Responses on: "What do you think is the purpose of life?"

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Informant #16743: a test form our God

Informant #16752: Humans will never find an answer to that question, and if they do, they will either not understand it or reject it.

Informant #16755: the purpose is to reach god byy praying

Informant #16767: To survive without hurting anybody in the process.


Informant #16770: To accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and to lead others to Him.

Informant #16787: For soul growth, so that one does not have to be on Earth for eons, but can become a guardian angel.

Informant #16790: Fluff n fold, Buddy, Fluff n fold.

Informant #16793: to experience something not possible elsewhere

Informant #16796: To forgive yourself and others. To love thy neighbor. Be kind to others.

Informant #16811: ???

Informant #16814: None, life is just a chemical process that evolved into life.

Informant #16817: There is no purpose. It just is. We are free to make our lives purposeful, of course. Most living organisms achieve some purpose by continuing the species--the importance of that is questionable unless you happen to be down the line. On a personal level, I achieve purpose by making my loved ones' existance pleasurable.

Informant #16819: I think the purpose of life is, be good for other people. (sorry for bad english)

Informant #16820: x

Informant #16824: Living to glorify God through Jesus Christ. I believe that investing my life into doing this is the purpose for my life.

Informant #16825: Don't think about just live it.

Informant #16828: taking quizzes on the internet

Informant #16830: No be honest I think people have enough problems getting by day to day to worry about a higher purpose... If there is one, it isn't bothering me...

Informant #16833: Serve God in everything I do. I exist because he wills for me to exist.

Informant #16836: to reproduce

Informant #16839: I have no idea..but I don't think we as a human species are suppose to know.

Informant #16843: life is how you make it

Informant #16845: Continuation of the species.

Informant #16850: Happy!:p

Informant #16852: i'm not really sure there is a real "purpose".

Informant #16853: To learn, to know yourself, to be a good person aware of all things and all life around you, to be honest and to try to live your life with a true heart

Informant #16854: It doesn't need one. It just happens.

Informant #16855: Whatever you want it to be.

Informant #16857: To enjoy ourselves and make the most out of the life we have; to supercede our fears and doubts and love ourselves.

Informant #16858: Cake!

Informant #16860: There is no purpose of life just lives of purpose.

Informant #16861: its about being driven..driven to be the best drving to innovate motivation to achieve something to which will relate to your life giving it meaning jesus had a purpose a hilter had a puropse and you can be dam sure that inside perhaps buried in cases inside all of us there lies a purpose to our existence be from birth or a purpose you adopt from childhood im not quite sure but it is a definte purpose

Informant #16862: To love, to be loved... to make the world a better place. Definetely not to have children.

Informant #16864: Reproduce

Informant #16870: To reproduce (survival of the species)

Informant #16871: To compete for resources, breed and care for our children. We have no greater purpose than any other animal on this planet

Informant #16876: I know, but I'm not telling

Informant #16877: Possibly nothing, possibly something.. wed have to prove we ourselves actually exist for a purpose to exist.

Informant #16881: death is the great final of life, so it might be the purpose

Informant #16882: None.

Informant #16883: fertilizer

Informant #16886: Nothing. There is no such thing as a "purpose" for a complete accident.

Informant #16889: To serve God.

Informant #16890: To serve the Great and Mighty Cthulhu, and to die first when the Great Old Ones Arise.

Informant #16892: There is none.

Informant #16896: That's for me to know.

Informant #16899: to make a difference in the world. have a good time :)

Informant #16900: To pass on DNA.

Informant #16901: I think it is to enjoy oneself and make as much use of the time we have. We only go around once, and I don't believe in any kind of afterlife. Hedonism is the word. Work only in the ways we wish to work, on the things we wish to work on. It doesn't always happen that way, but as near as possible.

Informant #16903: there is no purpose

Informant #16916: to eat cake

Informant #16918: I really don't know.

Informant #16919: to love eachother deeply and have fun

Informant #16920: I dunno

Informant #16923: live life to the max

Informant #16926: For the individual, none. For the species, the purpos of life is perpetuating itself.

Informant #16930: To attain enlightenment and to become happy.

Informant #16931: The purpose of life is to find your niche, and truly make a difference in this world by helping others.

Informant #16932: To enjoy life and have children and make a life for our children. Advance the human race.

Informant #16934: To procreate, just like every other creature on this planet. To move forth the wheels of evolution. Generally, to shag as many people as possible and move the ol' species foward.

Informant #16935: To restore and preserve Christendom.

Informant #16939: bite me

Informant #16941: uncertain

Informant #16943: Enjoy everything possible in life and try to share a unique view of the world.

Informant #16947: be the best person you can be in gods eye's! learn from your mistakes! teach your chilldren right from wrong! be thankfull for what you have! ect...

Informant #16948: Three is no "purpose to life". Asking such is just someone refusing to believe that they're not important.

Informant #16950: To know God and make Him known to others.

Informant #16951: To make the world a better place for the generations to follow.

Informant #16952: To figure out the purpose of life.

Informant #16953: To gain wisdom and compassion.

Informant #16960: To enjoy life and other's within it, to be happy, and to do no harm where harm was not done to you.

Informant #16963: The purpose of life is to glorify God and to kill muslims. Just kidding about the last part.

Informant #16966: to love one another as Christ loves us

Informant #16970: Personally I think there is no purpose of life. I have felt this for a while. For me, there is no purpose. This is why I would be driven to suicide.

Informant #16971: i was hoping to find out through this quiz?

Informant #16973: Trick question, or one that cannot be answered. Assumes there is a objective meaning other than what we choose to give it, which I'm not persuaded is necessarily the case.

Informant #16975: The purpose of life is getting wiser. Eventually the human race should realise that we have to live together, co-operate, take care of nature, don't eat animals, and so forth. It's a pity most people don't want to use or enlargen their intelligence.

Informant #16977: There is no purpose. Only the weak minded cannot deal with the fact that they don't matter and are here for no reason.

Informant #16982: mating with pandas

Informant #16989: The live for awhile and be happy

Informant #16992: The purpose of life is to live life to it's fullest.

Informant #16995: to love

Informant #16998: To live

Informant #16999: enlightenment and awareness, to give to others..

Informant #17000: Im not telling.

Informant #17006: There is none.

Informant #17008: To procreate

Informant #17010: To be.

Informant #17013: To bring glory to God, to love each other, and to lead others to Christ. (I'm case you couldn't tell.)

Informant #17020: mmMMmmtwinkiesmmMMmm

Informant #17027: to make the most of the time we're given

Informant #17029: As somone who believes in reincarnation, I believe that the purpose of life is to learn and experience things that will prepare you for the next life. Sometimes these experiences are for the purpose of burning off karma. The ultimate goal in life (or lives, as the way I see it) is to learn love and forgiveness. I think it is relatively simple, but it sometimes takes years for people to figure it out, if they figure it out at all.

Informant #17031: The continuation of the species.

Informant #17032: to make babies

Informant #17033: To improve the world.

Informant #17036: The purpose of life is to achieve your own goals and make yourself happy without initiating aggression against other individuals.

Informant #17037: Purpose is an entirely human concept and has no application outside what we assign to it. As such, your purpose in life is whatever you make of it.

Informant #17038: having fun and enjoying what you have

Informant #17046: To live life in such a way as to be able to say "You're welcome" rather than "Thank you" when you meet God.

Informant #17048: There is no overarching 'applied from outside' purpose. Therefore we need to assign one for ourselves and live by it. "Why are we here? Because we're here."

Informant #17050: to be pleasing to God

Informant #17051: To live, pass on genes, perhaps improve the world in some miniscule way, though it won't matter in a not too distant future... Then Die.

Informant #17052: The purpose of life must be to have a part in the evolution of humankind. This means that a person's living either carries forward or sets back the ability of humans to understand that each is a part of the whole, that there is power in oneness, that our capabilities are limitless when we have the knowing. You can see this in small part everyday. Often, what people call a miracle, is the power of oneness, the power of love.

Informant #17054: just to live

Informant #17055: don't think there is one.

Informant #17061: dance muzic is the key to everything

Informant #17066: To live lives that glorify God and bring Him honor.

Informant #17069: to love those around you

Informant #17075: I'm actually not of the opinion there IS a purpose to life. Life simply IS.... purpose is up to each individual life form.

Informant #17078: Love God

Informant #17079: seems pointless much of the time

Informant #17083: What ever i want it to be!

Informant #17088: i believe that we are here to endure whatever choices we have made for ourselves, ie: our own free will. i just try to remember that its easy to go through whatever pain or happiness this life brings us because its not permanent, however, eternity is.

Informant #17089: To "pay it forward", procreate and raise them to be responsible to carry on, to take care of what God has given us

Informant #17096: The same as any other living creature or flora.

Informant #17099: I'm not sure there is one. It just is. But if there is a purpose, I'd like to know what it is.

Informant #17102: It is to try to live for my Lord. . . . . . . . . even though I screw up.

Informant #17103: To serve my God and country.

Informant #17104: I don't know if there's a purpose for which life was created, (if it even was created instead of just happening) but I'm pretty sure the purpose of staying alive is to help each other and make the world a better place for the next generation. We're all in this together, after all.

Informant #17105: weed

Informant #17107: To Live

Informant #17109: Propagation of genetic code... Eventually, whatever lifeform has the most successful DNA will achieve the grand goal of life, as each lifeform diversifies and attempts to find the genetic code that is absolutely perfect.

Informant #17114: to do unto others

Informant #17116: To know life in every breath To be fruitful and multiple

Informant #17118: Sex

Informant #17119: Spiritual progression....learning lifes lessons in order to gain karma for the next life time.

Informant #17123: Reproduction

Informant #17125: The purpose of life is to create a purpose for yourself.

Informant #17126: I think I will really know the purpose of life after I have passed on.

Informant #17127: See above!!

Informant #17130: To be the best person you can in the service and betterment of the world.

Informant #17131: experience

Informant #17132: I'm not going to tell you.

Informant #17133: eat minge

Informant #17139: Well the true goal of any living organism is to keep its genes in the gene pool, typically by reproducing. Now, for humans, there are probably a lot of other 'sub-goals' but reproducing is still one the major goal. Just look how people get in the spring time.

Informant #17141: To rearrange energy and matter.

Informant #17143: To enjoy life

Informant #17145: To destroy evil and then enjoy happiness

Informant #17149: While you have life you must live it

Informant #17157: to do whatever it takes to be happy

Informant #17158: procreate

Informant #17159: to be happy in yourself, whether it involves a family or not is up to you

Informant #17160: to live long, laugh often and love much

Informant #17165: to b happy and treat people the way u would want them to treat u.


Informant #17170: The purpose of life is to live it to it's epoch and then some.

Informant #17172: to suceed in what ever you want to suceed in

Informant #17173: We are just here and should try to make the best of it.

Informant #17180: In my opinon life is just life. There is no right or wrong way to live life. Life is short. Do what you can.

Informant #17182: To live out. To evovle as a being and a race.

Informant #17185: Whatever purpose i give my self

Informant #17186: The purpose of life is to live richly, not in materialistic terms, but in relation to family, friends and the environment, so that your passage through life makes a difference to others and improves their quality of life.

Informant #17190: Procreation. The purpose of all life is to spread and thrive.

Informant #17191: Get paid and get laid

Informant #17192: to glorify God by enjoying Him forever

Informant #17195: Existence

Informant #17196: To enjoy it.

Informant #17197: Life is Each person wants to do something in life. You do what you want...That's the purpose of life. Each person has a different life.

Informant #17202: To help other out, family, friends, to life a happy and fruitful existance.

Informant #17203: Biologically? To procreate - isn't that the goal of a species, to reproduce itself?. BUT emotionally/spiritually/whatever you want to call it, I think it's to be happy with the life we make for ourselves.

Informant #17211: Its relative, there is no universal purpuse, only in our minds does a purpose need exist.

Informant #17213: to help others to be the best they can be.

Informant #17216: learning to adapt

Informant #17218: To live as life gives you.To always be helpful to our fellow man.

Informant #17223: We were created in the image of God.

Informant #17224: to praise God

Informant #17227: Be happy

Informant #17232: its a test

Informant #17233: To increase our ability to love

Informant #17234: To grow as a spirit.. To experence different emothions, trials, and joys. To be able to touch people in the heart.. And have them touch you back...

Informant #17236: To give each one the opportunity to experience living and gain knowledge.

Informant #17237: justice

Informant #17239: To draw ourselves to God.

Informant #17241: Reproduction.

Informant #17242: to expand purpose

Informant #17245: is there one?

Informant #17252: to detache one self from desire, envy and materialism in order to reach a state of enlightment.

Informant #17253: There is none

Informant #17260: Drink more dreams more bed more drugs more lust more lies more head more love, Fear more fun more fame more flesh more stars more smiles more pain more sex.

Informant #17261: To live.. I don't think there is a particular purpose.

Informant #17262: to reproduce

Informant #17265: To make it to the end

Informant #17266: We're all put on this earth to reproduce.

Informant #17269: Happiness

Informant #17271: reporduction

Informant #17272: To know and to love and to serve God.

Informant #17274: Live it to the best of your abilities

Informant #17280: Have fun while we can.

Informant #17283: whatever i feel like

Informant #17285: i dont f***ing know.

Informant #17287: f*** helping others. if thats the purpose of life what the f*** is the purpose of life for the "others"? nothing, they are a waste of space. do what you want, have fun, have as little regrets as possible. realize there is no life after death and that you will just be worm food. you will not rise to some awesome heaven and lay on clouds. you die, you get eaten, thats life. while you're not getting eaten by worms have fun and just don't give a f***. oh ya, and f*** contributing to the human race. im in it for me.

Informant #17291: To Feel.

Informant #17292: To make the world a better place, to live through Jesus's teachings.

Informant #17297: There is no purpose

Informant #17298: 43

Informant #17303: To glorify God?

Informant #17305: I actually don't care. Life is life, no point thinking about it, just get on with it.

Informant #17307: I think every person has his own definition. For some it might be to have as much fun as possible, for other it might be to be as successful as possible and others just want to be loved and be healthy. For me, I don't think there is one certain purpose. For me life is on the one hand to have fun, enjoy life, basically having a good time. Life is short, so why should I be depressed half of it? Another purpose is to be there for the persons I truely love.

Informant #17309: I do not know.

Informant #17311: To live and let others live in there own way. ( As long at is not hurting others) To be a good person. And make of the life you Have, the best you can.

Informant #17312: Live today, and make the best out of everything that comes on your path.

Informant #17314: To help others and to attain spiritual enlightenment.

Informant #17315: Reach your goals, whatever they may be

Informant #17316: ?

Informant #17324: having kids

Informant #17332: To achieve Nirvana

Informant #17333: The purpose of life is to live.

Informant #17334: To be a positive force for good and keep an open mind.

Informant #17337: To reproduce.

Informant #17339: there isn't really one. just to live, reproduce, then die.

Informant #17340: Naturally - to continue the race (species) Personally - to be happy

Informant #17346: I've no idea!

Informant #17348: There really is no purpose. Our (human) lives are absurd.

Informant #17353: I am so clueless! I would like to think that there is some great, higher purpose for human existance; but damned if I know what it is!

Informant #17354: for each man to fullfil his highest abilities and improve society

Informant #17361: To cultivate the soul and love everything

Informant #17365: ?

Informant #17367: There is no purpose in life other than what we make of it.

Informant #17369: Life. The simple joy of being.

Informant #17370: I have no idea.. Sometimes I think there is none.

Informant #17372: To serve God

Informant #17373: So everyone can go out and get pissed

Informant #17375: to love, learn and laugh as much as possible. well, life is something infinitely more profound, but that will do for now.

Informant #17376: 42

Informant #17379: Well the basic purpose is one that everyone knows and that is, to live, procreate and then die. And the main one I don't know yet.

Informant #17382: The closest thing I can find to purpose in life is to change.

Informant #17384: to maintain integrity

Informant #17385: Do not worry about the purpose of life, instead focus only on giving purpose to *your* life.

Informant #17388: to die .. we are a coincidance.

Informant #17392: To make new generations...make things full circle I suppose

Informant #17397: There is no purpose of life. Life is what is is. Life is being, existing. Life is good and bad, happy and sad. Awful one moment and wonderful the next. Life is the single most beautiful thing. I think love may have something to do with it too>

Informant #17398: to live in agony and die a torturous death. go to hell

Informant #17403: who needs purposes when we've got hardcore?

Informant #17408: to do no harm, to be the best that you can be, to try to cultivate the best in others, to contribute significantly in whatever area your talents/strengths reside.

Informant #17413: To live a life according to the decrees and will of God would be my immediate response. My second (and not so conservatist response) would be along the lines of Loving as much as possible.

Informant #17416: Everyone's purpose is different

Informant #17420: i believe the purpose of life is... there is no purpose, we are not here for a reason. we were just fortunate enough to have evolved to be highly intelligable animals. what i mean is that nobody put here or created us, so there is no specific purpose for us.

Informant #17422: To find your purpose. It sounds moot, but from what I've expirienced and the deep conversations that I have had with others it seems to me that everyone is searching for their purpose. If in a sense the reason that I do everything that I do, is amost to figure out hwy I'm doing it.

Informant #17425: Something about boobies.

Informant #17427: to live

Informant #17428: Development of individuality, awareness, and understanding how to enjoy life.

Informant #17429: sex

Informant #17430: To make a difference in someone elses

Informant #17432: bla

Informant #17433: Celebration of beauty and of the ugly. A dance of light and dark. A separation of all there is and a renewing of us all. There is no purpose there simply is.

Informant #17435: Live life to the fullest. Live it so you would have no regrets if you could look back after you die.

Informant #17439: obtain happiness

Informant #17441: to be a loving person, to do the best we can, and to serve God and others

Informant #17444: To attain the maximum amount of happiness in life by dedicating yourself to a cause greater then yourself and to someone other then yourself. Also to attempt to attain the greatest amount of pleasure out of ever action by elevating them with meaning. Even greater still is closeness with god.

Informant #17445: Survive everyday, while my soul learns the daily lesson and continue to grow.

Informant #17447: to kill myself and get it the f*** over

Informant #17455: Simply put, to live. And set good foundations for the future of the world.

Informant #17457: to f*** a WHOLE bunch of bitches and then die from an overdose

Informant #17458: there is none

Informant #17461: to reproduce

Informant #17462: To go about a life that is both physically and spiritually fulfilling while doing doing your best to aid others and the environment.

Informant #17463: to get crunk and to f*** and to enjoy urself to the fullest

Informant #17469: I doubt there is a purpose.

Informant #17470: to live it

Informant #17471: literally, it is sex, but on a more spiritual level, i think life has no actual purpose, except for whatever reason one has to keep going. each person's life has its own purpose

Informant #17473: To understand ones'self and surroundings enough to acheive freedom from materializm, or, physicality as it were - thus, becoming one with our creator once again.

Informant #17475: to breed

Informant #17479: Smoke ganja, have sex with all the women you can. Grow old and steel police car, make the cops shoot you down. While your high, with a 21 year old on your nuts. PEACE CjL

Informant #17480: to love others to be the best person we can be to love God

Informant #17481: I believe that the purpose of life, as far as nature is concerned, is its propogation. As far as individuals are concerned, I think we each need to decide for ourselves where we are going to spend our life energies and time. John

Informant #17484: Progression toward infinity. Achievement of Godhood.

Informant #17486: Happiness and pass on the knowledge to your children

Informant #17487: to be happy and make as many people happy on the way as you can


Informant #17492: love

Informant #17493: there is no purpose.

Informant #17499: To be a kind person and to seek a higher level of spirituality.

Informant #17502: Tolerance

Informant #17506: Somewhat hestitantly, I believe the purpose of life is to is to learn as much as possible about as much as possible, while not imposing your beliefs on others or exerting your will over others, and enjoying it all at the same time

Informant #17508: Whatever you make it. Life is a blank canvas waiting to be embraced, not to be left blank

Informant #17509: love, believe in Jesus, fear God and keep the commandments, for such is the duty of man

Informant #17513: live damn it.

Informant #17514: To learn what you can; to experience as much as you can.

Informant #17516: To learn and evolve

Informant #17520: There is no supreme "purpose" in life.

Informant #17533: Live

Informant #17536: The purpose of life is to eat cake.

Informant #17537: To fulfil the will of God who made me

Informant #17540: the purpose of life is to learn all there is to be learned.

Informant #17551: enjoy & experience without harming anyone else

Informant #17552: To live it to the best ability you can, be good to others and be honest and open in how you live.

Informant #17557: to reproduce.

Informant #17558: being a good person

Informant #17563: to continue life

Informant #17569: Evolution of body, mind, and spirit.

Informant #17572: not sure what if there is no purpose

Informant #17573: To learn to love

Informant #17579: To enjoy as much of it as possible and to learn form experience.

Informant #17581: To reach God

Informant #17584: As humans, we are distinct from the lower animals, and we inherently and illogically long for meaning and purpose . Our purpose is to grow & improve & to provide earthly answers for the inexplicable. People should realise their potential in this life rather than the next. Life is a constant searching of keys to open the most glorious treasure chest in the universe. There must be a logical explanation for our existence – we are not legend or myth. We strive to search for our origins. Our Designer created the whole universe, including humans, so that humanity could discover and ‘invent’ things which already exist, which are there to be pilfered. Are we just here to struggle to survive – then die? Are we the product of an unfortunate Big Bang? If so, we should not expect miracles or wondrous happenings. We just have to get on with the daily drudge - like it or lump it

Informant #17585: There are two sepearate answers:- (a) My emotional self wants to survive (group survival not alone), reproduce and progress. (b) My rational self does not know and is not evolved enough to decide its goal.

Informant #17586: The dominant live form on earth are leafy green things. Animals, including humans, are just a support system. Leafy green things are stationary and we animals are mobile and can be moved around to the location that we are needed by leaffy green things. That is to say, leafy green things job is to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. We animals support leafy green things by converting oxygen back to carbon dioxide, that is why we are mobile, so we can be moved to areas that are dangerous to leafy green things.

Informant #17594: There isnt one.

Informant #17595: to experince

Informant #17599: I think the purpose of life is simply to be.

Informant #17602: bread and love

Informant #17603: I think that the purpose of life it to live life to its fullest.

Informant #17605: To be or beyond to be...

Informant #17607: wish I knew, and I hope to find out someday

Informant #17608: To reproduce

Informant #17611: trgfvtu

Informant #17613: To manifest the fullest blooming, the most whole creative expression of who we are -- this unique intersection of matter and mind and moment. We can see the purpose by observing nature -- every rose bush, every tree, every creature; despite all difficulties, each is hopelessly devoted to expressing its fullest self. Our way to express this fullest blooming is to always be asking this One question: Am I, right now, acting in accord with my deepest, highest expression of Being?

Informant #17614: A misnomer, a false assumption.

Informant #17625: To live

Informant #17635: There are five purposes to life 1. To Worship God 2. To have fellowship with God and other believers 3. To imitate Jesus Christ 4. To serve othes 5. To tell others about God

Informant #17637: There is no purpose, eventaully you die and rot and that is all there is, you don't go anywhere or do anything, and anyone who ever knew you will either forget or die off, and eventaully the whole human race will be killed off so eventually all great people will be forgotten so there is really no point to it, except life is all that we have and its all we will ever have so it might as well be as be a pleasant experience even if its piontless, so if it can't be enjoyable for you then i believe you should make it pleasant for those around you because most people don't realize how piontless all this really is. but all we have is this second, this exact moment and we share this exact moment with everyone else in existance, why cut other peoples live short if its all they have.

Informant #17652: To make to world a better place then we found it.

Informant #17653: I think everyone has to give their own life their own purpose. Personally it's to help others and keep them happy, and to remind people how good life is and can be. Make life better for yourself and others, and life will be better for the future generations too.

Informant #17654: I realy can't say because half of the time I'm hardly living.

Informant #17656: to have fun

Informant #17657: .09

Informant #17659: to learn the meaning of afterlife

Informant #17661: To be happy, make other people happy and achieve as much wisdom as possible.

Informant #17663: To die.

Informant #17664: To love and be happy and spread love and happiness

Informant #17666: There is no point to life, life is what we see around us just an interaction between animate and inanimate objects. in the grand scheme of things we do not matter, nothing does.

Informant #17667: to seek truth to communicate with others to make love to be happy

Informant #17669: Who cares what the purpose is, we are here so should make the most of it.

Informant #17672: Happiness I guess. Such a simple thing, but so important. And things like love, friends, health and family are all important but they all relate back to happiness in some way.

Informant #17674: do be happy and to make a positive difference in someone elses life.

Informant #17675: To glorify God?

Informant #17676: 42. Happiness, love, the like.

Informant #17678: There are two possibilities in my mind. (1) To do the work of your god. (2) Life itself. Every second that happens is the purpose and your purpose is to do what you are doing, whatever you may do. This depends on whether you religious or atheist.

Informant #17681: carpe diem

Informant #17684: The purpose of life is self realizing. The quest, the journey to finding the purpose is the purpose or reason. Travel far and experience all. Live every day an adventure. There is naught else to do with life but live it.

Informant #17685: to combine DNA and enjoy oneself

Informant #17689: live life the way you want to live it

Informant #17690: There is no meaning to life. The search for meaning is the great pathos of existence.

Informant #17691:

Informant #17692: There is no purpose, just an act.

Informant #17693: We are some kids science experiment in another world.

Informant #17694: life is this little joke the universe plays on itself. as in ; all self is one

Informant #17696: To tear down the imperialistic, corporate machine - brick by brick, wall by wall!

Informant #17700: To make the best of the situation you are given

Informant #17701: work hard, contribute your intellegence, dont wate you mind, dont be distracted by the unimportant things. as for life: you are born, you live, you die...there is no god, we are just like every other creature on the planet.

Informant #17702: to live each day like it was you last

Informant #17703: To prove what kind of person you are for the afterlife.

Informant #17705: sex

Informant #17706: there is no objective purpose, everyone makes their own purpose

Informant #17707: to die

Informant #17708: procreate

Informant #17709: to reproduce to keep generations going

Informant #17711: to f*ck stuff up

Informant #17712: we are here, then we leave. just like any other animal. eventually we will be extinct, or a more advanced race will rise and we will become food.

Informant #17713: To live life to the fullest every day. To want to wake up in the morning just to get the day started, to try new things, to have fun, to believe in something, or someone.....

Informant #17715: to race motocross all your life.

Informant #17718: To live it.

Informant #17719: To be the best that you can be to yourself and others.

Informant #17720: there is none...but you can make something interesting out of it

Informant #17725: To live by what god says and love others and be a peaceemaker try to make the world better by serving the lord and others so that one day we can go to heaven.

Informant #17726: To hug your loved ones and eat bacon.

Informant #17728: To live.

Informant #17736: to gain knowledge and experience so that the soul of the earth can be enriched by new experiences. to make at least one person as happy as possible to mean the world to someone

Informant #17738: If I told you, where is the challenge in that?

Informant #17739: To have sex and reproduce!

Informant #17740: no purpose

Informant #17741: There is no huge purpose to life as a whole...meaning why all of humanity exists. The purpose for the individual however is to help others and try to bring everyone to a higher level of living and consciousness.

Informant #17742: It's jsut one big long experience that is our existence through time,. While we might not seem to be doing anything immedeatly "important" during our time of living, especially for ourselves, we really are. It is the time that we occupy within the existence of the univerese that makes our lives worth it's purpose. For if we ever rewind, or zoom back to a moment in time, through our memory of course, we can think of people who have past away. It is our purpose to survive time through memories, accomplishments, and overall existence. Life is our oppurtunity for trying to see how many experiences can reach us out to our own personal high, enlightment as one might say. We reach our peak of emotions from one sense or another and continue to fluctuate through our time period of existence. Also, to add on to the next question. Everyone knows their purpose in life. Not everyone sees the statue in the marble, but, once they have lived their lives to the fullest of their capabilities then they have lived their purpose.

Informant #17744: To connect with God.

Informant #17745: To learn the lesson which we are here to learn.

Informant #17746: life is one step of a progression

Informant #17749: have fun, and, explore all that life has to offer

Informant #17750: To have fun and enjoy what's been given to you. Then there are those days when the quote by Agent Smith in Matrix Revolutions fits the bill: "The purpose of life is to end."

Informant #17761: As humans, we are distinct from the lower animals, and we inherently and illogically long for meaning and purpose . Our purpose is to grow & improve & to provide earthly answers for the inexplicable. People should realise their potential in this life rather than the next. Life is a constant searching of keys to open the most glorious treasure chest in the universe. There must be a logical explanation for our existence – we are not legend or myth. We strive to search for our origins. Our Designer created the whole universe, including humans, so that humanity could discover and ‘invent’ things which already exist, which are there to be pilfered. Are we just here to struggle to survive – then die? Are we the product of an unfortunate Big Bang? If so, we should not expect miracles or wondrous happenings. We just have to get on with the daily drudge - like it or lump it

Informant #17762: To live life to find the purpose you live it for

Informant #17777: To bring Glory by my life, to Jesus Christ

Informant #17786: To live and let live

Informant #17796: To be and become

Informant #17797: to exist

Informant #17799: living

Informant #17803: To live it.

Informant #17806: To make yourself and others feel good

Informant #17809: To survive.

Informant #17810: There is no defined purpose but to simply live true to yourself and to live as you want to.

Informant #17815: no clue

Informant #17818: To f*** everyone on the block and to completely make them all bow towards my beauty.

Informant #17820: To conform. okay needs a little explanation. so, life is built around making you tno wanna do things that will make you not reproduce, like getting your balls kicked, and rewarding reproducion, sex feels good. So, all organisms are built around this desire to reproduce, and whats reproduction do? well, if there was one of you, and a lot of matter, now there two, that means youve chagned some matter into you. your gonna effing convert teh crap outta ll that matter untill CONFORMITY HAS OCCURED! really though, the meaning of life is to spawn more life.

Informant #17828: to die

Informant #17834: no idea

Informant #17837: The purpose of life is just to exist, to find a little happiness, maybe. If you can do that within the rules of society, great. If not, however, you run the risk of being made unhappy so that more people can be happy. Take it any further than that and you get into a planned universe, and if you're going there, you can go without me.

Informant #17839: To create and improve everything.

Informant #17840: None Make the best of it

Informant #17842: To exist, and fulfill your destiny.

Informant #17843: To progress, technologically, biologically and intellectually.

Informant #17844: To die.

Informant #17846: No idea

Informant #17849: To help make the world a better place.

Informant #17851: The reason for being is the being of reason... Meaning that there is no meaning to life and that you are not truly alive till you can reason and try to figure out the meaning of life.

Informant #17853: i dont kno

Informant #17857: To have fun and enjoy life to it's fullest.

Informant #17858: To live a full and happy life, to live to serve God.

Informant #17859: The purpose of life is a test to see whether you are good enough to be in heaven with god. The reason for this is god wants a community to watch, which is in harmony and peace.

Informant #17861: i have no idea, its imposible to know. In my opinion God isn't it.

Informant #17862: Memories make up somebodys life. Make good memories, stay in touch with life instead of worrying about paying bills, stressing over stores and money. Everything is else is just a minor detail. Living whether your broke rich is beautiful

Informant #17866: To be happy and enjoy life while making a difference to the world in some way. And the difference you make, makes the world a better place!

Informant #17869: to watch afl lol!!!!!! nah just to be happy and try not to destroy things and help animals because we can create subtances that help them surivive longer

Informant #17871: ??????

Informant #17874: to leave the world just a little bit better than you came into it. make a difference for the better no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Informant #17875: To live a life of purpose. I believe it is to live a God filled life. To show God's love and show his love though every day living to those who don't know him. To live the life that God intends us to live.

Informant #17876: REPRODUCTION! Isnt that what everyone says ! haha Also probably just to some how make a difference in the world- make a stamp in history

Informant #17883: There isn't any.

Informant #17884: life is a word,words can not describle it or what it is supposed to do,because it is simply not describable,it is your own journey,and the purpose of life is to live you know

Informant #17887: n/a

Informant #17904: The purpose of life isn't something that is of tangibility, in most cases it is overlooked. It is the dew that forms on the grass in the mornings, it is the sunlight, and it's the birds that chime. How is this the meaning of life? This is merely nature... but nature is an integral part of life. And it is natural for us to live. It is natural for us to learn and love... as it is natural for us to die. Our emotions convey what we see the world. So perhaps the purpose of life is to feel. To leave a mark on the world. We have come far away from wha humans used to be, so far that our purpose has perhaps changed. We have a purpose. It is disputable, but i believe that it is our purpose to help each other and to help nature. We can either uphold or destroy any natural balance. This is what is is to be human; the great burden. So then, after all of this, what is the purpose of life? It is of course, to live as productive humans, to think, to love, and inevitably to go back ot the cycle that which gave us our life.

Informant #17911: to die

Informant #17926: If there is a purpose, I think that there is not any way to know what it is.

Informant #17928: .... f*** off

Informant #17931: Survive and reproduce. But each individual has their own ideas, there is no set answer.

Informant #17932: to eat cheese and dance merrily in the wind while playing the lute and singing 'in the jungle'

Informant #17945: Constant Happiness.

Informant #17951: not sure.

Informant #17959: I think the purpose of life is to be fulfilled. To find happiness and to be an ultimately good person.

Informant #17962: To help others. We are only here for a short period of time, but there will always be new people entering this world. The least we can do is help them reach success.

Informant #17967: to live

Informant #17985: I think the purpose of life is to find reason in the world. How do you prove we exist? Maybe we dont exist? There is no way to find the purpose in life, everyone has their own purpose to accomplish in their lifetime.

Informant #17989: The purpose of life is to learn everything, know everything, and finally put all that knowledge to use to find the real meaning of life.

Informant #17993: Life is no different to any other chemical reactions and therefore there is no purpose.

Informant #17994: I've been pondering the question for years. As I see it, life is like a quilt. Our experiences and interactions throughout life color and decorate the quilt. When we die, we have a work of art. Some of them are ornate, some drab and boring. So to me (right now, that is), the purpose of life is to just make the quilt as beautiful as possible.

Informant #17999: The purpose of human existence is to be a companion for God. Fulfilling it is, of course, inevitable. Whenever and for however long He chooses to entertain our company, there we will be.

Informant #18005: To have a good time.

Informant #18010: surviving

Informant #18020: To f*** a lot of hot guys and have a lot fo fun.

Informant #18032: read queation above

Informant #18033: whatever god has sent each of us here to do.

Informant #18036: loving and creating, love and imagination

Informant #18037: Make yourself happy, but not at the expense of others.

Informant #18038: Love

Informant #18044: I think that the purpose of life may be to affect another so strongly that in the long run the world is in fact changed.

Informant #18045: to live it to the max

Informant #18053: To live a joyful, compassionate path. To be happy, and lift the spirits of those around you.

Informant #18056: nothing

Informant #18060: I have no freaking clue!

Informant #18065: Don't know

Informant #18067: To die

Informant #18068: life is purposeless

Informant #18069: dunno

Informant #18071: to enjoy it and then die

Informant #18072: to pass on our genes, by having sex..for the progression of the entire species and, personally to experience all the highs and lows possible in life

Informant #18078: To love God, through that love seek experience, and live always for good.

Informant #18081: To have a purpose something must have been made for that purpose, since the Earth wasn't made by anyone, then no purpose exists. It just happened.

Informant #18082: To reproduce and raise the next generation.

Informant #18083: no clue

Informant #18092: To be the best that you can be.

Informant #18093: to contribute in a positive way

Informant #18094: There is no purpose (as in reason to be here), you just 'are'. But people should do what they can to ensure their happiness, and that of others.

Informant #18097: live, eat, poop, recreate, and convert

Informant #18098: I expect that the belief of 'life' is a cognitive function which is part of evolutionary psychology. Thus the purpose of life is to make the individual believing he is 'alive' to be more evolutionary fit.

Informant #18106: Whatever we decide.

Informant #18107: Nothing. Everything is meaningless and pointless. But pleasure is everything.

Informant #18115: 57

Informant #18123: Serving God and your fellow man to the best of your ability.

Informant #18125: To be part of a society where you contribute to the greater good of society. To change and touch a life.

Informant #18138: Make the babies

Informant #18152: not sure

Informant #18154: There is no evidence for any conclusion so I am not going to make one. This made it difficult to answer question 1 too, because that is somewhat assuming that there IS a purpose of life. Any answer that anybody could come up with may be correct, but since there is no evidence to suggest that it is then I am not going to believe it. Also question 3 I cannot anwer, since I do not think anything on this situation, so I picked everyone at random - ignore it please.

Informant #18166: I don't think there is a purpose

Informant #18167: I don't think there is a purpose of life at all. So you might as well enjoy it, make money, spend it, have fun etc.

Informant #18170: To be Happy and Content.

Informant #18171: There is no purpose, life just happens. Believeing there is a purpose to life is just naive wishful thinking.

Informant #18210: Enjoy it.

Informant #18219: To carry on chemical reactions, it is just a physical process. It is the beginning and end result of all are life cycle.The thought process is really abstract, and that is where most people get driven nuts. They should really be asking what is the purpose of thought.

Informant #18226: ....

Informant #18228: to respect the rights of all other beings, and to in turn have your own respected.

Informant #18237: What ever purpose an individual choosed to give their life.


Informant #18251: Obey God.

Informant #18254: believing in god

Informant #18260: I know there is no purpose. Poor question. You did not include this option. Your survey will give you a bum result. Whichever box is ticked assumes there is a purpose. It is called a loaded question. The next question is bad in the same way.

Informant #18261: to live

Informant #18270: To have a relationship with God and to love and serve others.

Informant #18292: Fulfilling God's will and growing his kingdom. The specifics are determined by each individual's strengths and weaknesses.

Informant #18299: To help others

Informant #18303: There is no purpose

Informant #18334: Love

Informant #18348: To be happy and help others be happy not only with themselves but with their life

Informant #18372: to find happiness within yourself

Informant #18385: Enjoy life with family and do what i want to do

Informant #18390: I think that the purpose of life if it was to be anything is to shut up and live (see my comment on the forum - Elsibelle)

Informant #18398: Everybody creates their own purpose, mine is to become enlightened.

Informant #18400: glory of God

Informant #18432: happiness

Informant #18446: pain cessation

Informant #18447: We are here to find out who we are, and truly understand ourselves...

Informant #18572: To explore the wonder's of God's creations and to behold the beauty of my fellow man - that is life.

Informant #18600: To be as happy as you can, depending on where you are in life. Never settle, reach for the stars, and do what makes you happy.

Informant #18850: for me: to live according to my beliefs for others: to live as they see fit

Informant #18854: Does there have to be a purpose? I'm not sure there does. Could we not just be the result of a series of random accidents? If we have a purpose, I'm guessing it is simply to create, nurture and improve on the next generation of life.

Informant #18923: I think that the purpose of life is happiness. Happiness to me is a lot more than just a materialistic happiness it is more of a contentment with life. I think when people are content they are happy want to help others be happy as well instead of always striving for something more. I guess also that other people can find purpose in other ways (different religions) and as long as it works for them that is their purpose in life.

Informant #19054: Probably it is to have kids and the best is that they'll have kids to... and over and over again... that's all It is for the living of the man's civilisation

Informant #19131: Hmmm a tricky question. I believe the purpose of life, as the Dalai Lama said is to achieve happiness but I do think it's more to that... perhaps we are all living and here by chance =/. I don't really know... we could be living to be of some support or something to God or a god or whomever =/... I can say that one people's lives have a purpose which is to affect other people's lives in specific ways but the purpose of EVERYONE"s lives is rather unclear...

Informant #19153: as a chair's purpose is to be sat on, isn't a persons life meant to be lived? different chairs are meant for different people, maybe the purpose isn't living but what we should live for (die for)?

Informant #19174: Love Others and Self

Informant #19180: To be a servent of God's

Informant #19198: There is none.

Informant #19209: To fulfill our potential.

Informant #19225: Relation

Informant #19226: To do what you can, with what you have, during the time you got.

Informant #19238: to strive to meet the challenges I perceive, to learn from them, and in the process to care about my fellow beings in the way that i would like to be cared for

Informant #19272: Have a wife, and a good family.

Informant #19276: We won't know till we die! (Or not!)

Informant #19291: i don't really think there is a purpose in life..except for stay alive? other than that, there really isn't one.

Informant #19352: You really expect me to go to the trouble of telling you?

Informant #19456: Not to answeer that, and live an honorable life, being good with people, but also not limitating violence if it is needed.

Informant #19522: I think the purpose of life is to live it to the fullest.

Informant #19535: The experience of it, that's it.

Informant #19569: To excel: to realise what our options are and make choices according to the best that we can potentially achieve.

Informant #19676: Dont know.

Informant #19706: The Purpose of Life is to spend the time you have been alloted here doing the best you can for the most you can. We aren't supposed to be spared any experience, but to use them to bring ourselves closer to the higher power from which our creativity and inner essence is derrived.

Informant #19728: To become a better person, a person who loves and serves.

Informant #20193: jhgh

Informant #20214: To be happy and healthy

Informant #20472: I have no idea.

Informant #21754: To obey God and live as He would want us to. Through this philosophy, He will show you the purpose of life.

Informant #21870: I do not know and I am desperate to find out

Informant #23111: teach others about god, jesus, love your neighbor

Informant #23506: To find your way, like your true calling, if you look at it from an individuals point of view, but if you think the purpose of life in general, then I think that the purpose just doesn't exist...

Informant #23557: enjoying a happy and prosporous life

Informant #23616: I don't think life really has a purpose...

Informant #24479: The purpose of life is to achieve greater understanding.

Informant #25246: The purpose of life is to explore the experience of living in a human body, in the field of time and space.

Informant #25446: I have absolutely no clue.

Informant #25473: Don't stand in the rain unless you have an umbrella. Or a hat.

Informant #25486: To reproduce

Informant #25681: The purpose of life is a journey in which one is able to discover their true selves and understand their importance of being in the world.

Informant #25722: To live, then die. Try to enjoy, be generous, be kind, and not worry too much in between.

Informant #25898: To actuallize our potential.

Informant #25947: I think it is to believe in something greater and the meaning of life is to live life.

Informant #26373: The moral purpose of life is to pursue happiness. As I am an athiest, any "purpose" for life as a religious person might claim does not exist. However, I am here, so I should enjoy as best I can. No mystic purpose, just make the best of it. Be happy. In order to be happy you have to know what that is, hence the importance of philosophy.

Informant #26423: We may know but we are not permitted (for lack of a better word) to be concious of it. There is a reason why we have this wonder but it is too big an answer for us to either to deal with or to understand. EG: Like ants on the ground not seeing us above or being aware of us.

Informant #26494: I think we make our own purpose. I don't believe there is any grand purpose.

Informant #26571: To just enjoy it. I don't beleive their is a I try to live everyday as if it were my last. Cause someday it will be.

Informant #26583: Give back more to society than you received

Informant #27376: To prepare to live with God in eternity

Informant #27622: The purpose of life is to beleive in God and do godly things on earth.

Informant #27671: to be and let be

Informant #28221: to learn and grow

Informant #28532: I have no idea.

Informant #28624: is the know God personally and to share His love and blessings on to those around you.

Informant #29009: ?

Informant #30753: To exist and gain power

Informant #32006: No Clue

Informant #32753: To serve God and to learn to better ourselves through life's experiences

Informant #32795: to learn to serve God by following his guidelines and serving others

Informant #34069: To live and fulfill self actualization

Informant #34850: To survive and derive income from our environment.

Informant #35282: to f*** you in the worst way possible to see how you deal

Informant #35548: my thought: To find love, and generate offspring to continue our species, and pass on the family name. others: everyone has a different belief, it is impossible to determine the meaning of life because everyone has their own meaning, or does not have on at all.

Informant #36137: To find purpose in life. Meaning is not inherent, it is ascribed.

Informant #36647: Life seems to be an equation such as 2 + 2 = 4, just infinitely more complicated. It is merely our vanity, our high regard for what we see as our 'higher consciousness’' which drives us to believe their must be some higher purpose for us, a drive I share.

Informant #37038: Realising the "SELF" is the purpose of life and in the process you influence the world

Informant #37167: to experience all the things that inspired my curiosity

Informant #38428: There is no purpose.

Informant #42784: to search for your purpose. scientificall though it is to reproduce.

Informant #43781: Worshiping Allah(GOD)

Informant #47946: i think the purpose of life is to make the lives ov everyone around you better.

Informant #47999: To be happy and touch the lives of others.

Informant #52713: love

Informant #55960: Connect with others, leave a better world for the future

Informant #56768: keep breathing

Informant #57367: To serve others

Informant #57552: Live as full as possible and love.

Informant #57679: happiness

Informant #57731: to be good and moral

Informant #57744: to live life to its fullest and never take a moment for granted.

Informant #57745: live

Informant #57746: to make a difference

Informant #57800: to experience

Informant #58190: To be happy with who we are

Informant #58563: To promote understanding and happiness

Informant #59048: As I said before, Im not sure but it seems to be a random thing. Im happy to do my part working and doing things I consider good for me and for others and the enviroment. As a human I keep going fueled by curiosity and love. As an animal maybe with the instint of keeping the species alive.

Informant #59076: To help one another.... to enjoy life....

Informant #59079: To come to earth, learn and teach things, and then die

Informant #59107: To be the best person that you can be.

Informant #59108: live your life to the fullest

Informant #59110: To love and be loved while improving the lives of those around you

Informant #59111: To serve god.

Informant #59117: To find something interesting to do while you are alive.

Informant #59123: To serve God.

Informant #59299: Friends and family

Informant #59322: its a test

Informant #59860: To aid in the positive progression of society while pursuing happiness for yourself.

Informant #59868: The purpose of life is to provide stable living conditions for myself and my family and live the way God wants me to live.

Informant #59869: To live it until you complete what you were put here to do (no matter how large or small that is). When you do this, you can move on to a better life in the after...

Informant #59951: To create more life

Informant #59981: To enjoy life and help others

Informant #60056: Having goals in mind and reaching them. Try to be the best person you can be and make other people's lives better. Loving family and friends.

Informant #61162: be kind to yourself and others

Informant #61543: I feel that the purpose of life is to truly become who you are meant to be. Whether you help or hurt others along the way, everything that happens happens for a reason and that is what is intend to become of you. Whatever decisions you are faced with are all part of that chapter leading to the true purpose of your life.

Informant #63470: It's not worth pursuing.

Informant #65666: Grow up, have a family and kids. Raise them to adults.

Informant #65667: Iive well and be happy

Informant #65670: To follow God

Informant #65684: To live how you want without being a ****

Informant #65815: to live

Informant #67435: Make the most of what I have been given. My Time, Talent, & Treasure.

Informant #68126: to worship God and to be good people and to follow His commands

Informant #70303: to serve God with all mind, body and strength

Informant #71011: Life, to me, is a preparation for the afterlife. Being christian, I believe that getting to Heaven is the ultimate goal. Attempting to achieve this honor during life is what I believe its purpose to be.

Informant #71299: To live life to the fullest and use the talents God has given you in order to fulfill the job he has put you here to accomplish.

Informant #72081: to do what God has set us here to do.

Informant #72276: To be happy while living and functioning in society.

Informant #72660: Not to be lonely.

Informant #73780: There is none. Humans are animals, and make their own purpose.

Informant #77668: To let people see the strength of God in your life so then your example will save them and yourself.

Informant #77872: Prepare to meet our Heavenly Father

Informant #77888: The purpose of human live is the same as the purpose of all animal live (including bacteria and virusses). And that is to survive, to create/prepare the next generation of the species. A never ending cycle, until the end of the world. (Unless of course we can colonize other worlds, and continue the cycle on those worlds. )

Informant #78064: To love God

Informant #79656: Happiness

Informant #81458: Wellbeing

Informant #81700: To spread the message of God's love to the broken hearted and lost.

Informant #82013: not sure

Informant #82188: don't know

Informant #83919: According to my own personal religious belief, I was created for a certain purpose here on earth. Right now that purpose is my family, my husband and two children. I am also here for other people that comes along my way, that the Lord puts along my way to share with my blessings. When thatt purpose shall have been served then I will be going home to my Creator

Informant #84227: To worship God and the enjoy Him forever!

Informant #85492: I don't think there is one, other than to fullfill what goals you place for yourself. As far as I am concerned, we make our own purposes through what we do, who we are, and the choices we make.

Informant #86007: being happy and making happy people

Informant #86205: reproduce; improve; evolve

Informant #86208: Life doesn't have a "purpose" as such.

Informant #86209: dont know

Informant #86211: To Breathe

Informant #86217: No idea

Informant #86219: Dont know

Informant #86220: To live life to the fullest

Informant #86221: No idea

Informant #86222: No Idea

Informant #86223: Does life really need a purpose? Living a good life and having kids is enough

Informant #86225: Procreation

Informant #86227: Evolution

Informant #86228: BlowJobs

Informant #86229: To be self-fullfilled, adn to become a better person

Informant #86230: I don't know, but I would like to

Informant #86231: There is no purpose

Informant #86234: fun

Informant #86240: Spiritual evolution.

Informant #86245: I don't know

Informant #86246: Live Happy and die

Informant #86248: to live

Informant #86254: There is no purpose to life except for the purpose you give it yourself

Informant #86256: Earn money, enjoy yourself and take care of your kids.

Informant #86257: Live a life happily without disturbing anyone and pray to Allah and thank him for his blessings.

Informant #86260: Have fun, procreate to preserve the species and die.

Informant #86263: Get laid with as many women as possible

Informant #86264: to get laid

Informant #86267: To find happiness

Informant #86269: to be happy and support Everton FC

Informant #86277: To better oneself and optionally the rest of ones species

Informant #86278: to live

Informant #86279: The purpose of life is to live each day like it's your last, and make a difference.

Informant #86283: To reproduce life

Informant #86288: to die

Informant #86289: Live a goodo ne

Informant #86293: life itself

Informant #86297: to live life to the full

Informant #86298: To make as much money and be as popular as possible.

Informant #86299: be happy

Informant #86300: Life is what you make it, it's purpose is for you to decide.

Informant #86301: creating new life

Informant #86302: To live life and enjoy the gift of knowing your alive as much as possible for as long as possible while simultanelously enjoying with as many other people as possible

Informant #86305: ..........

Informant #86309: Pass on genes to next generation...

Informant #86310: That's for me to know and you to find out.

Informant #86316: To do the best that you can

Informant #86317: love and happiness

Informant #86319: To find out what the purpose of life is

Informant #86320: Doin' it for teh lulz.

Informant #86324: to take shit surveys on crap websites.

Informant #86327: you decide what is important to you or makes you happy and pursue it. If you don't know what is important you explore different possibilities.

Informant #86328: To Futher the species

Informant #86329: Not to cause harm, to enrich the live of the people around you... and to enjoy life.

Informant #86332: have a father/child relationship with God through Jesus Christ

Informant #86334: live

Informant #86335: No idea

Informant #86336: Procreation of the species

Informant #86337: Continuation of the gene pool

Informant #86342: To not take things too seriously and enjoy it while for as long as were here for

Informant #86345: Fullfilment

Informant #86346: To learn about love.

Informant #86347: I dont know

Informant #86348: to realize the existence of Allah

Informant #86350: getting by

Informant #86351: To make the World a better place for others, and to enjoy it yourself.

Informant #86410: To Live

Informant #86413: Be good, not exploit people, build happiness, gain awareness of life, forge one's own path toward some form of spirituality, find ways to overcome one's fears

Informant #86465: ?

Informant #86561: I really don't know.

Informant #86779: To help life continue on earth.

Informant #86802: Being happy everyday.

Informant #87110: To do the best you can on earth while you're here.

Informant #87241: to live.

Informant #87625: To do God's will

Informant #88497: to come into the world and leave what you learned to benifit people following your life

Informant #90967: d

Informant #91018: To live fully, love, and serve - other people, God, yourself.

Informant #91105: I doubt that "life" has a purpose; the idea that it has a "purpose" hinges upon the belief that it was created by something with a set goal and plan.

Informant #91546: To Know God and to Make Him Known.

Informant #91833: Bring God Glory

Informant #91834: d

Informant #92500: Find happiness

Informant #93877: I have no idea

Informant #94101: To use the natural talents that posses to the fullest. To share and enjoy life. To bloom and bloom until it is time to recede back into the earth, Only to be borne again

Informant #94688: as God's creations we are here to be the fullest and most complete expression of Him on the earth and to carry the good new of his plan for salvation to all who believe in his son Jesus Christ.

Informant #96225: To learn and grow

Informant #98871: To be happy and to create happiness for others

Informant #99625: f

Informant #100405: To glorify God and enjoy him for ever.

Informant #102179: to be happy.

Informant #102454: I don't know at this point.

Informant #102675: My purpose is to lift up the name of God and glorify him to others. I am also here to love, add to, and help others

Informant #102682: For us to be the best that we can here on earth so that we can return and live with our Heavenly Father, and to spread the gospel till it reaches all the corners of the world and every ear hears this message.

Informant #103192: To survive and allow survial of the race.

Informant #103273: change and influence

Informant #103292: Reproduce and die.

Informant #103899: To become a more spiritual person and, in doing so, help unite the peoples of the world as members of one human family

Informant #103900: xvb

Informant #104064: The purpose of life is to choose to discover God as Creator through His Son Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for our sins.

Informant #105176: look for its purpose

Informant #105371: to prepare for the ultimate re-union with God: our Creator

Informant #106426: To attain knowledge and seek light

Informant #107087: to be the best you can be to be happy and live the life you want.

Informant #108708: None

Informant #109851: pleasure

Informant #110243: To do what the lord put you hear to do.

Informant #110252: ...

Informant #110825: N/A

Informant #112348: To live life and do the right things and to live with faith and help others.

Informant #118309: getting through each day

Informant #120342: love

Informant #121515: to live

Informant #121939: To be disciples for Christ and to spread his gospel, allowing him to guide and lead your life.

Informant #134098: achieve true happiness

Informant #136923: The purpose in life is to be happy. Thats why our bodies are geared to enjoy pleasure. Because it is what life is all about.

Informant #138432: To find the love and happiness that exists through every trial and tribulation. To learn from life everyday and grow.

Informant #138990: don't know, and i think religion is for people who need the security of knowing - i'm happy just to live life.

Informant #139180: ,n., lknlknlnil

Informant #139537: xcbvzx

Informant #147227: To experience as much as possible and be successful in your eye.

Informant #151660: I'm not sure

Informant #152911: To live and perpetuate the cycle of life or non life

Informant #154435: live a fulfilling life while contributing in some way to the greater good of humanity

Informant #163661: My purpose in life is to leave this place just a little better than I found it. I guess it would be giving back.

Informant #164215: To do the will of God

Informant #165929: I do not even have a clue to what the purpose of life is?

Informant #168688: To live happily and to spread as much joy as possible to others.

Informant #170752: To reproduce

Informant #179090: to be a good person, honest, live a fulfilling life

Informant #184351: In all likelihood (99.9% sure) there is no purpose, and certainly none that we can ever be certain of grasping.

Informant #185451: love the God and your neibors

Informant #186102: To know, follow and grow in God. To fulfill the purpose and plans God has created me. To help others find God and fulfill their call and potential.

Informant #190440: There is no purpose. There is coincidence and consequence of individual action.

Informant #191733: Glorifying God, who I recognize through , The Lord Jesus Christ.

Informant #192993: To help the people that will come after us.

Informant #196176: That is a very huge question that could take a whole paper to answer. Right now, at this point in my life, I think the purpose of life is to enjoy every minute with the people I love and to not take anything for granted. I think we as a society need to help each other grow and should not be judgemental or racist or sexist is anyway (We have come a long way in the last 100; even 50 years, but our world still has a lot of obstacles to still over come) I think the purpose of life is to love ourselves and our bodies that our mother and God has selfishly given us.

Informant #196920: To fulfill God's purpose, and live a righteous life and receive eternal life in heaven.

Informant #198318: there is no purpose to life. we exist and thats it

Informant #198351: becoming one with yourself and answering the question

Informant #201399: I think everybody has a different purpose in life. I believe that everybody has a role to play, and something that they need to do before they die. For me, my purpose in life is to help people and make the world a slightly better place for others.

Informant #215932: God

Informant #218037: to become what you are supposed to become, despite all difficulties

Informant #218305:

Informant #226195: It is to live this second life given to me by our Lord live it according to His will.

Informant #226677: Live in harmony with your family and friends

Informant #228190: that is for me to know, and you to find out. THe purpose of life is experience and learning. asking this question shows you are not ready to know the meaning.

Informant #230787: to live in Freedom from tyranny and oppression, learn, teach, help, care about others, sharing the love of Jesus Christ...

Informant #232893: I don't think that there is any ONE purpose. I believe discovering the purposes occurs during our life's journey. Perhaps the "mystery" is not fully revealed until after our earthly journey is finished, or beyond....

Informant #235463: to reproduce

Informant #239521: to make a positive impact in the world

Informant #247066: To journey and experience all that you can, to share that experience with a special someone, to find love.

Informant #250882: To spread love to others through generosity and kindness.

Informant #254489: To help people

Informant #258553: To truly believe in God and accept that He love us and wants us to accept his offer of redemption. Our belief is evidenced by our love for our fellow man to the same degree that we love ourselves. To love God more than we love ourselves or anything or anybody.

Informant #262981: To exist


Informant #265602: the purpose of life definitely involves helping others and enjoying our time on earth.

Informant #268772: I don't know the purpose of all life, but I know the purpose I have created for myself. I want to look back on my life, when I am old and wrinkled, and know that I lived each moment as hard as I could. I want to look at all the hurt and all the happiness and know I led a life full of experiences, people, and love.

Informant #268863: make people around you and yourself happy

Informant #270380: To do Gods will

Informant #270544: Life is about finding yourself and making choices to perfect yourself as well as changing the world in your own unique way with God.. and being happy

Informant #274959: To be an image of Christ.

Informant #274997: To live and make the world a better place because we were here

Informant #277849: To love and be loved.

Informant #279987: energy is everywhere - its what mentally and physically makes us beings - energy - always remains, never destroyed.

Informant #281150: Love

Informant #287794: I don't know yet.

Informant #291973: it has to do with what i believe

Informant #300513: to live life as good as you can to be happy

Informant #302499: The purpose of life may be to do whatever is possible in order to learn as much as possible and make as much positive change for those who will come after us and to be happy

Informant #306068: Happiness, creating a meaning instead of finding a meaning

Informant #307416: To avoid listening to the whisperings of Satan, which will please Allah (God) and go to Paradise. To establish the rule of Allah, obeying Allah's commands, on Allah's earth using talents and blessings given to man by Allah.

Informant #308760: To love God and love people.

Informant #319748: To perform good deeds, and faithful to God. To bring children into the world and continue the chin of life. To be happy with what you have and strive to achieve your goals and what make you happy. To obtain hobbies that you feel are enjoyable and surround yourself with people that love you and are there for you when you come across problems.


Informant #321908: To love and help others by sharing knowledge

Informant #322083: too live

Informant #324245: 52525

Informant #327814: love and help one another

Informant #328380: To love and take care of the people in my life.

Informant #329296: yes

Informant #330075: To be happy

Informant #344893: To find it and fulfill it.

Informant #364257: I haven't discovered MY purpose yet. I am still young.

Informant #368288: To fear God and keep His commands

Informant #370704: Loving and serving one another

Informant #373649: To enjoy life, and help others to enjoy life.

Informant #374972: Experiences

Informant #376476: To be happy. Whatever that means to each individual.

Informant #378602: To make the most of your every second, benefiting yourself but most of all, the others. Create harmony and promote understanding among all. Respect one another and be compassionate towards everybody. Give you life to serve those in need.

Informant #380902: Enjoy it fully

Informant #383567: Living for Jesus. Man when we live for Jesus, its an ADVENTURE :D God just has this amazing awesome plan for our lives that He's had planned for us even before we were born. He loves us SOOO much and cares for us, He is gracious, understanding, He created us with so much complextions!!! He is Lord who loves who we are, who knows those times when we hurt or feel alone, He is just a huge amazing God and the purpose of life He has given us is to live for Him, for Him to lead us on an amazing adventure of life, to enjoy life, to have fun and to just love everything He has given us :D

Informant #388171: I dont know

Informant #393454: The purpose of life is to make a purpose.

Informant #402766: You need to enjoy life to the fulest. You dont want to die and there are wonderful things out there that you can accomplise in life so why would you want to end your life now.

Informant #402769: I dont know!

Informant #408234: I do not know, except that God says to live for Him and follow his principles and laws. Doing this is part of the purpose of life, and leads to our purpose.

Informant #408855: glorify God

Informant #431816: Everyone finds their own purpose.

Informant #446974: not sure

Informant #449899: To use my God given gifts and talents to share the Gospel and to improve the quality of life for myself and others.

Informant #460932: There is no big purpose, or higher meaning. It just is.

Informant #475448: n/a

Informant #478688: To explore things and find out more about the universe? To help each other? To just live? No idea...

Informant #518138: Experience

Informant #518144: I think it is to find out what it is that drives you and using that drive to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself in life.

Informant #519643: I think the purpose of life if to find out who you are and live life the way you want to live it.

Informant #547512: To spread Gods word and make disciples of all nations


Informant #558023: to live it to the fulles then have sex and get wasted

Informant #558026: To watch lots of lesbo porn

Informant #558032: To be able to do a record number of girls at once while also doing your mum and drinking a beer and banging in a school batroom stall!

Informant #558034: to bang as many chicks as possible

Informant #569110: serve others

Informant #580068: Love God, Love others

Informant #653177: to serve God with all your heart soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself

Informant #710027: To be happy and live life to your full potential

Informant #727277: the pursuit of happiness

Informant #784733: I don't know.

Informant #977069: serve god

Informant #1003010: I believe everyone has a different purpose of life. Mine is being a mother and being a good friend to others and to try to do good in a not so great world.

Informant #1656847: some say its for you to find out for yourself.....but Its probably along the lines of probability and pure luck that we came to be....

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