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Informant #16752: consider the mental abilities of the human being and you will discover not only a great inability to understand themselves but an ability to develop vocabulary such as 'infinite' and 'god' that they cannot comprehend. Consider the limitations of the human being. If there were a purpose to life, it is in helping to create an environment where people are moderately content, have enough to eat, have a roof over their heads, and have a means of expressing themselves (art).


Informant #16770: What is this for????????????????

Informant #16787: Why do YOU ask?

Informant #16796: Great survey! It's thought-provoking.

Informant #16814: It's quite obvious that this survey assumes that there are a purpose to life, and that there are someone or something that is responsible for this. Secondly I don't understand what question 3 and 4 has to do with the purpose of life.

Informant #16819: I don't know what this mean but i think you mean ''comentaar'' in dutch so i can answer it, I quite fancy this test, did you read ''world of Sophie''??? I liked it verry much. thnx :p

Informant #16824: Hope that helps.

Informant #16828: surveys don't do shit except take up time at work when you're bored

Informant #16830: I'm not sure why I've taken it but hey, if it helps you figure out the purpose of life then cool :o)

Informant #16836: Your question about the purpose of life implies that life indeed has a purpose. What do you base that on?

Informant #16839: :)

Informant #16843: the older I get, the more respect I gain towards other people

Informant #16852: interesting.

Informant #16853: not quite sute what your purpose is

Informant #16854: This survey presumes that a pupose exists.

Informant #16858: Cake?

Informant #16861: nuff said.

Informant #16862: Everyone wants to be a hero, and in some way everyone gets a chance to be one... the difference between heroes and "normal" people is that the hero took the chance. The dad who brought his kid to the soccer game instead of ignoring him and sending him on a bus, the mom who talked to her son about sex instead of ignoring the topic with him, the boyfriend who went to his girlfriends house just because the sound of her voice meant she needed him, the girlfriend who recognised that sometimes her boyfriend needs to be taken care of and pampered for a few days... the people who really do act selfishly for their loved ones. They are heroes.

Informant #16871: Good survey. Some spelling errors.

Informant #16872: whats the point of it?????????

Informant #16881: finding the purpose of life is very difficult, and it's a gift to people who can find it

Informant #16882: Nah.

Informant #16886: There is very little provision for my sort of beliefs here. Life has no purpose, and you don't seem to have anticipated this answer.

Informant #16890: This survery is pointless - when The Stars Are Right, the Great Old Ones will arise and kill us all anyways.

Informant #16899: no

Informant #16901: The worst comment I ever heard was "Why do you need another day off? You just had one". Hindsight is 20/20 and i wanted to shoot back to him and say "Yes, and I worked three months straight before that, and will work the rest of my life probably, why can't I have another day off?" People don't spend enough time with their loved ones or doing the things they enjoy, even when they can. Everyone is in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Informant #16903: it doesn't matter

Informant #16916: nope

Informant #16920: f

Informant #16931: Very short survey...Broad, vague questions. Most importantly, what difference can this survey make in the midst of our most negative attitude ever?

Informant #16934: You misspelt purpose on the first question of this page :)

Informant #16935: The ratio of "restore" to "preserve" will vary depending on the level of societal decay. Right now, it is about 50/50, but there is little expectation that things will improve significantly in this lifetime.

Informant #16939: bite me

Informant #16943: I'm sure I'll get made fun of.

Informant #16947: what are you trying to achive?

Informant #16951: As someone at the lower end of the 36-50 group ... could you have been a little kinder and made it maybe a 36-40 group? :o)

Informant #16960: interesting, but I'm not sure where it's going

Informant #16963: I think you would get more statistically significant results if you asked more specific questions. And, of course, more questions.

Informant #16970: I think this survey's good as it makes you think about life in general and the point of it all.

Informant #16975: Mm, I don't think you can figure out the purpose of life with any kind of survey. ;) But it 's a nice try.

Informant #16977: Life is unfair. Deal with it.

Informant #16982: Hi!

Informant #16998: Some typos and mistakes. I have no real opinion about this survey one way or another really,

Informant #17013: Interesting. Good job. :)

Informant #17020: You need more questions about twinkies!

Informant #17032: it's kinda vague

Informant #17038: nice quick survey

Informant #17046: I want my two minutes back.

Informant #17050: interesting, i would like to know what kind of study your doing.

Informant #17052: Interesting survey. We just haven't yet evolved enough to know the meaning of life.

Informant #17054: na

Informant #17061: dont no what it is for so cant make an opinion....but go for it anyaway

Informant #17075: I think more options for the multiple choice areas would help. As in my case, my answer that there isn't necessarily a universal purpose for Life was difficult to express with the options available

Informant #17088: i think its not as lighthearted of a question as most people believe it to be

Informant #17089: Interesting and thought provoking

Informant #17096: What is the purpose of this survey? You should put that at the top. Failure to indicate the purpose is an exercise in deception.

Informant #17099: What is the purpose of this survey? I think there is more 'out there', something spiritual, which may have the answer, but I guess we'll not find out until we change our state.

Informant #17104: It's interesting. I'm curious about the purpose of the survey.

Informant #17105: comment

Informant #17114: what on earth is this for?

Informant #17116: Hi, I like apples

Informant #17118: Not a good day for me to answer these questions

Informant #17123: Nice

Informant #17125: fun!

Informant #17127: none

Informant #17130: I think more questions about the things that make up the meaning of life would be helpful. However, not knowing the purpose of your survey, it is difficult to know what questions needed to be asked.

Informant #17131: Life is an Experience

Informant #17133: answers on a postccard!

Informant #17141: It sucked

Informant #17145: Super Survey! Great work.

Informant #17149: Very good

Informant #17157: am interested to see the results

Informant #17158: There is no option for people who are 21 years old.

Informant #17160: without hope, there is no future

Informant #17165: it was interresting........sorry about my spelling

Informant #17169: it's interesting

Informant #17170: For the religion question you should have allowed people to choose more than one. For example I'm a bit of a Buddhist and atheist but am familar with the Catholic dogma to which I was born.

Informant #17186: This survey is fine by me, but I'd love to read why its author set it up. Is there a particular reason for it?

Informant #17190: People make too much out of life. It's simply preservation of our species.

Informant #17191: it sux0rs

Informant #17192: Fix it up so it doesnt suck oh and Trust in christ for fulfillment and salvation

Informant #17197: Good idea. (IMO) Don't expect an answer, there is no "purpose of life" per se. You're given one life, maybe more, and you do what you want. The purpose of life is to do what you want.

Informant #17216: zzzzzz

Informant #17218: What is the purpose of this survey.

Informant #17223: What is the purpose of this.

Informant #17227: it should be "do you and other people miss in your lives?" or better yet, "do you and other people miss in life?"

Informant #17232: dont take things personal, dont let anything get to you. If anything bad happens, dont let it get to you, as long as you're still alive you should be happy

Informant #17234: I am wondering what the survey is for....

Informant #17236: n/a

Informant #17237: disappointing survey

Informant #17239: I doubt you will find your meaning in this short space with such limited ability to leanr about this philosphical question.

Informant #17241: last question doesnt make sense

Informant #17245: Hmm, fresh out of ideas for today ;)

Informant #17253: Blehh

Informant #17265: Pretty lame

Informant #17269: the survey is too short and does not go into enough depth.

Informant #17271: no

Informant #17280: OT

Informant #17283: how much do i get payed for this?

Informant #17285: peen0r

Informant #17287: dont give a f***, live your life man.

Informant #17292: no.

Informant #17307: What is it for? Just wondering. Hope I could help anyway!

Informant #17309: You cannot assess validity or reliability with this survey. It also is poorly written--and watch for is "lives" NOT "lifes"

Informant #17311: I hope it helps..

Informant #17315: Nice and short. Too religious.

Informant #17316: nope

Informant #17332: Faith and knowledge are just difference levels of confidence. Faith is the lower level (once you have to trust or even lie to youself), knowledge is the higher level (once you don't have to trust, you know as it is). Therefore, faith is an powerful instrument to rule those who are not confident and not knowledgable of what they do. Good survey.

Informant #17334: you wont find any answers here

Informant #17340: are we living on a fish? this survey isn't that bad, not much about the purpose of life really though

Informant #17348: Great survey!

Informant #17353: It occurs to me that a lot of people probably say that the purpose of life is to serve "insert name of deity here". Well, that is how wars get started, because everyone has a different idea of what serving their particular god or gods entails. Maybe I was wrong when I said that I didn't know the purpose of life. Maybe the purpose of life is for human beings to learn to live together in peace, to find some kind of common ground and be able to get along. In the immortal words of The Black-Eyed Peas, "Where's the love y'all?"

Informant #17354: hmm

Informant #17367: Should ask, after how many people 'know the purpose' if they are right or not.

Informant #17370: Interesting idea... Hope you come up with some answers :)

Informant #17375: there are many paths all leading to the same point. what we seek is within us. all life is a part of the greater whole, and most live as though they are separate.

Informant #17376: 42

Informant #17379: what will you do with this info?

Informant #17382: I dont like question number 1 on this survey because it missed the idea that life has no meaning. Each and every one of those options assume that life has meaning. I don't believe in the meaning of things. The closest answer I could give was "I dont know".

Informant #17392: cool survey!


Informant #17398: blaaah

Informant #17413: The fact that you have to formulate answers yourself is both engaging and anoying. That is, if you're in a hurry.

Informant #17420: you need more and better questions to get a proper, more indept picture of peoples thoughts about life.

Informant #17422: It seems a little to clear cut for such a deep and complex question. Maybe elongate the survey to incoperate more.

Informant #17425: This survey was hella lame. You have been oWnEd

Informant #17427: i think this was a very arousing survey and would like to hook up with you later..

Informant #17429: add some pron

Informant #17432: bla

Informant #17433: What is the purpose of the survey? If you are lost I cannot help you find your way. If you are seeking, I have nothing to show you. If you want to know others you already know all.

Informant #17439: nope

Informant #17444: Intresting survey. Would like to see what other people write.

Informant #17445: What is the purpose of the survey, for I've wasted 5 minutes of my life on it?

Informant #17455: We don't need to know the "purpose of life" to live. Nor do we need truth or answers. They are not necessary and are often more of a burden when searching for something you won't find.

Informant #17457: where's my money? ...slut

Informant #17458: what's the point?


Informant #17463: i enjoy drugs and sobreity

Informant #17470: no problem.........have a good day

Informant #17471: life is long, hard, and fun as hell. enjoy it; whatever our purpose is, its nothing big. we think that just because we can think, we are better. that this is our society. our purpose is of no more importance than that of an ant (from any perspective other than our own). we are just ants, running around, cursed with the ability to imagine how much better we could make ourselves, when in reality we should make the best of what we have

Informant #17473: The question: "do you think other people know the purpose of life" is largely unfair. It is assuming that there is only one purpose to be held, where, in truth, everyone on the planet could know life's purpose because we all exist as individuals (or at least should hope to!). To me, the extent of knowing one's own purpose would largely depend on the amount of rumination expended to its course - thinking about thinking, as it were.

Informant #17479: Great survey. Killed about 5 minutes.

Informant #17481: I don't know why you are conducting this survey, so I can't really comment on how well your questions are phrased. I think that most people have little idea about what forces motivates them. As a result, they go through life at the mercy of these forces, thinking that they know why they act, but really not knowing.

Informant #17487: dlalalalam talallla dahdum

Informant #17493: it f***ing sucked you dumb ass nigger

Informant #17502: This survey had such potential, but was poorly contructed...

Informant #17506: Good survey. I wish I would've done it myself.

Informant #17509: it reminded me to pray before i act.

Informant #17514: Some people may be a little too concerned with the meaning of life, but I'm sure most of them think about it occasionally.

Informant #17520: This survey seems to miss the whole point on the "purpose" of life. It takes that idea as a concrete, absolute truth that there is one answer to.

Informant #17536: Very good.

Informant #17537: perhaps more scope covering the basis, rationale or reason why people have for their purpose or lack thereof, and their beliefs, or lack thereof again, founding such purposes; and the reason why the believe what they believe. Not anyone who claimed he is, is. :-)

Informant #17551: I'd be interested to see the results

Informant #17557: I'd like to know it's purpose?

Informant #17563: wtf

Informant #17569: Self-worth and self-examination are taking a backseat to the victimization movement. "I can't achieve my goals in life because....[choose one or more:] I'm black, white, yellow, brown, male, female, short, tall, fat, abused, masochistic, sadistic, misunderstood, President, etc." The thing that is missing is responsibility. Being responsible means you might be wrong; being a victim means you can always point at anyone else and say its all their fault.

Informant #17572: this survey seems pointless

Informant #17581: Good survey, interesting.

Informant #17584: This survey will never be read by anyone other than its creator

Informant #17599: Very nice survey :)

Informant #17603: The purpose of live varies on the person's opinion on it. Not everyone will have the same view on what the purpose of life is- it's an opinion.

Informant #17605: Maybe you should have given us more alternative answers,... but anyway, it's a nice survey.

Informant #17611: jj

Informant #17613: Whew! don't get me started! Thank you for letting me muse on such terrific questions. Surely you are doing good work causing others to think deeply for a cyber-moment. May your every choice, every action and non-action continue to be so fruitful and so blessed.

Informant #17614: This survey is kinda stupid.

Informant #17657: .07

Informant #17666: It is a good survey considering the topic.

Informant #17667: i think its great that you're showing so much interest in truth in a world which is so dominated by falsness and superficial movement, in which content is negated, in which humanity is divided at so many levels, when we are all part of one thing, call it god, call it love, call it US

Informant #17669: good survey

Informant #17672: A good survey. Made me think about the purpose of life. I read something somewhere once that it isnt the purpose of life that matters, it's the self-discovery and the things that happen on your search for it. I liked that, I think it has a lot of truth to it

Informant #17674: interesting!

Informant #17675: Interesting!

Informant #17678: Nice!

Informant #17690: thumbs up.

Informant #17694: post post modernism is empty already. first there was amazement of living in a new enlightened world, now is just going through the motion of living a decent life. People who care enough to inquire soon realise whats'up and thats it. nothing more, nothing less.

Informant #17696: It's just a survey? I don't get told the meaning of life at the end? Shit... That sucks.

Informant #17703: Good idea for a survey, I don't know what else to say :)

Informant #17705: sex

Informant #17709: very........ thoughtful to explor in the meaning of life

Informant #17711: its good i like it

Informant #17713: This question will never be answered..but it's good to challenge oneself and think about it...

Informant #17720: no thanks

Informant #17725: we need stuff like this

Informant #17726: I think its pretty rad, have a beautiful day.

Informant #17728: lame

Informant #17739: nope

Informant #17740: ?

Informant #17742: I kind of think it is too short to really elaborate on the answer,, even with the comment form. Although, there really isn;t any way to conduct this type of survey, and there are no real questions you can ask to everyone in order to get their opinion on the purpose of life. Just another thing to mention. Douglas Adams wrote the meaning of life is 42, but the question is so misunderstood that the answer is not clear.

Informant #17750: Neat little survey! Very cool.

Informant #17761: This survey is pants

Informant #17762: Yawn!

Informant #17777: Interesting! I would like to know your purpose, in creating the survey?

Informant #17786: It´s quite good. :)

Informant #17803: Meh.

Informant #17809: Too broad.

Informant #17820: the color scheme blows.

Informant #17837: 42

Informant #17839: I like T, T is the ruler of all! BITCH!

Informant #17843: I look forward to whatever is on the next page.

Informant #17858: A good survey, gets a collective gathering on what people think is the purpose of life.

Informant #17859: Its great!

Informant #17862: None

Informant #17869: no not really dont have any

Informant #17875: Awesome question in regards to finding out people's opinion on what is life.

Informant #17876: About the fear one- these a quote that I live by "Got a reason to get up thismorning, Got inspired by the fear of coming last..."

Informant #17884: its on a computer

Informant #17904: Good survey, glad to give my opinion. IM me if u have any more questions "Oo Scud oO".

Informant #17911: sex

Informant #17926: Life is so silly without a purpose, but I would rather stay here than venture into the unknown environment of death.

Informant #17928: gay survey

Informant #17932: i love you will you marry me?

Informant #17952: Great idea, hope it pans out for you.

Informant #17962: It was quite a nice survey, you've brought up some interesting ideas. I hope it goes well. --Epsilon

Informant #17967: i like it

Informant #17994: interesting...

Informant #17999: Learn to enjoy being clay in the Hand of your Maker.

Informant #18005: Does anybody read what I am writing?

Informant #18010: not bad

Informant #18020: I like sex.

Informant #18032: -

Informant #18033: This is a pretty good survey.

Informant #18036: nobody really does the purpose of life. the people that think they know, are lying to thenselves.

Informant #18038: I'd just like to say that a lot of the time, I feel lost, which brings most of my sadness.

Informant #18072: hmm.. no offence..but it kind of looks as if,.. this site was made by some really crazy programmer...

Informant #18078: Very good!

Informant #18081: god doesn't exist, he is a fantasy made by humans to satisfy humans.

Informant #18082: Good survey :D

Informant #18092: Different...

Informant #18097: It's kind of weird

Informant #18106: There's no such thing as objective meaning or purpose to existence. Such things are constructs of mind and therefore relative to individual minds. They are subjective. This is an objective fact.

Informant #18115: I have the heart of a child. I keep it in a jar on my desk.

Informant #18123: Thought provoking!

Informant #18125: I was kinda hoping for a true/false survey -_- even though that wouldn't be right.

Informant #18138: g

Informant #18154: Boo

Informant #18167: T'was OK.

Informant #18171: Not entirely sure what this survey is for, but hey! It's been fun. Only thing I didn't like was how the questions assumed that there is a pupose to life (questions 1 and 3 on this page) - there's no "There is no purpose to life" option. People should learn grammar, I think, and learn to spell. Blue skies.

Informant #18219: good survey.

Informant #18226: Cool.

Informant #18250: NONE THANKS

Informant #18251: I feel I know the purpose of my life, which I've already stated. However to me that is different from asking whether or not I know the meaning of life. I don't know exactly the meaning behind God making human beings seperate from animals. It must be more than just to see if we would obey Him. Time to go read the bible more...

Informant #18260: My main comment is above. It is a badly constructed questionaire. It may not be intentional, but it looks designed to get a particular positive answer. e.g. 'Everyone who answered 3, above must agree there is a purpose'.Oldal.

Informant #18270: It was fun.

Informant #18299: a good one

Informant #18334: Interesting

Informant #18385: good

Informant #18390: Its interesting and i'd like to know result.

Informant #18447: Well there is a lot more to what i believe the purpose of life to be... but it is a lot to type.

Informant #18850: All in all relatively neutral considering I came across this on an american xtian forum.The question about "fears" put me off course a bit.Is it that you´re thinking about the phenomenon "fear" currently or does it have something to do with a whole lot of people being directed by their fears? Personally,I think "fear" is a good indicator of dangerous situations,a useful radar to avoid unpleasent occurrences,but nothing more.Phobias are something I simply cannot comprehen,as I have none.

Informant #18854: Some of the questions require an answer that is unavailable as one of the selections. For example the question about fear had me wishing to explain that fear was something that had a major affect on my life as a younger person. As an fully-grown up adult, I feel fear less and less. Most fear I feel these days is associated with the health and safety of my children.

Informant #18923: I think it is a very interesting survey and i would like to hear other peoples opinions on the topic.

Informant #19054: dont know

Informant #19153: sorry mate

Informant #19187: I hope you learn something of great value from this.

Informant #19198: The questions are as flawed now as when I first complained about them Shape up! You see, you still rquire answers to 1 and 3. If I answer 3, the implication is that I thinnk there is apurpose..and I do not. Similarly question 1. Your survey is biassed! !

Informant #19225: Interesting

Informant #19238: Questions that help us ellucidate my own thinkuing and processes are helpful to me.

Informant #19352: The survey sucks. What is it, some college project? It sucks.

Informant #19456: I just hope, it is not used, to launch a new product

Informant #19522: This was an interesting survey.

Informant #19569: An interesting project.

Informant #19676: Thanks

Informant #19706: I'm curious as to what is being tallied and analyzed.

Informant #20193: djhg

Informant #23111: more deeper questions.

Informant #23616: it's a good survey.. :)

Informant #25246: Seems too brief to be workable?

Informant #25446: It is an interesting survey.

Informant #25473: Die.

Informant #25681: No Thank You =)

Informant #25722: Have longer survey could prove interesting to see results.

Informant #25898: There isn't a wrong answer to the question "what is the purpose of life?". It is a question that has as many answers as there are people able to understand the question.

Informant #25947: great question but next time ask what are demons?

Informant #26423: Well it makes you really think.. Maybe there could be a few more options for some questions. But overall it is good.

Informant #26494: For the question, "Do you know what is the purpose of life?" you might have offered the answer, "I don't think there is a purpose." as one of the options.

Informant #27671: short

Informant #28624: Helps to put thoughts out where we can see them, rather than just think about them.

Informant #29009: number 5 is too broad

Informant #32006: Questions too hard

Informant #37038: Appreciate the effort and and can also be improved

Informant #42784: if we knew the purpose of life, then we would not be able to enjoy anything else because our lives would be driven by that attainment of tha meaning.

Informant #43781: It is imazing to see this kind of servy and I would look forward to know the out come of the servy

Informant #57552: life is what you make of it... live as much as you can and I think you're fulfilling yourself.

Informant #57679: made me think a bit humbling

Informant #57731: yo

Informant #57800: did i get an A?

Informant #59048: Do you have any answer? :)

Informant #59079: I liked this survey

Informant #59107: Nope.

Informant #59123: Good survey.

Informant #59868: It was a good survey; very insightful.

Informant #65815: I would love to know what people think and if you know the answer to the purpose of life that would be wonderfull

Informant #72276: I'm fascinated to see what others have said...

Informant #77668: I was good and short.

Informant #77888: Watch the movie: Monty Pythons -The meaning of Live

Informant #82013: it's interesting

Informant #86007: your survey encouraged me to think abou very important an interesting things. Thank you!

Informant #86205: It's purpose is vague

Informant #86208: Weird.

Informant #86209: donno

Informant #86211: Totally pointless survey

Informant #86217: random

Informant #86219: None

Informant #86221: Nope

Informant #86222: No

Informant #86228: needs More Blowjobs

Informant #86229: n/a

Informant #86230: not sure

Informant #86245: People feel the need to join religons because it gives them some structure on their life.

Informant #86254: Sounds like the survey is predicated on the assumption that there is an actual meaning to life

Informant #86256: Money makes the world go around no matter what anyone else says and it's the number one need of every person.

Informant #86263: it sucks

Informant #86267: everyone has a different purpose in life, this survey is too general and will not answer any questions besides from the ultimate question, why the hell am i doing this survey!

Informant #86277: I didnt see the point of this quiz, sorry

Informant #86279: Load of crap

Informant #86288: this is gh3y

Informant #86293: life is no riddle - grab it.

Informant #86298: Nope.

Informant #86301: nope

Informant #86302: This survey isnt very good as it depends on the person particapating to do all the work with lots of text boxes to answer that the person has to think what to say. People prefer to click an option that is in front of them not think on the spot.

Informant #86310: Waste of 5 minutes tbh

Informant #86317: its too short to ascertain the results its hoping to find therefore making it redundant

Informant #86319: I don't get it - what exactly are you trying to find out???

Informant #86320: providin' the lulz

Informant #86324: its shit

Informant #86328: Very vague

Informant #86329: Interesting survey, got me thinking. Thanks.

Informant #86342: none

Informant #86345: Maybe

Informant #86348: interesting survey.

Informant #88497: it was good

Informant #91833: check the grammer of number 4 of this page, it should be "how much do you thik 'fear' affectS your life. It does not look professional with bad spelling or grammer.

Informant #91834: d

Informant #92500: This doesnt really do much.

Informant #94688: Life is a journey we have choices how we choose to view life affects the outcome. Hopefully we learn and are not bitter and resentful if things did not go as we wanted.

Informant #99625: f

Informant #102675: I think most of us wonder what is our purpose in life but maybe not what the purpose of life is.

Informant #103900: dsw

Informant #105371: deals with a very essential topic that is basic to every human being

Informant #107087: no

Informant #108708: None

Informant #110243: none...

Informant #110252: ...

Informant #110825: n/a

Informant #112348: good survey

Informant #120342: love

Informant #136923: I think people spend too long looking for the meaning of life. Don't worry about it. Just live your life. Look to religion. Have fun. Do something you would regret not doing when you look back on your life twenty years down the road.

Informant #138990: thanks for making me consider my beliefs...

Informant #139180: ;,',,m m

Informant #139537: Zdvs

Informant #152911: I am He as You are He as You are Me and We are altogether

Informant #170752: could have more questions that go into more details.

Informant #191733: Yes

Informant #192993: Good.

Informant #196176: Very short and the questions were broad. I think someone could write a lengthy, in depth responce to a couple of the questions! It would be interesting to see the results and the differences between answers from all kinds of people of all ages and races/sexualities, etc around thw world.

Informant #201399: This was a really good survey. It really got me to think about my own purpose in life. Additionally, I like that there were questions where I could write whatever I wanted, because it gives me more freedom to express myself than a multiple-choice question. Thanks!

Informant #218037: could have had more questions

Informant #226195: The survey is nice. Questions are very challenging

Informant #232893: This is such a complex issue! I hope you get the results you are looking for.

Informant #254489: It is very importan to help people to know if they know the purpose in life of everyone.

Informant #291973: nope

Informant #307416: This is a good survey, but there should be another question about the purpose of life in a multiple choice format, for easy statistics.

Informant #322083: average

Informant #324245: 5282

Informant #329296: yes

Informant #344893: What's the point?

Informant #354632: thank you!

Informant #368288: Great survey - thanks

Informant #380902: ask for the education background and profession which affects thinking

Informant #408234: This survey is straightforward and simple. God is good and the answer to your questions.

Informant #475448: none

Informant #478688: Cool survey and stuff.

Informant #519643: Nope!

Informant #554323: no

Informant #558023: ea

Informant #558032: no

Informant #727277: No

Informant #784733: Have no idea

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