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Informant #196272: No. (Prompt here should be "Comments:")

Informant #196274: n/a

Informant #196276: kicks ass!

Informant #196312: Personally I think the "stick to your own kind" is a mentality that belongs with the previous generation. People Marry for love, and if I fall in love with a Latina, I'll marry a Latina. It just depends on "what's in the cards."

Informant #196319: Haven't had a lot of opportunities to know how I would react to interracial dating - I think I concentrate on personality, but I am not in a really diverse setting and didn't grow up with a lot of diversity. I think that I wouldn't care - but don't know reaaaalllly.

Informant #196321: Race should not be a big factor in dating but in the current world that we live in, it is.

Informant #196333: I think the the future each race will have it's own planet. For example there will be whiterth, blars, jewtoe, asiaurn, and tronanus.

Informant #196345: I believe that hispanic white relations is not a taboo, especially when compared to whites and blacks

Informant #196377: It is very interesting. Questions are thought provoking.

Informant #196392: i was probably little help, sorry!

Informant #196411: What is the "opposite race"?-Question 5. I feel that some of the answer choices did not really cover a wide enough range of choices.

Informant #196438: The questions were too leading. This is an extremely complex topic and the format of this survey is very limiting. There should have been more opportunity for open ended responses. Also, race and gender should have been a part of the survey.

Informant #196559: It was pretty difficult actually.

Informant #196579: I'd like to say that in the future ratially mixed couples will be more accepted and it will be easier for children resulting from racially mixed parents, but I don't think anyone can say with 100% certainty that it will happen. I do think that as a society we have come a long way, however the older generations still have opinions that cause newer generations to think twice. I know personally that my grandparents would probably disown me if I dated someone of a different race, and while ideally I would love to say that it doesn't matter what a persons race is as long as I love them and they love me, my family and their opinions also mean the world to me and I don't think my grandparents would ever be able to accept that. It would kill me to make a decision like that, no matter how much I loved the person. I think that keeps me from even considering dating someone of a different race, even though I think there is nothing wrong with it.

Informant #196582: the term "opposite race" in question #5 implies that there are only 2 races, each an opposite of the other. while i'm sure this wasn't the intention of the question, the question would be better if worded differently.

Informant #196633: The more we focus on race, we're just reemphasizing the separation.

Informant #196651: I personally am attracted to my own race, but that does not mean that I am racist. I think that interracial dating or marriage is a great thing for children. I think it broadens their horizons and helps them to accept other ethnicities for who they are. I think belonging to two different races makes a person more open to different views in society.

Informant #196655: Number 17 needs a Yes but only a small factor option.

Informant #196669: Although most of my answers were accepting of interracial marriage and dating my family members would be completely against it.

Informant #196830: No.

Informant #197560: No.

Informant #255874: A white latino dating or marring a non hispanic white is not a biracial marriage. It is just a marriage between two white people. Latino/hispanic is not a race.

Informant #297392: Whites will continue to marry other whites. White Hispanics or Latinos will marry white Americans and Europeans. It's already happening in great numbers.

Informant #298038: none

Informant #309150: It is an interesting survey. I think that many insecurities arise from individuals not being sure how a possible love interest will feel about the persons cultural/ethnic background. I think race plays a larger role in this type of situation, than people are willing to admit.

Informant #318091: Mixed couple make cute babies :)

Informant #322217: My boyfriend is Hispanic, I love him to death. My nephews are 1/4 black they are twins. One looks white and is very fair, the other is african american looking. They are unsure of what to call themselves. I would not date an afraican american male UNLESS he met all of the following standards I hold to all men: he was college educated, associated with as many whites as blacks, was an athiest and and did not speak with an ethnic accent or wear "urban clothing". I also don't know if I could handle the family of such a person and the resentment they would harbor against me, a white woman, raising there grandchildren/nephews so "white"

Informant #322851: I am in love with a puerto rican boy and I love everything about the culture.

Informant #323282: no

Informant #323568: yes can i have some results on this survey I'm also doing a research on latino interracial marriages

Informant #336553: i am not a white american, or hispanic american, i am a born and reised mexican, never been to the US, who curently dates a white american, on her fisrt time dating a foreigner, but soon i'll count as one more hispanic american i guess once i move to the US with her,

Informant #345515: you didnt ask if i was married interracical and with children and i am both

Informant #349805: Yeah, open your eyes, & realize that The world is evolving. The most beautiful babies I have seen, (and many agree) are MIXED RACEd children. Why do you think that is?? Exactly. You cannot dany the obvious. Race, is not, & should not be a factor when dating. The U.S leads the WORLD in interacial marriages. Sorry bud, but if you are one of those white individuals who thinks that white should stick to white, well sorry, not happening. Especially not in the big city's. Good luck in life.

Informant #355779: "White" - "Latino" relationships are not necessarily interracial. Latinos may be white or black or anything in-between.

Informant #355814: no

Informant #424735: Live in so Florida. Biracial and bicultural people ate the norm. I myself married a Latino and look forward to raising our multiracial dark skinned Latino child. Diversity makes the world beautiful.

Informant #511965: It is interesting.

Informant #516498: Good survey

Informant #516504: jewish white girl dating a latino!

Informant #526782: no

Informant #561574: The country is spelled "Colombia" not Columbia.

Informant #1800532: No.

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