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Informant #196390: Personal beliefs

Informant #197057: The parents may have met this spouse and did not like how they treated the girlfriend/boyfriend. They could be into potentially bad habits such as drugs or gambling, etc. Not just because they are in a different race.

Informant #283671: Parents disapprove of interracial dating/marriage as a whole.

Informant #304336: They might be too comfortable in their own ideas and expectations and dont know about the challenge.

Informant #322851: Not sure.

Informant #336549: the difficult that it may pose on the parents lives.

Informant #336553: language, religion, and avility to visit grand children

Informant #340832: Parents might know that culture differences can come between a loving couple.

Informant #349805: Parents opposing interacial dating is wrong. We are evolving into a beautiful, united country, & wether you like it or not, Americans are now more THAN ever marrying someone outside their own ethnic group.

Informant #516498: Thinking

Informant #516504: I dont know. Depends on the people

Informant #729389: Namely due to cultural differences and expectations from the other dating partner's parents and family

Informant #2026520: language barrier, cultural create conflicts sometimes

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