 'em. FIND THE ROSES. People stop searching. They're satisfied with the roses that are sitting on their path. FIND THE ROSES.

Informant #17678: Altruism.

Informant #17681: spontinaity

Informant #17685: Satisfaction

Informant #17689: chances....take risks, dont just do nothing

Informant #17690: Peace and love.

Informant #17691:

Informant #17692: Love.

Informant #17693: Well, since you have me thinking about the meaning of life, I have to say direction and purpose are missing.

Informant #17694: purpose. Seems so bloody senseless to most. things are known and things unknown aren't that interesting anymore. And, there are lots of fun things to do anyhoo.

Informant #17696: Everything that doesn't revolve around oneself.

Informant #17700: family and friends

Informant #17701: a good work ethic and a vaule for intellegence.

Informant #17702: love

Informant #17703: The oppurtunity to change some people's lives, and make a positive difference in the world, I feel I am starting to do this, but its hard to do it at a high level.

Informant #17705: sex

Informant #17706: i think people as a whole are missing out on true communication; beacuse of the 'rat race' mentality i think its hard for people to feel truely comfortable with each other and really communicate

Informant #17708: everything they don't have

Informant #17709: well my parents

Informant #17710: happiness

Informant #17711: anything they dont have

Informant #17712: whatever we dont bother to pay attention too

Informant #17713: I think most people aren't totally happy. THey might be happy, but there is something else they'd rather be doing, or living somewhere else....

Informant #17719: freedom

Informant #17720: freedom, individuality

Informant #17725: Understanding and peace

Informant #17726: I think we lack night vision and common sense.

Informant #17728: someone else

Informant #17736: companionship. in the world we live in we have grown further about compared to previous generations were close bonds were made and kept.

Informant #17738: an open mind

Informant #17739: Love

Informant #17740: the moment

Informant #17741: We miss the ability to appreciate the moment.

Informant #17742: The fact that our purpose is to live, and to live through our experiences. There is such a wide misconception of trying to find a purpose within society, like some great function that will allow you to best serve people under the spotlight. This is not life, it is simply an occupation that you might enjoy. For some jobs might be a life and purpose, but I think the general population does not swing this way, and there life purposes are to seek out that sense of emotion that lives within them.

Informant #17744: Love

Informant #17745: People miss their oppritunities for happiness

Informant #17750: Pure happiness

Informant #17761: I do not miss anything. You will have to ask others what they miss.

Informant #17762: Life

Informant #17777: I can say I feel I am missing nothing; Those that know not Christ, are missing everything

Informant #17786: Don´t really know. Depends on the individual.

Informant #17796: Me- Other people who think like me

Informant #17797: bliss

Informant #17799: relaxation life

Informant #17803: Carelessness.

Informant #17806: Love

Informant #17809: Rationality

Informant #17810: Basic common sense.

Informant #17815: direction

Informant #17818: Sex from me.

Informant #17820: love

Informant #17828: hardcore anal sex

Informant #17834: love!

Informant #17837: Happiness, love, a sense of individuality.

Informant #17839: Variety. Truth.

Informant #17840: Everything

Informant #17842: excitement

Informant #17843: The chance of a better life for people born in unfortunate situations.

Informant #17844: The past.

Informant #17849: Fun.

Informant #17851: The satisfaction of self-thought.

Informant #17857: Fun

Informant #17858: Closeness, love

Informant #17859: Adventure and Fun, after all, you only live once so why waste it on be careful?

Informant #17862: Love, money, sex rock and roll.. No, it varies so i guess this question ia N/A

Informant #17866: Missing the loves ones that have died

Informant #17869: i think we focus to much on the future and we miss the present

Informant #17874: the importance of doing good things for OTHER ppl.

Informant #17875: I think people miss community. The sense of belonging with a whole sector of people and feeling apart of something. Not feelin so alone and lonely.

Informant #17876: Probably the chance to take every oportunity presented to you

Informant #17879: Connections with other human beings.

Informant #17883: I have no idea. I know that I miss my ex-girlfriend, but I guess that's not what you're asking about ;)

Informant #17884: mother earth

Informant #17887: Understanding

Informant #17904: I try to optimize my life everyday, but i feel we are all in dire need of each others help. You can't be neutral on a train thats heading towards a cliff. People miss each other.

Informant #17911: sex

Informant #17926: I miss not having a purpose.

Informant #17928: ...

Informant #17931: Happiness

Informant #17932: i miss my anus :( its gone missing

Informant #17945: Adventure

Informant #17951: love

Informant #17952: The ability to do things without being wieghed down by silly "paper work."

Informant #17959: A strong relationship with the opposite sex I suppose.

Informant #17962: There is nothing that we do not miss. More is to be seen every day.

Informant #17967: free time

Informant #17982: a reason that would be acceptable even for the most depressed ppl

Informant #17985: I miss being young, enjoying everything you can do at that age.

Informant #17993: The chance to be who they are, not what society wants them to be

Informant #17994: Many people, I think, miss out on the deep stuff in life. Most are too busy floundering in the superficial, material world. People, in general, need to think more and talk less.

Informant #17999: Nothing whatever.

Informant #18005: The realization that they do really have the abilty to change the world.

Informant #18010: umm, nothing?

Informant #18020: Sex. Lots of it.

Informant #18032: people miss what they want the most, if i could give one thing to every person in the world, i would give them their biggest wish, what they desire the most

Informant #18033: I think some other people miss out on such great opportunites. And ways to make their lives better. They don't wanna work hard they take the easy way out.

Informant #18036: love and faith

Informant #18038: Direction

Informant #18044: I'm not sure I understand the question. What do people miss in their lives? Doesn't make complete sense to me.

Informant #18045: i don't know

Informant #18053: Not experiencing every day fully. Some people are so caught up in their past or so focused on the future they forget about now. Some have personality flaws that prevent them from being as joyful as they could be.

Informant #18056: feelings, affections

Informant #18060: Many things to name, mostly being happy.

Informant #18065: Freedom

Informant #18067: The big picture.

Informant #18069: love

Informant #18071: love and security

Informant #18072: change and the ability to experience what most other people have

Informant #18078: A love for God.

Informant #18080: love, compassion

Informant #18081: a sense of reality

Informant #18082: Love and Friendship

Informant #18083: Money

Informant #18092: We miss taking the opportunity to connect deeply with people but behave robotically with almost everyone

Informant #18093: love

Informant #18094: Love and friendship

Informant #18097: freetime

Informant #18098: A sense of purpose that goes beyong materialism.

Informant #18106: Wisdom.

Informant #18107: Freedom and more pleasure.

Informant #18115: stuff

Informant #18123: More fellowship with others.

Informant #18125: Peace, calm, relaxation, because we're all running around and rushing.

Informant #18138: Loving

Informant #18154: Don't understand the question.

Informant #18167: Too many people won't take a risk. They are so afraid of losing they can't possibly win. They're frightened to death of debt and as debt is a vital step to accumulating wealth they never accumulate anything. They then sit back and moan about rich people having two much or entertaining daft ideas about communism. Communists are basically failures, frightened, scared little people. This lack of willingness to take any risks or chances whatever leaves people unable to really enjoy life.

Informant #18170: Life itself, bcause they're always worrying about one thing or the other. Mostly it's status that people worry about, and failure.

Informant #18171: People should spend more time just sitting and thinking rather than seeking constant stimulation. And people should read more, stretch their imaginations.

Informant #18210: The connection between material wealth and happiness - or rather, the lack of one,

Informant #18219: Adventure, understanding, and love.

Informant #18226: Too many things, alas !

Informant #18228: freedom to think

Informant #18237: Free time


Informant #18251: Certain direction, love, truth

Informant #18260: Nothing. How could anyone possibly 'guess' what others are missing. The answer to 3 is also meaningles, but I cannot post without answering it.

Informant #18261: dunno

Informant #18270: Love and contentment. Everyone is in a hurry and they always are looking ahead rather than enjoying the present. Taking the time to slow down and developing lasting friendships and relationships will greatly increase the quality of your life.

Informant #18292: The joy of serving.

Informant #18299: companionship

Informant #18303: How would anyone know what others think or feel?You must tighten up your questions.

Informant #18334: Direction and support

Informant #18348: freedom, the care-free spirit that can dwindle with age, happiness, rights, passion

Informant #18385: yes

Informant #18390: Living

Informant #18398: not meditating enough

Informant #18400: freedom

Informant #18447: purpose

Informant #18572: The oppertunity to let down our walls and be our true selves.

Informant #18600: In my opinion, I "miss" settling, and not doing the best I can at something.

Informant #18850: Hmmmmm,a bit of brains maybe.Thinking things through would certainly help quite a few people. Apart from that: If you know where I can get Darkthrone´s "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" at a reasonable price,I´d be very happy :-)

Informant #18854: Regular opportunity for quiet reflection. The opportunity to be creative and an inspiration to others. The opportunity to understand other people and cultures.

Informant #18923: being content with the way things are

Informant #19054: The worst thing is to do nothing... people just live to have a house, a dog, a great car and a family, they miss everything in life around the world... they just don't care

Informant #19131: I think people are missing a lot of love in their lives. Love being defined as just compassion and affection... maybe physical but it doesn't have to be. There isn't really enough love in the world, and sometimes people feel lonely (I know I do)

Informant #19153: nothin

Informant #19174: Appreciating Now.

Informant #19180: Happiness

Informant #19187: Living life to its fullest. Believing that your life has had meaning to someone other than yourself.

Informant #19198: How can I speak for others?

Informant #19209: An inner life that is in harmony with the outer life.

Informant #19225: Unconditional Self/Other Esteem

Informant #19226: more love

Informant #19238: Deep connection with one another, and nurturing attention

Informant #19272: Their relizing of a good family. What they have.

Informant #19276: A sense of purpose.

Informant #19291: probably

Informant #19352: Now that's a better question than the last fill-in. If you be more specific yet you might get the whole universal truth out of me. Most people lose themselves in smaller, ingrown, and circular pursuits. Myself, I miss nothing; I am probably the wisest man in the history of humanity.

Informant #19456: Kno what´s after-life

Informant #19522: I think other people and I are missing God in our lives, that is, IF he is real..

Informant #19535: I miss the ability to really do what I want to with my life, because of obligations to others. Also, being with like-minded people.

Informant #19569: Metaphysical focus- discipline; self-control; moderation; understanding.

Informant #19676: Yes

Informant #19706: I think we miss the "what might have beens". I think sometimes we head down paths that have been predetermined not realizing that we have the power to make things of our own happen along the way. We become paralyzed and fearful and don't realize our potential.

Informant #19728: Being chronically happy

Informant #20007: truthfulness

Informant #20193: gfh

Informant #20214: time

Informant #20472: Strong relationships with other people.

Informant #21754: I think people often miss the big picture. I often try to look at the big picture (i.e., my vote, not throwing my one piece of paper on the ground). Things multiply and make a difference. One person can make a difference.

Informant #21870: compassion, respsect, self acceptance

Informant #22457: common sense and direction

Informant #23111: true religious belief, that is following the bible

Informant #23506: True happiness, the feeling that what they're doing is the only right way for them and that they've finally found their way.

Informant #23557: whatever you allow yourself to miss by not taking risks

Informant #23616: hmm...don't know....

Informant #24479: They lack perceptiveness, speculation, and personal decision in their beliefs, in all aspects of life.

Informant #25246: Living in the moment, completely and unconditionally.

Informant #25446: The little things in life.

Informant #25473: Being dead.

Informant #25681: I would say they miss how important family relationships are.. money is nothing, you leave it behind once your gone, yet people value money over hundreds of positive things that could be influencing their lives.

Informant #25722: Being aware of every minute we're alive.

Informant #25898: wholeness

Informant #25947: loved ones and time

Informant #26373: People miss reality. They get so mixed up in mystic and paranormal claims (all of which are arbitrary) that they do not even know what is real and what is not. How can you really live if you exist in some fantasy world? You cannot. By denying the ture nature of reality you cannot really live.

Informant #26423: I don't know what I miss in my life..maybe my grandmother's love...the grandmother's house..(she is passed on now) Other people miss people and past times too I suppose.

Informant #26494: If by "miss" you mean "don't understand", then I don't know the answer.

Informant #26571: Not really sure

Informant #27376: Authentic friendship

Informant #27671: nothing but what you regret

Informant #28221: connection

Informant #28532: It is different for everybody.

Informant #28624: we all miss true happiness in a daily schedule, due to a stressed workplace, stressed co workers, too busy of a life style and coming home toally exhausted and unfullfilled.

Informant #29009: what?

Informant #32006: No clue

Informant #32753: Living in the present and enjoying the moment

Informant #34069: peace, family time, community

Informant #34850: Appreciation for the complexity of our environment.

Informant #35282: fun and alcohol

Informant #35548: i am void of love

Informant #36137: Control and predictability... personally, socially, and globally.

Informant #36647: There are base needs for all people, reactions to the experience of living, such as food and shelter. However when people are born with or achieve all these base needs they start to develop other needs, especially those who have never had to achieve the base needs. In this way human culture and society grows and from this growth all human achievement stems - physical and intellectual. Where is this growth leading? Some would say that the intellectual development is the purpose of life itself, that history is merely the building blocks on which we are to stand if we are to see the true purpose behind it all. But what if when we reach the summit merely to find there was no purpose at all merely 2 + 2 = 4?

Informant #36672: opportunities

Informant #37038: Miss the fact that everyone is equal and each and every soul in the unoverse just is the representation of their very own's

Informant #38428: I believe that most people do not question their own convictions enough

Informant #42784: chances that they should have taken.

Informant #43781: faith

Informant #47946: i think people take things too seriously, and they miss the little things like a sunset, or a fish jumping in a pond, the natural wonders

Informant #47999: The opportunity to gain rewards from taking chances.

Informant #55960: Meaningful relationships

Informant #56768: learning to find the "pearl" in each day

Informant #57367: fulfilment

Informant #57552: yes

Informant #57679: certainty

Informant #57731: happiness

Informant #57744: they need to remember to enjoy life and not take everything so seriously.

Informant #57746: everything

Informant #57800: for me, stability for others, instability

Informant #58190: Respect and honesty

Informant #58563: The present

Informant #59048: A lot of answers

Informant #59079: The people that they have loved and have died before them

Informant #59107: True happiness? I mean, for me personally, I don't think I've been genuienly happy all that often. Not that I'm a negative person, but I can only really think of a couple of occassions when I've been caught-off guard, so frickin' happy.

Informant #59110: The beauty and wonder of every day life

Informant #59111: Faith

Informant #59117: Freedom from themselves. In the USA, people tend to think they have freedom, but they don't live free from the expectations they and others put upon them. How can anyone live free when they are weighed down by such things?

Informant #59123: Love--love for not just those who you love/ love you, but for your enemies also.

Informant #59299: people

Informant #59322: love, comfort

Informant #59860: People miss genuine satisfaction because they are so busy.

Informant #59868: They miss not making the right decisions when they had the chance and doing all the things they convinced themselves they couldn't do because of fear or bad influences.

Informant #59869: complete faith

Informant #59951: Purpose

Informant #59981: Time to relax and reflect

Informant #60056: Not being able to have a relaxing life and rushing around.

Informant #61162: hope, love and friends

Informant #61543: I think people miss the truth in their lives. I think a lot of what people hear and do in their lives is covered by a soft blanket of lies. Not intentionally do these lies come about however they are used to protect everyone. Although I do feel people are missing the truth on everything, I feel we are safer not knowing everything.

Informant #63470: Full Intellectual, physical, and emotional training and eventual pursuit of their passion(s)

Informant #65666: Family

Informant #65667: loved ones

Informant #65684: Maximising their potential

Informant #65815: Freedom, we are bound by exploitation of capitalism... we cannot do what we want because we need to find means to survive. Capitalism takes that away from us since it is a consumer live and if we can not do what we want to, we have to do something else to survive.

Informant #67435: Service & Discipline. Modern culture is obsessed with instant gratification.

Informant #70303: deeply satisfying relationships

Informant #71011: I think many people miss a closeness with family and friends. Today, most people only look out for themselves, including parents.

Informant #71299: I think that pressures at work and school hold many people back from doing what they want to do. Everyone would rather be out having fun, but the stresses of everyday life keeps that from happening.

Informant #72276: the concept that it's ok to lay back and see where the current takes you.

Informant #72660: Other people who respect them and treat them with dignity.

Informant #73780: Happiness.

Informant #77668: God and their purpose in life.

Informant #77758: opportunities

Informant #77872: The teachings of the Savior

Informant #77888: Good guidance. We are guided and ruled by selfish people, who forget that their purpose is to guide the people.

Informant #78064: God

Informant #79656: smiles laughter curiosity

Informant #81458: each other

Informant #81700: We forget that our time here is short and to enjoy life.

Informant #82013: joy, desire to follow themselves

Informant #82188: money

Informant #83919: The oppotunity to serve more in the name of Jesus Christ

Informant #84227: a relationship with God

Informant #85492: LOVE! + the ability to be who you are ALL THE TIME!

Informant #86007: goodwill

Informant #86205: Contentment

Informant #86208: Dead relatives.

Informant #86209: donno

Informant #86211: The goal

Informant #86217: no idea

Informant #86219: Dont know

Informant #86220: Family

Informant #86221: Nothing

Informant #86222: Knowledge

Informant #86223: Too vague a question. Everyone is different. I miss free time - work cuts into time spent with loved ones

Informant #86225: The ability to fly.

Informant #86228: BlowJobs

Informant #86229: perspective

Informant #86230: Humility

Informant #86234: fun

Informant #86240: Financial Freedom

Informant #86245: focus, motivation and direction

Informant #86248: drugs

Informant #86254: Nothing

Informant #86256: Quiet time to themselves and time with their family.

Informant #86263: Lots of sex

Informant #86264: friends

Informant #86267: Loved ones who have passed away

Informant #86269: happiness and Everton FC

Informant #86272: Spare time

Informant #86277: Youth

Informant #86279: People they respect.

Informant #86288: nothing

Informant #86289: spiritualism

Informant #86293: life

Informant #86298: The chance to enjoy myself.

Informant #86299: peace

Informant #86300: Company, free-time, care-free living.

Informant #86301: happiness

Informant #86302: a sense of direction, accomplishment and reason for being.

Informant #86310: Cheese

Informant #86316: Love

Informant #86317: freedom

Informant #86319: chocolate covered sex

Informant #86320: moar lulz

Informant #86324: 0

Informant #86325: Money

Informant #86327: appreciating the simple things like good friends and childish fun

Informant #86328: Direction

Informant #86329: Common sense, something that is lacking in both myself and other people,

Informant #86332: a father/child relationship with God through Jesus Christ

Informant #86334: being able to comunicate our thoughts directly

Informant #86335: The bravery to do what they want.

Informant #86336: Purpose

Informant #86337: more free time from work

Informant #86342: close people who have passed on before us.

Informant #86345: Oneness

Informant #86346: direction.

Informant #86347: love

Informant #86348: somewhat

Informant #86351: Memorable times

Informant #86410: Happiness

Informant #86413: love, a spiritual sense of accomplishment, a satisfying feeling of living life


Informant #86481: purpose

Informant #86802: Their children

Informant #87110: the little things.

Informant #87625: Spreading the truth of the meaning of life.

Informant #88497: stress free days

Informant #91018: We sometimes miss out on life by ignoring what is important or waiting for life to happen.

Informant #91105: depends on the person, though in general I would say people lack introspection, and self understanding, making them vulnerable to propaganda, and interpretation through the lens of majority consensus. To be honest, I often long for a like-minded community, not identical to me but, who understand me. I often feel alone, no matter how many people are around me.

Informant #91546: Purpose

Informant #91833: love, sex, and lots of money, satisfaction and spiritual fullfillment

Informant #91834: d

Informant #92500: The true goal of happiness

Informant #93877: What dont people miss??!!

Informant #94101: We miss alot because we are afraid. Afraid to step out of boundaries, afraid to be ourselves. We go to the same job day in and day out only to wind up in an old folks home and die. We should reach for our dreams..this is all there is.

Informant #94688: Control- knowing the outcome. God is in control and laying down your life and trusting in him to direct it is difficult and often must be done on a daily basis. We miss the process of life in being too busy with the circumstances and bigpicture.

Informant #96225: I believe we are all striving for a balance. But I miss having a strong god presence in my life.

Informant #98871: Time and courage to do the right things

Informant #99625: f

Informant #100640: other people! Not enough time is spent getting to know people, a quick judgment of someones appearance is enough for many to draw their conclusions.

Informant #102179: peace

Informant #102454: Positive relationships with others

Informant #102675: That our lives should be peaceful and and that we should help others gain peace.

Informant #102682: Personally i dont think i miss that much in my life, i have everything that i need to make me happy. Family, Friends and thats whats important to me.

Informant #103192: Total hapiness.

Informant #103273: alone time to reflect

Informant #103292: Having a good time. Contentment, satisfaction.

Informant #103899: enough time

Informant #103900: bvc

Informant #104064: Not sure

Informant #105176: happiness

Informant #105371: cherishing God's blessings

Informant #106426: Fear causes people to miss out on a lot in life

Informant #107087: pretty much have everything i want

Informant #108708: None

Informant #109851: me: resorces others: freedom to think

Informant #110243: love

Informant #110252: .....

Informant #110825: n/a

Informant #112348: money and happiness

Informant #117753: The goodness in others

Informant #118309: fun

Informant #119699: God

Informant #120342: love

Informant #121515: connection

Informant #134098: the little things. the things around them. nature.

Informant #136923: Livelyhood.

Informant #138432: A lot of people miss finding their soul's desire.

Informant #138990: there's not enough love!

Informant #139180: klm'l;

Informant #139537: zdvxdv

Informant #147227: Celebrity status

Informant #151660: I think people miss out on the simple things in life. We're all consumed in the routine of our daily lives that we often forget to just relax and enjoy life.

Informant #152911: We all miss the connectedness with each-other. we are all the same but things like religion and country and boarders just get in the way .

Informant #154435: a sense of belonging and accomplishment

Informant #163661: Time and freedom to relax and enjoy each other.

Informant #164215: the love and grace of Jesus

Informant #165929: The act of just living one day at a time.

Informant #168688: The company of old friends.

Informant #170752: good relationships, feeling content

Informant #178018: A human bonding. We are pack animals by nature and meant to be interdependent. Today people put some many barriers between themselves and others and it hurts us all.

Informant #179090: courage and self esteem

Informant #184351: certainty

Informant #185451: love of God

Informant #186102: Strong sense of self and belonging

Informant #190440: Something that inspires a drive in them to move forward and to develop as individuals.

Informant #191733: I think, we have to advise to everybody, that Purpose (target) of this Life is glorify God (True God)

Informant #192993: Happiness and excitment.

Informant #196176: What do you mean 'miss in their lives?' I certainly think lost loved ones are a major factor of this question. Anyone mentally, physically or emotionally ill probably miss their 'old life' or 'normal lifestyle.' You can miss something that you have never had, so I'm unsure the real question behind the way this specific question is phrased. Sorry!

Informant #198318: freedom to make our own choices

Informant #198351: access to the question

Informant #201399: I think that a lot of people miss out on learning about different cultures and belief systems because they are so opinionated and close-minded about their own values. I think if we all keep open minds and be tolerant and respectful to everybody, there will be a lot less crimes and crises in the world.

Informant #218037: money to be free

Informant #226195: living their lives to the fullest, enjoying it.

Informant #226677: fun

Informant #230764: Spirituality, a purpose not revolving around "western culture"

Informant #230787: A government that respects and follows the Constitution of the United States of America.

Informant #232893: I don't feel like I've missed anything, but at the same time, I know that I haven't experienced everything. I think there are many people who would disagree with me because they feel they have missed something, i.e., a person who has not had children might feel complete.

Informant #239521: Just being kind to each other.

Informant #250882: Patience.

Informant #254489: To learn how to enjoy to single details in our lifes

Informant #258553: True unselfish love

Informant #262981: opportunities, because most people fear failure

Informant #265602: i miss the fact that its hard to always remember you can't get back a moment, so you need to live every moment to its fullest.

Informant #268772: Each other. We pass people on the street every day that we don't know... if one small thing would happen differently, one of them might be our soul mate, our best friend, our salvation... but we refuse to see them until they have passed us by. Our lives remain unchanged. Also... we fail to see the miracles around us. I don't know if I believe in God, but I know that each breath I take, each blade of grass, all the world around me is a miracle. If we could all grasp that, our lives would change forever.

Informant #268863: most people could just remember the hardship and unhappiness in their lives, which means that the majority of other people forgot what makes them happy

Informant #270544: They miss simplicity of humanly rights and laws in a spiritual outlook.

Informant #274959: The peace and joy in life.

Informant #274997: the gits to stand up and do whats right

Informant #277849: Fear is the opposite of Love. God is Love. We miss out on so much because we allow ourselves to be ruled by fear... we are afraid to love and be loved.

Informant #279987: face to face communication

Informant #281150: Marijuana

Informant #287794: The ability to actually fully accept people for who they are, what they want to be and what they want to do. We cannot all love each other because this world is filled with hate for no reason.

Informant #291973: love,hapiness

Informant #300513: love support

Informant #302499: i dont understand the question

Informant #306068: living in the moment and moving on to fast, we miss the little things

Informant #307416: Personally, I don't think I miss anything in life that is worth knowing. Many people miss the connection to God, which is the only thing that can let you survive in this unmerciful world.

Informant #308760: Running to and fro, we often forget to take the time to notice other human beings. Sometimes a smile makes the world of difference. But we are too busy.

Informant #319748: FAITH, and PATIENCE


Informant #321908: personal connections and unconditional love

Informant #322083: nothing

Informant #324245: 528

Informant #327814: our true meaning, goals

Informant #329296: yes

Informant #330075: reflection

Informant #344893: nothing.

Informant #364257: A sense of love and being wanted

Informant #368288: a relationship with God

Informant #370704: Love

Informant #373649: Freedom to be who you are.

Informant #374972: Things I've missed out on.

Informant #376476: We don't stop an smell the roses. Don't appreciate each individual moment.

Informant #378602: We miss to understand that an exact moment will not exist again and that we could have done so much benefit if only we acted instead of thinking that we will have time after, that we will life forever..

Informant #380902: introspect

Informant #383567: Just how great life can actually be! God wants us to live our lives to the full, and sometimes we miss that, and miss everything He has for us! Lots of the time, we go through life bored, insecure, hopeless, fearful, but God didn't create us to be like that. He created us to be filled with joy and to get excited about what He's doing in our lives. He created us to be strong in Him, and he gave us hope to know that soon we can be with Him in heaven because He died for us so we can have this amazing relationship with Him and to actually live life in joy, hope, exctiment, to have fun :D

Informant #388171: I think we miss certain opportunities that we choose not to take part in.

Informant #393454: A sense of perspective

Informant #402766: Well there

Informant #402769: experience

Informant #408234: The joy of understanding God and his purpose for us.

Informant #408855: clear direction and forgiveness

Informant #431816: Good communication with loved ones and a true sense of feeling wanted.

Informant #446974: connection, support

Informant #449899: Self-confidence and assurance to move forward in their destiny

Informant #460932: I miss the simplicity of being a little girl with no cares in the world.

Informant #475448: courage

Informant #478688: Sleep.

Informant #518144: Choice

Informant #519643: Happiness, Clarity

Informant #547512: A full life not doing things that the world now considers right

Informant #554323: i miss having my family be together

Informant #558023: ywe

Informant #558026: choccy

Informant #558032: AMERICA

Informant #569110: good jobs, safe, affordable homes

Informant #580068: Eternal fulfillment through Christ.

Informant #710027: loved ones

Informant #727277: Money

Informant #784733: Enjoyment from life

Informant #977069: nothing

Informant #1003010: No?

Informant #1656847: a realisation of the timeline...that nothing is forever

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Survelum Public Data Bank is a free and public research data source
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