Responses on: "What would happen to you if you had no fear?"

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Informant #26984: I would be very-very happy.

Informant #27149: I would fly

Informant #27159: If I had no fear, then my soul will experience a profound sense of liberation and will feel happiness.

Informant #27171: I'd probably do something stupid and dangerous

Informant #27175: would receive greater peace of mind.

Informant #27176: I'd be a vigilante crimefighter

Informant #27180: You'd likely die.

Informant #27181: I would do more things.

Informant #27185: I would probably live out my life as an immoral atheistic democrat

Informant #27190: I would be an idiot!

Informant #27191: i would be a lot better at parkour

Informant #27201: I probably would die in a silly situation that could have been avoided if I had rightfully feared it.

Informant #27211: there'd be no order

Informant #27212: It is possible a person would go astray without fear of reprecutions.I believethis for myself as well as others.

Informant #27220: I have very little fear as is, and at this time in my life there isn't much they can be changed.

Informant #27223: I would turn into a pumkin at midnight.

Informant #27225: I would be FEARLESS

Informant #27226: I would probly get myself killed, fear saves our lives sometimes.

Informant #27227: I don't know. Fundamental fears, no matter whether we're aware of them or not, drive us to acheive and be. I'm not quite sure what I'd do.

Informant #27238: Try more new things. Fear keeps me from taking risks even when the odds are in my favor, and/or the potential rewards are high. For example, I would define myself more uniquely if I wasn't scared of the social consequences.

Informant #27241: you cant be afraid of your fears you have to respect them and get over them eventuly

Informant #27243: Sleep better

Informant #27246: you would be TOO confident

Informant #27248: id be popular but incomplete on the inside.

Informant #27253: I would be an idiot.

Informant #27256: I would have no emotion, or ability to understand.

Informant #27257: I would endanger myself more frequently, and probably not live nearly as long.

Informant #27259: I would have no love

Informant #27260: I would probably be compelled to do stupid things like drive even faster than I do now or ask out every girl I see.

Informant #27261: i would go crazy

Informant #27262: I might not recognize all dangers threathening my life. I would also be able to be more helpful and better, by more easily risking my life when needed.

Informant #27264: Then you would do anything in the world scary and not be afraid

Informant #27265: I would die quickly. I'm a firefighter, and fear/respect of fire makes one alert to uncoming dangers.

Informant #27276: NOTHING

Informant #27277: you would have a boring life.

Informant #27278: There would be no 'life lessons' to be taught. There would be less excitement.

Informant #27280: i don't know

Informant #27282: i dun know

Informant #27289: i would be hapier wiv my life

Informant #27290: not sure

Informant #27291: accidents in car hurt people's feelings health would suffer

Informant #27296: I would have no instinct to survive, and eventually would die.

Informant #27298: I wouldn't be me

Informant #27300: fear is on of the many elements that make us who we are. our fears determine many of our actions. without fear we would be ruthless, nothing would stop us (mentally) from doing wrong. as a child, our fears stop us from doing many horrid things; without fear, we would all most likely die at a young age. besides how fun would skydiving be if there was no fear involved?

Informant #27301: I would not exist, fear is built into our insticts.

Informant #27303: You would be capable of anything, without concern or caution.

Informant #27309: I would be happy.:))))))

Informant #27310: This would depend on your personal morality.

Informant #27312: Life would no longer be interesting, but it would be more enjoyable.

Informant #27315: Less problems are likely to occur in my life.

Informant #27326: I wouldn't have much of conscience.

Informant #27330: I would do anything I please.

Informant #27333: party!

Informant #27335: You'd be a very happy and dull person.

Informant #27337: I already have no fear, this is what has happend

Informant #27342: my life would continue, I have little fear

Informant #27343: I'd get shot in harlem.

Informant #27346: take more chances

Informant #27349: If I didn't have any fears, I guess I'd be more content with my life.

Informant #27352: I wouldn't scream every time I saw a spider. I'd get to sleep better at night, and wouldn't have nightmares.

Informant #27354: you would appreciate life for what it is, taking the good with the bad and realising that in the end they are the same. Everything is everything.

Informant #27355: You could do anything.

Informant #27356: You would be fearless, haha.

Informant #27362: i would skydive, bungee jump, and do other extreme things without thinking something bad might happen.

Informant #27363: You will become a very "non intelligent" person because you will not fear the result of some action. That could end in something very wrong.

Informant #27365: You would do something stupid and get killed or injured.

Informant #27366: I couldn't imagine not having any fear, because fear helps us stay away from dangerous things and situations and therefore having no fear would only be more dangerous, if that makes any sense.

Informant #27371: I have no idea, fear is an innate part of our biological cognitive systems. A person with no fear would most likely have a difficult time surviving even in our modern world.

Informant #27373: I'd either be completely free or completely lost

Informant #27381: i would be dead

Informant #27387: I think that I would feel a lot more confident and secure.

Informant #27395: Vagina Vagina Vagin

Informant #27396: I would finally become happy.

Informant #27399: arrogant

Informant #27423: killing myself

Informant #27425: I would be content.

Informant #27435: no idea

Informant #27445: i would do whatever i want

Informant #27448: I think some things would be a whole lot worse

Informant #27450: I would be confident, but unreal. I don't think there is a possibility of having "no fear". At one point in everybody's life, fear happens. Some think they are hardcore and have no fear, but they fear falling far, being captured by terrorists, pooping their pants in public or being left by a lover. There is no life without fear.

Informant #27462: no

Informant #27478: I whould probly be dead because I whouldn't be afraid of the conseqences of my actions and that is not a logical way of living.

Informant #27501: i will be more happy

Informant #27503: i would be bold

Informant #27529: Depends on the situation, but under the right situation I would feel strong or powerful.

Informant #27541: I think you would face everyting head on and get killed in the process.

Informant #27553: id lose. fear can be a friend , like pain or hunger. its not pleasant but its another tool for life.

Informant #27561: i would be the same

Informant #27569: id do great AND terrible things

Informant #27576: Probably would end up bring eaten by something large with big teeth

Informant #27581: I would get rid of spiders by myself

Informant #27582: impossible to answer

Informant #27585: I would go through life not knowing consiquences.

Informant #27590: You would be more likely to do stupid things and expose yourself to danger and hence be more likely to die a horrible death involving nails and razors.

Informant #27592: I would function much as I do now, except I would stop flinching when there was a wasp in the room.

Informant #27594: I would have a very bad life because now I know when I have to run for my life *runs*

Informant #27595: It's not possible, you'd fear having fears, because you'd want to stay "perfect" in that fearless way. So a fear would spring from it anyway.

Informant #27596: You would be harmed by situations, people or activities that you would have otherwise avoided.

Informant #27602: If you had no fear then you wouldn't ever be afraid to do anything and you would be respected more

Informant #27603: do stupid things and get killed

Informant #27607: I would spend less time reacting and more time being proactive

Informant #27609: You would do anything that you pleased, with no regaurd to consequenses that pretained to you.

Informant #27613: Unknown

Informant #27615: You would feel that you could do anything, and it could get you killed or put in jail. People may hate you.

Informant #27617: I would long ago have done something very foolish and gotten myelf killed in some Darwinian act.

Informant #27621: End up getting myself in situations where I could be injured (or worse).

Informant #27623: I wouldn't know what to avoid

Informant #27625: i have no fear anyway

Informant #27627: Time could be spent more wisely but it may cause one to put themselves in dangerous situations.

Informant #27629: i'd be bored

Informant #27630: I think that it would alter an outlook on life in a negative way.

Informant #27631: I'd be a lot happier

Informant #27633: Fear can be a useful tool at the same time that it can cause negatives. I would not want to be without any fear. If I had no fear, I would probably get more things done, but i would probably also do more things that are foolish.

Informant #27641: There would be no limits to what I would try, that would be very dangerous.

Informant #27645: i'd probably get killed doing somthing stupid

Informant #27646: nothing

Informant #27652: Define fear, fear of what? Fear of growing old, missing a bus, living under an oppressive leader. The word fear is too broad here.

Informant #27654: It is not natural to have no fear. Hence, if you had no fear, you would probably become insane.

Informant #27659: have a little meaning to life as you have little to conquer as fear brings out a challange sometimes for which people try to conquer in a good way that is.


Informant #27667: injuries could happen, like if you had no fear of jumping out of a building or putting your hand in fire

Informant #27675: i have no clue

Informant #27679: I would finally be able to achieve my goals.

Informant #27685: I think if I had no fear I'd be the same as I am today.

Informant #27693: You'd put yourself in harms way without regard for the safety of yourself or others

Informant #27694: I'd get killed or in trouble because of something I should have been afraid of.

Informant #27696: It can result inerrors of judgement that could result in injury to me and/or others

Informant #27697: I'd likely die doing something stupid.

Informant #27704: Bugger all. I would be no different.

Informant #27708: I would be ignorant of the dangers of the world and would die as a result. My family would be killed due to our lack of knowledge on the real world.

Informant #27718: You'd probably be dead by the end of the week if you had none at all!

Informant #27722: I would be happy.

Informant #27723: I'd probably die a spectacular and memorable death.

Informant #27729: Youd come unstuck somewhere - i,e fall off a bridge, call a big dude a ****

Informant #27730: every man has a one fear or another. hence a hypothetical case.

Informant #27734: nothing, i would live my life the same as i do now, i would jsut be more open to trying to new shit.

Informant #27735: I would be a hedonist with no regard to consequences

Informant #27736: I'd get in some serious sporting injuries. I might end up in jail.

Informant #27737: I'd end up killing myself(not on purpose)

Informant #27739: I would become better at doing my job of nursing, and have more self-confidence. I would also become a risk-taker, therefore putting my patients in danger.

Informant #27741: I wouldn't push myself as hard to succeed.

Informant #27747: I wouldnt have as much to worry about

Informant #27750: More risks taken, chance for more fulfillment that way.

Informant #27759: be trusting

Informant #27763: I would become a Fool

Informant #27766: I would do some insanely stupid things, and probably die because of this.

Informant #27776: I'd have fallen off a mountain or a bike a long time ago

Informant #27780: I would feel more secure about myself.

Informant #27785: can't rightly say

Informant #27787: stasis

Informant #27789: I would probably get hurt a lot more.

Informant #27793: I would be dead in less then a month I think, because I would do such stupid things that I now wouldn't

Informant #27797: you would hurt much more people, including yourself. it 'll make you onvoorzichtig :)

Informant #27798: I don't think that's possible. If I had no fear at all, would I be a human then?

Informant #27800: Nothing.

Informant #27803: bebe is gay

Informant #27805: nothing special

Informant #27806: I would be a lot calmer but very lazy.

Informant #27807: Dunno

Informant #27811: i would become a playdoll

Informant #27812: I wont go on a holiday by using the airplane

Informant #27816: I would kill everyone who made their questions unclear through the annoying use of too many negatives.

Informant #27820: I'd pretty much do anything I wanted.

Informant #27821: Not applicable. It is not possible to be without fear

Informant #27822: I'd live life the way I do.

Informant #27824: Ehrm.. I dunno what I'm afraid of now. Nothing big, I suppose.

Informant #27833: I don't know, but I suspect I'd be a better--or, at least, far more prolific, artist, at least. I'm working on this, and hope to rid myself of at least the major fears that have kept me from developing further in my painting and music...

Informant #27835: I'd have fewer worries

Informant #27844: I would be where I am.

Informant #27862: A sense of invincibility

Informant #27866: you would be perfect therefore not be happy or sad.

Informant #27867: I would probably die sooner.

Informant #27898: nothing

Informant #27899: The world wouldn't be scared of doing crazy things, such as bombing a country, not thinking about retalliation...basically apocalypse nowish.

Informant #27900: That's impossible. Although some will lie to hide their fear, it's still there lurking in the shadows.

Informant #27901: No challange

Informant #27902: we would not exist

Informant #27909: I'd forget to look both ways crossing the street and get hit by a truck.

Informant #27910: Kill myself.

Informant #27911: I'd get hit by a bus because I'm not afraid of it.

Informant #27920: I would live on indefinitly much as i do now. To posess no fear is to live a contently and whole existance.

Informant #27935: I would die very quickly after I did something incredibly dumb.

Informant #27939: There would be no more risks.

Informant #27955: I would be cool.

Informant #27970: explosion

Informant #28011: Trouble

Informant #28015: I would take more risks.

Informant #28019: i'd still be living

Informant #28046: i'd try get over it

Informant #28047: End up being a total bastad

Informant #28049: I wouldn't know what I would have to overcome to be get to my goals and proud at what I succeeded...all the mountains and roads...I overcame and with helps me see what I don't want to see, even when it's right in front of me.

Informant #28052: i never will

Informant #28057: I would become an emotionless being, cabable of hurting anyone and everyone around me.

Informant #28058: i would become a butterfly

Informant #28063: Nothing

Informant #28065: people would become reckless. sometimes fear stops us from doing something we really shouldn't do.

Informant #28074: I would probably not know the difference between bravery and fear.

Informant #28085: Fears are always there in life, no matter what, whether it's fear of insecurity, fear of loss, fear of the alpha or the omega.. I can't really think life without fear...

Informant #28100: I would be reckless

Informant #28101: I would probably die of something from which I was not protected because I was not cautious.

Informant #28106: depends, life might be to easy

Informant #28108: I could do more things, some things im just 2 scared 2 do cos i mite get badly hurt or worse.

Informant #28109: Going down the tubes.

Informant #28119: CHAOS

Informant #28125: no one is like that

Informant #28129: You would be capable of anything.

Informant #28132: I would be more outgoing snd try more things because I would have nothing to hold me back.

Informant #28135: I'd be foolish not to have any fears.

Informant #28138: i'd rule the world

Informant #28140: Love aboud

Informant #28141: I would not be afaid of anything. I would be happier.

Informant #28142: i would probobly be dead

Informant #28153: i'd become invincible

Informant #28155: It would not be good for me, but it would also help alot.

Informant #28161: Nothing

Informant #28163: I would be happy!

Informant #28208: if i had no fears....i would be able to live my life more blissfully.

Informant #28212: I'd die.

Informant #28216: IŽd get out of control from myself.

Informant #28217: I don't think this is possible. Although some people have *little* fear like stunt performers, etc. and they often end up killing themselves by doing crazy things. So maybe we do need some fear.

Informant #28218: Probably one would end up getting injured. Fear is the healthy way the world reminds us that life is 100% fatal and a very dangerous state to be in. Doesn't mean that we can't have fun while we're here, but if we had no fear I think the world would become much more dangerous and injurious to those within such a world.

Informant #28220: I'd be dead as I wouldn't fear walking in front of a bus or something equally dangerous

Informant #28223: I'd probably be dead.

Informant #28224: You would put yourself at risk of doing dangerous things. It is logical to be fearful of certain things because they are dangerous!

Informant #28225: I'd spend less time worrying about my future, what other think of me and about the mistakes I've made in the past.

Informant #28226: i would probably become a stronger person

Informant #28228: I don't know

Informant #28230: You would not have caution, you would not have suvived childhood much less adulthood.

Informant #28231: I would be a lot more comfortable with myself, and a lot more trusting towards other people. I dont think I would regret as many things as I do.

Informant #28233: I'd be about the same, but more relaxed.

Informant #28245: sleep like a baby

Informant #28250: I would achieve more with my life.

Informant #28251: I would be more reckless in how I live my life.

Informant #28252: My life would be a lot easier!!

Informant #28255: I would live in peace. My life might not be perfect, but I'd be freer and happier without my fears.

Informant #28256: I might do something stupid because fear often helps us realize our limits...

Informant #28257: I might die or lose someone/something that means a lot to me.

Informant #28259: I'd probably be eaten by a shark; or I'd drown; or I'd fall off a cliff.

Informant #28260: I'd be 6 ft. under.

Informant #28275: I would go into all life situations with "Guns" blazing.

Informant #28281: i'd be dead younger than everyone thought I would have been. we had a running joke in H.S. that we would all die by 21. I'm one of three of us alive.

Informant #28284: Um... If i had no fear, I would probably be more confident, yet still do a lot of stupid things. I would speak what's on my mind and not be afraid of what people think. Yet, I do not think I would be better off without fear.

Informant #28285: I can't really say, I have had fears, good ones and bad ones most of my life. Guess I wouldn't be who I am.

Informant #28286: I would do something reckless and end up killing myself.

Informant #28287: i would do stupid things that would lead to my death very soon


Informant #28295: I wouldnt still be where I am now.

Informant #28342: i would die from electrick shock or run down by a train

Informant #28343: I think I wouldn't be thinking about what other people thought about me.

Informant #28351: I'd probably end up doing stupid things...

Informant #28352: I would rule the world.

Informant #28356: We would all be dead, we wouldt survive this world.

Informant #28358: I would probably do lots of stupid and dangerous things.

Informant #28361: I wouldn't push myself to do better. if I had no fear of not doing well I would just go into a job that I don't like and continue to be unhappy.

Informant #28367: I'd take more risks. I'd have more excitement, and perhaps I'd die sooner.

Informant #28374: i would be more confidant

Informant #28377: I would be careless.

Informant #28378: You couldn't expand your mind to new things,and you'd be careless.

Informant #28380: I'd definitely jump off a lot of stuff. And I'd backanswer my elders and superiors.

Informant #28382: nothing

Informant #28384: Everything would be different. I wouldn't be scared of my future of petty things, of the constant fear of Hell.

Informant #28386: In many areas I would have no reason to fight on, nothing to strive for, nothing to avoid.

Informant #28387: i wouldnt be able to be brave.

Informant #28390: Nothing much really. Maybe more aggressive and risky than usual :D

Informant #28391: I'd probably fall off a cliff by accident or something trying to see over the edge cos i wasn;t afraid of heights...

Informant #28419: It would be come bolder, perhaps too bold. No fear also means: no fear for others, it could cause a lack of compassion.

Informant #28481: No deterance

Informant #28485: People would do very crazy things

Informant #28489: I have no idea. this is a deep philosophical question.

Informant #28493: nothing

Informant #28501: Without fear people would become more open to new ideas and become more openminded. Howeer, a lack of fear would also prevent a lot of people doing a lot of good things i the world, as there would be no fear of what would happen if they didn't do such things.

Informant #28513: i would live forever

Informant #28516: more confident

Informant #28517: i dont have fear it is simply a play on your minde that can be changed by chaneling it out.

Informant #28523: emotionless, cold, wouldn't be apathetic/sympathetic

Informant #28525: No fear doesn't exist.

Informant #28541: I would be happy.

Informant #28547: I don't know!

Informant #28550: I'd die.

Informant #28567: Death

Informant #28574: I think I would probably be the same person. No change. maybe only a little happier.

Informant #28581: ,gy,bvhj,

Informant #28585: I'd die in a week.

Informant #28589: I would be killed by an oncoming car

Informant #28593: death

Informant #28605: probibly make bad decisions

Informant #28611: absolutely no idea

Informant #28615: No clue

Informant #28622: nothing

Informant #28623: i could do and try whatever i want.

Informant #28626: Eh prolly would try ti fkly and ending up killing myself eh

Informant #28633: i would ride into the sunset

Informant #28646: I would take far more risks and leave myself open to more bad things like injury or rejection.

Informant #28647: Poor question.....

Informant #28649: I would live my life normally

Informant #28664: life continues

Informant #28673: I'd totally watch some porn with my family.

Informant #28676: I'd fear the lack of fear

Informant #28682: If I had no fear... hard to say - I don't really have much fear. I am scared of dying but if I wasn't I don't think it would make me a better person. In fact, it might make me the opposite. I wouldn't live life so much because I wouldn't care about dying. That's one of the problems of religion.

Informant #28683: I'd be happier at times. Bored at other times though. Life, i think, for me, would be a bit simple without fear. I dont think my mood would change too much throughout the days, weeks, months, and years without fear. Life wouldn't be as interesting or even enjoyible because when you are able to overcome a fear life seems better to you, and you feel better about yourself.

Informant #28688: Personally, I would lose all motivation to be successful

Informant #28692: You would probably feel safer and happier to some extent, but some fear is healthy as it gives you goals and motivation

Informant #28695: I'd probably be a lot happier and at ease.

Informant #28699: Eat shit. Your survey sucks.

Informant #28701: We would act like primative animals. Instinctive

Informant #28702: life wouldnt be worth living

Informant #28706: well it depends, in some ways it'd make me happy more relaxed etc but on others it would probably kill me eg no fear of crossing road, taking precautions etc can be very dangerous.

Informant #28715: I don't fear anything

Informant #28716: ?

Informant #28718: I'd be dead within minutes.

Informant #28720: My life would have no purpose

Informant #28721: I wouldn't push myself so hard to overcome my fears - therefore i wouldn't be as ambitious.

Informant #28723: One would become too complacent.

Informant #28735: probably end up dead - end up in some stupid situations, etc

Informant #28739: Id probably be dead or arrested

Informant #28748: i would probably do something stupid that would end up hurting me or someone else.

Informant #28757: anything would be a possibility

Informant #28764: I would attempt things that I might not otherwise attempt.

Informant #28765: I WOULD PROBABLY BE ALOT THINNER AND MORE OUT SPOKEN. Probably would be happier relationship wise.

Informant #28769: Id be boring and irratable.

Informant #28772: id be answering a different questionnaire

Informant #28774: i dont know

Informant #28783: i'd be happy

Informant #28818: I ouwld probably be covered in tattoo, slicking wasps, bums at the same time, and having sex DVDA constantly! Seriously man - i think some of these questions are stupidly worded, and everyone has fear, we are human - these are manipulated, as is another human trait, and everyone is human - so fear exists, it is a form of control em mass.

Informant #28819: i would probably be dead

Informant #28821: I wouldn't have anything to strive for-I wouldn't have a fear of failure,therefore wudn't try as hard

Informant #28824: I would be able to look forward to the future

Informant #28857: I'd feel brave and strong but fearless is the word

Informant #28877: Wow. That's a really hard question. Well, I would have to say that having no fear would cause me to have this really relaxed moment. Like everything is put there for YOU. (Is there some way I can italicize?) But then I would start to fear fear itself, and that would make the moment go away.

Informant #28984: id be happy

Informant #29227: more free attitude

Informant #29449: i would feel peace and happiness all around me,and thi+ngs goin right.

Informant #29623: you would do stupid things.

Informant #29653: you don't fear anything? you can then try anything without any restriction, and as you must know, fear is a natural reaction, a survival trait of all living, thinking entities. Hence, without fear, no limits, no restreints, yes, but also no survival motive in our acts ... sorry if I'm not clear, English is not my native langage

Informant #29878: you would be fearless

Informant #31159: nothing

Informant #35450: I would be a god.

Informant #35994: If you had no fear at all you could end up in alot of accidents. Fear in alot of ways will stop you from doing something bad to yourself. For example, you wrap up warm for fear of catching death of cold. You don't stick your arm through the bars of the tiger enclosure at the zoo for fear of getting bitten etc. You watch out for your kid cos you fear it's gonna get hurt, without fear you wouldn't bother and it could wander off and anything could happen to it. I'd say having fear is good because it makes us cautious and it makes us look out for ourselves and one another.

Informant #35998: Life would be a lot easier for me.

Informant #36001: You'd be dead

Informant #36005: Dunno

Informant #36006: Do anything i want without hessitating

Informant #36007: drug abuse in public

Informant #36008: I'd lose a lot of the respect I have for life. More specifically everything in life that would require me to overcome fear first before doing it.

Informant #36010: xfdsfxdf

Informant #36012: I would do more things!

Informant #36015: nothing - maybe feel more relaxed about life

Informant #36018: i'd be superman

Informant #36019: life would bi easier

Informant #36020: I'd die.

Informant #36021: you could get into a lot of trouble, not realising cosequences of actions

Informant #36024: i would blossem into a ripe grapefruit. A MIGHTY GRAPEFRUIT OF WRATH READY TO EAT YOUR NON FRUITY SOULS!!!11

Informant #36029: would be myself

Informant #36031: i'd do everything i ever wanted. that could cause problems tho if doing it results in something bad happening (eg parachute ripping) fear makes us think of the consequences of our actions

Informant #36032: I'd get killed probably.

Informant #36034: i would be able to pursue all of my dreams

Informant #36037: /

Informant #36038: Do stupid things

Informant #36039: dunno

Informant #36040: Wouldnt be afraid?

Informant #36045: Id be dead.

Informant #36053: be crazy

Informant #36054: I would proboably have jumped off a cliff years ago, as i would have had no fear of injuring myself,

Informant #36061: you will not grow

Informant #36064: i'm not entirely sure as i haven't found anything that truly scares me, or that scares me enough to make me do something that isn't true to myself.

Informant #36088: I would probably end up dead.

Informant #36089: The balance between happiness and fear cannot exist without fear. Without the ability to choose happiness instead of fear, we loose part of our free will. We cannot be happy, if we dont know what its like to feel fear. If i had choosen to feel no fear, i raise to the state, where happiness is the only existant.

Informant #36094: nothin

Informant #36104: Probably get into a lot of trouble, fear is a warning sign.

Informant #36105: dunno

Informant #36110: I don't know

Informant #36183: No idea

Informant #36184: i'd probably hurt myself

Informant #36196: fearlessness would occur

Informant #36198: I would be godlike

Informant #36200: I would die.

Informant #36209: I would save money and I would probably do careless things

Informant #36212: I would speak out against wrongdoing wherever and however it occured

Informant #36214: I'd go look for a fear.

Informant #36215: anarchy

Informant #36216: Nothing

Informant #36219: probibly die doing something really dumb.

Informant #36220: I'd be dead. it keep you from jumping off high stuff or trying to swim to far out in the water

Informant #36221: Death...

Informant #36225: DIAF

Informant #36234: I would probably die in some stupid, preventable fashion.

Informant #36239: I would be dead.

Informant #36240: rule earth

Informant #36250: You might be a little happier and be able to relax more than if you had fears, but, on the other hand, you might also do some stupid things and get hurt or killed.

Informant #36251: i would die pretty fast because i would not fear the cars passing by as i am jaywalking. I would not continue to improve myself, because i fear faliure, i work very hard.

Informant #36252: More opportunities would arise.

Informant #36253: I could do anything

Informant #36254: I'd probably get killed, for being a f***in idiot.

Informant #36255: about the same thing as is happening now.

Informant #36260: people with no fear are not mentally stable people.

Informant #36268: I wouldn't worry about my parents getting mad at me if i went late nights on parties and if i drank once and awhile. No fear would have allowed me to be more social and have a better social life, but the way my parents set up our household, we fear the parents and the parents fear the western society, so i don't get to do much. Not very exciting or fair for both parties. Just leads to the kids rebellion (which is what i'm currently going through) or depression or anxiety or even suicide attempts at a young age (my little sister).

Informant #36269: you would live a great life, even if it was short (which is a good possibility). . and you would have no regrets.

Informant #36270: I dont know

Informant #36272: I'd probably have no sense of consequence and be a very destructive person.

Informant #36273: i would be able to hook up w/ any chick i want

Informant #36274: I have no fear.

Informant #36276: I would become a static, non-productive individual with nothing to work towards in life.

Informant #36278: I'd be free

Informant #36280: I would die quickly

Informant #36282: I would have a more productive life.

Informant #36285: I would be very boring. Nothing would be "new." Nothin to look foward to or not look foward to.

Informant #36299: life would not be as exiciting

Informant #36301: I'd probably be killed

Informant #36306: PIITB

Informant #36310: would die

Informant #36311: I would probably injure myself. Maybe become un-lawfull.

Informant #36315: I would live the life I want to

Informant #36319: Smile

Informant #36327: u may get hirt more

Informant #36342: die

Informant #36370: I'd probably get killed.

Informant #36374: Probably die!

Informant #36386: death

Informant #36396: im not writing anything

Informant #36397: I would probably die.

Informant #36410: I would probably live a very short life because in my opinion fear is what keeps people alive.

Informant #36412: I'd be confident in myself.

Informant #36414: i would be happy.

Informant #36417: I would be able to do anything i wanted too

Informant #36444: I'de be dead.

Informant #36468: I would be at peace

Informant #36507: I would be like a superman or a god.

Informant #36512: i dont have any mostly i'm a happy guy.

Informant #36513: Fear is good, as long as you dont let it take over

Informant #36514: I probally wouldnt be here today people fear for a reason, fear serves the purpose to ensue caution where its needed.Id probally be dead by now for not fearing being knocked down by a car ,not useing caution

Informant #36515: id probably get killed doing something stupid

Informant #36517: probably killed

Informant #36521: i would have no limits

Informant #36524: I'd turn into a sociopath.

Informant #36528: Fear is good, it can cause quality action if properly used. Anxiety is bad, it causes stagnation.

Informant #36529: i wouldnt be fearing

Informant #36532: Life would be sublime

Informant #36533: i would f*** everyone

Informant #36537: i would rule the world

Informant #36538: I would have more friends and a girl friend.

Informant #36596: nothing

Informant #36604: I will be a happy person.

Informant #36642: die

Informant #40887: I would do something really stupid.

Informant #41000: I would probably do even more stupid things than I do now.

Informant #41002: i'd probably do alot of stupid stupid things.

Informant #41007: I would stay the same

Informant #41010: i would probably kill myself

Informant #41011: You would have no caution

Informant #41017: I would've gotten things sooner in life I would be more bull headed...

Informant #41038: i would die

Informant #41045: You would only care about yourself.

Informant #41047: Nothing much

Informant #41067: i'd be a lot healthier without the bumps and bruises from chasing the adreniline rush!

Informant #41085: i would have a lot less inhibitions, i wouldnt let things hold me back

Informant #41086: You would try and to outrageous things, which cannot always be good for yourself.

Informant #41087: feeling of imortallity.

Informant #41093: I would probably be a lot happier, but also in a lot more danger.

Informant #41105: i wouldn't do any work

Informant #41108: nothing

Informant #41121: I would be free to use my mind to resolve problems, rather than relying on a primitive system devised by nature, before my mind had developed.

Informant #41122: I don't have a breeze

Informant #41160: I'd be tempted to do very stupid things.

Informant #41162: i would not be human

Informant #41166: I will always have fears, so i cannot comment.

Informant #41171: 1

Informant #41173: short life.

Informant #41179: I really don't know.

Informant #41181: I guess perhaps I'd be more daring. I'd do things without worrying what people think about me.

Informant #41187: I'd be more active social I guess.

Informant #41193: I suppose I'd be able to accept myself better. I believe that the first thing every person is fearful of is themselves, and what they can and can't do.

Informant #41199: don't know. probably get fired. or maybe get a raise?!

Informant #41296: Not sure, probably be able to get off my butt and do things, though I'm not sure it's fear that's completely holding me back.

Informant #41297: There would be no regard for the consequences of my actions.

Informant #41302: Don't know!

Informant #41310: Won't think twice, before do stuf

Informant #41318: I'd probably have done something stupid a long time ago.

Informant #41328: get hurt more often

Informant #41406: I can do anything with great efficeincy and effectivenes

Informant #41409: I might become less cautious about the things I do and put my own or someone else's life in jeopardy.

Informant #41451: mindlessly doing things not knowing if its already right or wrong

Informant #41517: I'd probably fall off a cliff or get run over by a bus.

Informant #41521: I'd live somewhere else and probably be learning/earning more ;)

Informant #41529: absolutly nothing.

Informant #41541: Seeing as you have'nt set out any predifinition of 'fear' I can only assume that you mean it in the broadest possible sense. If I had no fear, I would have no fear of death ergo I would probably do more physically dangerous things e.g. jumping from the top of a tall building or something like that. Short answer, I would die.

Informant #41542: King of the world

Informant #41554: Indestructable.

Informant #41561: Everyone has fear to some degree

Informant #41565: LOLZ ME GOTS NO FEARZ THEN!!11!!

Informant #41566: I would die quickly.

Informant #41570: If I had no fear I would probably physically lash out on those who oppose me.

Informant #41581: I would probably make some poor life decisions that would lower my quality of life, or perhaps kill me.

Informant #41584: Fail to see the consequences of one's actions.

Informant #41591: life would be boring, you always need something to keep you on your toes.

Informant #41594: I would be less fearful

Informant #41601: I could achieve whatever I wanted. Fear is always linked to failure

Informant #41611: same as if i had fear

Informant #41618: you'd be numb, without fear you cannot have any other emotions

Informant #41629: O RLY

Informant #41634: Fear is a warning to yourself, it can protect and guide us, it acts if you like as a safety net, so no fear would be lead to a riskier life.

Informant #41713: no challenge in life

Informant #41714: You would go through life misunderstanding other people!

Informant #41721: I cant imagine.

Informant #41734: 0

Informant #41745: I think I would feel invinscible but I am sure that I would have other constraints which would replace the fear, I think that our lifstyles dictate the need for fear - fear of failure, not beign liked, etc it acts somewhat as a driving force, maybe I would just be really complacent and not motivated at all if I had no fear

Informant #42066: dont no

Informant #42069: Probably get arrested!

Informant #42129: Well you'd be indestructible...right?

Informant #42140: like would be boring

Informant #42147: For one thing I would be a much more shallow human being - without, for example, the fear of hurting someone else's feelings. Also, if I was unafraid of failure then I'd never get any work done.

Informant #42156: not much

Informant #42167: I would do stupid things

Informant #42172: I'd appreciate the non-materialistic things in life a lot less, basically if i didnt fear death in some way iwouldnt appreciate life as much

Informant #42206: get bored

Informant #42245: i dont know

Informant #42279: End result? Death by doing stupid things.

Informant #42283: i'd be nervous being around my fear

Informant #42284: you would not know when to be more careful and when to protect yourself

Informant #42286: I'd probably be fairly reckless.

Informant #42290: I would be alot healthier.

Informant #42299: Spiders would live, and I would be probably be pushing myself to the limits

Informant #42341: I'd be DED

Informant #42447: people would get hurt. fear protects at some level. ie if you aren't afraid of STD's you would have unprotected sex. that could lead to aids and eventual death. If i don't have a healthy fear of wild aniamals i would get killed walking up to pet a bear.

Informant #42490: I probably get a lot more done in my life, take more chances.

Informant #42682: I think that I would take more risks. Some of these would be good because at the moment the only thing holding me back is a rather irrational personal fear. However, some fear is natural and needed, if you are not afraid of some things then you will not stay safe.

Informant #42795: Would live a carefree life and take a lot more risks and would generally be happier but with more likely to get in crap

Informant #47952: I would probably take too many risks with my life and my money.

Informant #55236: face it

Informant #57705: I think I could do more things without thinking about them. Fear keeps us from running into burning buldings,jumping into frozen waters to save someone. Maybe we would have more heros if it wasen't for fear.

Informant #57716: Freedom

Informant #57721: I would do more rsky leisure activities.

Informant #57739: you'd probably die, because in some circumstances fear is essential to survival.

Informant #57741: be at ease.

Informant #57757: then id be psychotic someone who has no fear is someone is not afraid to get hurt not afriad to get hurt has no fear of getting anyone else hurt

Informant #57771: I am not sure. It's difficult to say.

Informant #57805: i dont understand the question. everyone has the ability to fear.

Informant #57864: jgf

Informant #57919: I would be dead from some stupid activity.

Informant #68243: Commit crimes and such.

Informant #68246: idk

Informant #68463: Wrong choices.

Informant #68477: Nothing

Informant #77714: Love


Informant #86013: I would be happy

Informant #86015: I'd have no job, I'd spend my money on whatever I wanted, and I wouldn't care about others' opinions.

Informant #86016: excitment freedom

Informant #86021: I would do reckless things

Informant #86022: anarchy

Informant #86023: I don't know.

Informant #86025: I don't know.

Informant #86026: i would feel better and have less stress

Informant #86028: I would live everyday not raelly knowing what is goin on in the world i would be clueless

Informant #86032: you would die from something you arnt scared of

Informant #86033: Nothing really

Informant #86038: I would be bored

Informant #86041: .

Informant #86045: i would track down rapist and child molesters and kill them without fear of being sued or arrested

Informant #86048: i would be happy

Informant #86050: you would not learn things

Informant #86052: i would kill myself

Informant #86053: Nothing

Informant #86058: idk

Informant #86060: Life would be better in general.

Informant #86063: I would poop

Informant #86067: nothing

Informant #86072: nothing

Informant #86074: i would smoke blunts in front of the police

Informant #86075: You would die

Informant #86076: There will always be fear of something, if not then we will fear ourselves.

Informant #86093: nothing

Informant #86099: I would approach more girls

Informant #86102: You'd have a lot more balls and would be able to do a lot of different things.

Informant #86107: You might get hurt by other things

Informant #86109: My life would become nothing.

Informant #86111: Id blow up!

Informant #86115: love would be perfected in my heart

Informant #86117: I would live a trite and meaningless life without thinking about consequenses.

Informant #86126: Ignorance is bliss as the stupidity of fear erodes we come one step closer towards the one truth in the universe, that we are nothing. Keep your humanity sheeple, fear will keep you human, do you want to loose your humanity? Only the strong can see the truth, the truth isn't for the weak, your simple everyday fears of all dimensions and levels of your mind, free your mind of fear, love, hate, greed, free it all and see the truth.

Informant #86133: I would take more risks.

Informant #86138: i would probably do alot of stupid things.

Informant #86162: I would be reckless

Informant #86165: I'd probably be dead

Informant #86175: i dont even know

Informant #86176: bob dole

Informant #86178: i wouldnt fear anything

Informant #86182: Be stupid. fear is a motivator, but can lead to madness and harm to yourself if you have no control over yourself.

Informant #86192: I would be braver, bolder, and more agressive.

Informant #86195: i would be a type of god

Informant #86197: I would probably have done something and gotten myself killed.

Informant #86200: i would probably die in a very stupid way

Informant #86261: I would run away and start over somwhere else

Informant #86360: ide do whatever I wanted.

Informant #86362: i would be unstoppable

Informant #86371: do stupid things

Informant #86372: i'd kill motherf***ers

Informant #86379: Then I would do anything.

Informant #86380: Nothing

Informant #86427: i dont have any right now, i was hoping that this quiz would tell me what i fear. there is none i know

Informant #86429: You would be reckless and dangerous

Informant #86439: nvn

Informant #86443: I would have no worries.

Informant #86444: nothing

Informant #86445: you would be confident

Informant #86596: Your life would be nothing.

Informant #86597: I'd be brave enough to acomplish my goals.

Informant #86604: i would be a better person for myself, but worse person for others.

Informant #86614: You would probably end up dead or in trouble since just because you have no fear you can still hurt yourself or others, example someone has no fear of gun fighting and ends up getting shot, some things are meant to be feared

Informant #86619: g

Informant #86635: I would be fearless.

Informant #86636: I would stand up more

Informant #86639: You would become reckless.

Informant #86650: i would get killed

Informant #86729: Nothing.

Informant #86733: I wouldn't be cautious when approaching situations.

Informant #86736: The complete absence of fear is an impossibility.

Informant #86748: no idea

Informant #86873: I would probably be much more confident in life.

Informant #86874: i would feel a lot better

Informant #86876: I would blow da f*** up

Informant #93496: everything would get better for me. I would be happier and nicer and enjoy life and others and be a better person and not hurt myself.

Informant #96229: I cannot imagine my life would be too different. I may not be with the same partner

Informant #98549: die It is what keeps us alive

Informant #107990: id be alot happier

Informant #108650: i would be able to function better

Informant #108709: None

Informant #112167: My response to a potential threat would be minimized, bypassing essential survival instincts.

Informant #112381: I might get hurt

Informant #121521: live

Informant #136927: I don't have much fear at all, and I lead a great life.

Informant #165595: purple

Informant #182489: It'd probably not have as good instinct and get into loads of sticky situations. I'd also get a lot accomplished because I drowned out unproductive thoughts.

Informant #190202: I would be crazy

Informant #201401: My life would be a lot easier if I did not have so many irrational fears. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Severe Clinical Depression, and Panic/Anxiety Disorder. This array of mental illnesses makes attending college incredibly difficult. Without my medication, I am afraid of everything from small noises to being in relatively close vicinity to others. Some fears are good, such as the fear of the law that keeps people from stealing and being violent, but if I had no fear myself, I think I would be much happier.

Informant #216967: nothing happen I think it's ordinary things . fear of god is to obey his word means, like an obedient child to parents, obedience is not something frightening. there are children afraid to steal cakes for fear of being punished, it is a matter of mental development, but if he was an adult, then he will realize that it's not a scary issue, but the love and order issues.

Informant #222176: I'd probably die because I would do some WICKED stunts and crash and get my spinal cord stretched a mile long and I die from the unbearable pain and blood loss :D

Informant #233840: nothing

Informant #261946: I don't know

Informant #306070: you would be wreckless

Informant #321158: Life would be boaring!

Informant #334861: will be stress free

Informant #334975: Relax

Informant #343204: Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for tiknag the time.

Informant #352364: z

Informant #363410: I think I would feel more independent and indestructible but I would not have the same values.

Informant #373651: I would soon die.

Informant #388141: you would not be living everyone has a fear of something.

Informant #388147: people would do what they wanted when they wanted

Informant #441801: I would do anything I wanted that was for the greater good.

Informant #460926: I would get bored after a while if I had no fear.

Informant #478056: i would be able to do more things in life without hesitation.

Informant #532854: I would have total Trust in God.

Informant #558035: You would die because fear is a natural survival skill which we are born with and need.

Informant #632867: I would probably go on and start doing things that as of now, I'm afraid to do, not only because I've heard as a teenager that those things are bad for me, rather cause I've seen others being negatively affected by such things in their lives.Here I talk about drugs and things alike.

Informant #771763: You need some adult swim lessons! You are mnsiisg out. We LOVE the water at our house. Slimy ocean bottoms and jelly fish and fish in general swimming are not my favorite things but we love swimming in lakes, rivers, the ocean you name it. I haven't been on a boat much but our best vacation ever was in Maui and a lot of it was spent planted firmly on the beach.Not that you are wrong, everyone can have different interests. I am just saying maybe if you were a strong swimmer you could get over your fear of drowning.

Informant #866222: I might make some irrational decisions, however I would be less anxious/stressed and more easygoing, possibly enjoy life more.

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