Responses on: "What is the best way that you know to fight fear?"

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Informant #26984: To fight monsters when I sleep.

Informant #27149: The truth

Informant #27159: First, I must recognize that I have fear. Second, I must confront that fear with the purpose of thinking how I can overcome that fear.

Informant #27171: distinguish between rational and irrational fear

Informant #27175: Define it. Understand it. Meet head on. Resolve it.

Informant #27176: beer

Informant #27180: Courage

Informant #27181: Don't think so much.

Informant #27185: Fear doesn't have to be fought, only accepted.

Informant #27190: Know what exactly your fear is.

Informant #27191: face it, and overcome it.

Informant #27201: Sometimes facing it directly is the only way to completely overcome it.

Informant #27211: face your fears

Informant #27212: remove the possibility of it

Informant #27220: understanding it.

Informant #27223: eat more broccoli.

Informant #27225: LOVE is the opposite of Fear

Informant #27226: Face it

Informant #27227: Logical thought, proof to the contrary,

Informant #27238: Face it. Repeatedly put yourself in the situation and get used to it. Knowledge helps, sometimes. A lot of fear is some form of fear of the unknown.

Informant #27241: face it

Informant #27243: Pray

Informant #27246: relax and think on the bright side of it

Informant #27248: peer pressure and alcohol consumption

Informant #27253: Face it

Informant #27256: I must force myself to fight against it taking over.

Informant #27257: Depends on what type of fear we're talking about. If it's a rational fear, there is no "best" way to fight it, because it's a good thing. If it's an irrational fear, the best way is to confront the object of fear head on (if that's possible).

Informant #27259: Stare it down

Informant #27260: To just blindly jump into the middle of doing things that I fear without any second thoughts until it's too late and I have no time for fear. Or, rather, fear of failing overrides my original fear and I have to continue doing what I'm doing. This is what usually gets me through the times when I have to deliver a speech. Though it may be the same fear applied differently.

Informant #27261: confront it

Informant #27262: Rationalize. Ignore the emotion.

Informant #27264: say to yourself your gonna be ok

Informant #27265: To confront it.

Informant #27276: TRY TO FACE IT OR IGNORE IT

Informant #27277: overcoming it.

Informant #27278: Resolution and logic.

Informant #27280: run away

Informant #27282: just ride it out

Informant #27289: run away from it cuz im a wimp

Informant #27290: confront it

Informant #27291: realize what you are afraid of and know you are normal

Informant #27296: face the fear head on

Informant #27298: Just do what you are fearing like climb a mountain if you are afraid of hights

Informant #27300: to accept it.

Informant #27301: I don't fears come and go, I have fear all the time.

Informant #27303: Meet it..overcome the fear and face up to it.

Informant #27309: accept my fears as 1 step. than find the courage to fight them.

Informant #27310: Approach it rationally and think through the issue.

Informant #27312: Thinking about what is feared over and over again until it diminishes the fear.

Informant #27315: Abolish it from your mind,by just encouraging courage and power.

Informant #27326: Confronting it.

Informant #27330: Avoid it.

Informant #27333: Come face to facw with it.

Informant #27335: To ignore it.

Informant #27337: I don't know, I'm not fearful

Informant #27342: live life and stop worrying about what you can't control

Informant #27343: Analyze it.

Informant #27346: confidence

Informant #27349: The best way to overcome your fears are to analyze the situation and try to approach it the best way you can.

Informant #27352: To face it.

Informant #27354: having faith.

Informant #27355: My strength inside.

Informant #27356: To confront whatever it is you're afraid of head on. The only thing we really have to fear, is fear itself.

Informant #27362: forget about it

Informant #27363: Deal with situations. Calm down a little and think fast.

Informant #27365: Try to understand why you fear it, so you could possibly overcome it.

Informant #27366: To put it in the back of your mind. Especially if you can't change it, then you should just not think about it and replace those thought with happy thoughts.

Informant #27369: avoidance and in some cases inversion therapy.

Informant #27373: Reason

Informant #27381: if it wont kill me, i will do it.

Informant #27387: Face it and think less about it. Don't make it seem too important, or make it seem like a really big deal.

Informant #27395: Penis

Informant #27396: To watch at The SUN

Informant #27399: face it

Informant #27423: face it..

Informant #27425: To find it's source.

Informant #27435: escape it

Informant #27445: be true to yourself

Informant #27448: be in front of it and confront it

Informant #27450: Deal with it or just accept that you have it. Personally, I'm scared of murder, and I know it and I deal with it, but it doesn't change the fact that I am scared of being murdered. Fear will always exist, I guess you have to find your own way.

Informant #27462: no

Informant #27478: to educate my self on it

Informant #27501: face it

Informant #27503: ignore it

Informant #27529: Identify the fear or the source of the particular fear and decide what needs to be done.

Informant #27541: Just do it once and if it is not too bad your fears will be gone.

Informant #27553: fight it ? y ?

Informant #27561: step up to it and fight it

Informant #27566: - try to think something else - try to control it

Informant #27569: call it what it is, and discount irrational thoughts...

Informant #27576: Face it. Find out what it is that is so scary and then decide if it is wise to fear it.

Informant #27581: Face it.

Informant #27582: Think of good times

Informant #27585: Go straight at it and conquer it.

Informant #27590: Face whats scaring you unless its something you cant face like god then your really f***ed.

Informant #27592: Ignore it or confront it. Scared of the dark? Turn off the light. Afraid of wasps? Kill the little bastards. :D

Informant #27594: Do what you're afraid of!!!

Informant #27595: By challenging it.

Informant #27596: Face that which frightens you.

Informant #27602: Correct breathing and having someones hand to squeeze

Informant #27603: face it

Informant #27607: face it on your own terms

Informant #27609: live with it

Informant #27613: Have confidence

Informant #27615: If it is a small fear, like drowning, take swimming leasons. You have to face your fears, or you will be afraid your whole life.

Informant #27617: Knowlege of the situation and how to deal with it.

Informant #27621: Focus on what is right and accept the fact that fear might make things a little difficult.

Informant #27623: Get over it by confronting it

Informant #27625: by not fearing it

Informant #27627: Understand that it is natural and use it.

Informant #27629: face it head on

Informant #27630: To confront it.

Informant #27631: ???

Informant #27633: To confront what it is that one is afraid of, confrontation can be mental and not necessarily literal. See what is at the base of the fear and see if the fear is legitimate or unreasonable. I personally would not want to "fight" a reasonable fear, say of something that could actually kill me, for example. But unreasonable fears usual have their base in something that is addressable, and if we can find out what that is, often the fear will be reduced or diminished.

Informant #27641: Ignore it, push it asaid and get the job done.

Informant #27645: with the mind

Informant #27646: force yourself to face it head on

Informant #27652: confront it. I have a ferar of heights and did a bungie jump.

Informant #27654: Embrace it.

Informant #27659: get over your fear by facing up to it and realsing its not so bad


Informant #27667: dont know any

Informant #27675: face it as it comes

Informant #27679: It searches you out, but I think the best way would be to know it's worthlessness.

Informant #27685: By facing it.

Informant #27693: Face it.

Informant #27694: Decide if it is valid or not. If not, convince self of this or come to understanding of why you have this fear. If it is valid, decide what you can do about it, if it should be avoided or not, or try to distract yourself from it

Informant #27696: Face it an work around the fear

Informant #27697: Confront it from a rational perspective.

Informant #27699: accept emotions

Informant #27704: To face it.

Informant #27708: Prior to any fighting of fear, one must recognize whether said fear is beneficial to survival. Fear can be an invaluable asset in protection, so complete destruction of it are irresponsible. If it is determined that the fear is a hinderance, the best way to fight it is to ground yourself with the alternative. Fighting fear may be tough, but the alternative is worse.

Informant #27718: Look at the big picture. Not much is scary when you think about the enormity of things.

Informant #27722: Kick it in the nuts. Or I don't know, can't really beat, I don't think fighting your fear works, well, it depends on what it is. If someone is afraid of the dark I don't think they should spend a night in the dark.

Informant #27723: Education.

Informant #27729: Stay in bed

Informant #27730: confront it.

Informant #27734: just f***ing do it.

Informant #27735: face it

Informant #27736: systematic desensitization.

Informant #27737: Think through it

Informant #27739: Step back and look at it in it's most simplistic light. Usually huge fears shrink when you look at it closely.

Informant #27741: Face it head on usually.

Informant #27747: Try to forget that fear

Informant #27750: confrontation, acknowledging it and actively try to overcome it

Informant #27759: trust the promises of God

Informant #27763: Think out the rationale of it, decide if it it itis reasonable to fear it.

Informant #27766: Confront it head on.

Informant #27776: Information, thinking about it.

Informant #27780: To challenge fear.

Informant #27785: don't let it dictate what you do

Informant #27787: action

Informant #27789: Stand up to it and face it.

Informant #27793: By asking myself: what am I afraid of? And why? Is it helping me in any way? Is it real?

Informant #27798: To do the thing you fear. To learn more about the fear. To accept it and move on. It depends of the kind of fear you have.

Informant #27800: I try to think of the problem logically.

Informant #27803: i just hate momo he's a stupid motherf***er living in the rural urbans but i dont fear him i could bust his balls five to one word

Informant #27805: analyse it, determine actions and results and act on it

Informant #27806: Just ignore it and do the exact thing that you fear.

Informant #27807: Dunno

Informant #27811: face it

Informant #27812: see your fear in the eyes and just do it...

Informant #27816: Challenge it. Bask in what you're afraid of.

Informant #27820: Knowing that I only have 1 life and have to make the best of it.

Informant #27821: Face the fears.

Informant #27822: Deal with it. Try to get over it. Live with it.

Informant #27824: Kick the hell out of them.

Informant #27833: Reason, rationality.

Informant #27835: Gain a better understanding of that which you feer

Informant #27844: Knowing who you are and what you are.

Informant #27862: Stare it in the face and fight

Informant #27866: facing it. if i cant then i just keep my mind of it.

Informant #27867: Breath deeply, and take caution.

Informant #27898: cant fight it

Informant #27899: Face your fear head on.

Informant #27900: Take it step by step untill finally destroying it and try to lead a normal life without it interfearing.

Informant #27901: Understanding

Informant #27902: face the fear head on

Informant #27909: thinking

Informant #27910: Fear of death: faith. All others: confrontation.

Informant #27911: Try to kick fear's ass. Work around it and put yourself in a situation where no bad results can occur. If you're afraid of a guy on the street, move away from him.

Informant #27920: Rationalise it to youself. Take it apart and analyse why you fear what you do.

Informant #27935: Just do whatever you need to do despite your fears. Force yourself. It's usually not as bad as it seems once you're in the thick of it.

Informant #27939: To confront it.

Informant #27955: Ignore it.

Informant #27968: Approach life with an open mind and let life play out as it may.

Informant #27970: explode

Informant #28011: confront it

Informant #28015: Take a deep breath and rationalise what it is you are afraid of. Work it out.

Informant #28019: do what you fear

Informant #28046: face your fear

Informant #28047: Face it

Informant #28049: Just knowing that It started from kinda have control of it in a way...since you developed this understand know it.. how to deal with to prosess it. You know how to fight it..because it is inside of you...some people take it head on...Myself..I trusted in my God..and prayer is what helped me through the dark...dark spot in my life...and that's probably the only thing..that could have saved me!!! :D

Informant #28052: to avoid it as much as possible

Informant #28057: Confront it. Don't hide from it.

Informant #28058: fly like a butterfly sting like a bee

Informant #28063: try to forget about it when theres little you can do, or plan something to help if you can.

Informant #28065: pray, talk to someone about it, cuddle up w/my cats and a good book

Informant #28074: If it's for instance something that you can overcome by practising, then practising it is the solution. Otherwise it depends on what kind of fear it is.

Informant #28085: Facing them is the best way to overcome a fear - cliche'd but true.

Informant #28100: To be brave and to have and offer support

Informant #28101: Think logically about why I'm really afraid, and why I really shouldn't be.

Informant #28106: avoid your fears

Informant #28119: HEAD ON

Informant #28125: head on

Informant #28129: Realize that fear is in the mind.

Informant #28132: Stand up tp it and face it. SHow yourself that you can beat it.

Informant #28135: Face it.

Informant #28138: with a big sword

Informant #28140: Love

Informant #28141: Ignore it.

Informant #28142: face it head on

Informant #28155: Just do it

Informant #28161: Take it like a man.

Informant #28163: I dunno!

Informant #28208: to fight fear you must face that which you fear.

Informant #28212: Behavioural therapy.

Informant #28216: Face to face.

Informant #28217: To simply get over it. Forcing yourself to face youre fears is important.

Informant #28218: Accept it and work with the fear towards understanding.

Informant #28220: understand it

Informant #28223: education

Informant #28224: Some fears do not need to be fought. Some irrational fears should be overcome by doing whatever it is you fear in small doses gradually until you realise that your fear is rediculous.

Informant #28225: To keep yourself busy, so that you don't have time to think about what you're afraid of.

Informant #28226: when you face it

Informant #28228: I don't know

Informant #28230: Courage comes from facing your fears. Without fear there would be no bravery, no striving to be better. Fear is an essential part of being human. Fighting fear just means acknowledging you are afraid but strive to go on.

Informant #28231: face it head on. no regrets.

Informant #28233: Doing something about the problem at hand.

Informant #28245: pray to Lord

Informant #28250: Face it and deal with it.

Informant #28251: Understand what it is that I am afraid of.

Informant #28252: Confront it head on.

Informant #28255: To stop running from it and face it, prove to yourself that there is nothing wrong and, therefore, nothing to fear.

Informant #28256: Just go ahead with life and not let it control me.

Informant #28257: face it

Informant #28259: Stay away from it.

Informant #28260: Not face your fear.

Informant #28275: Ignore it.

Informant #28281: Confront it

Informant #28284: I don't think you can really fight fear.

Informant #28285: To know about them, work through them.

Informant #28286: Rational, logical thought.

Informant #28287: knowledge

Informant #28288: Trusting in himself

Informant #28295: understand what it is you are scared about

Informant #28342: reason/face it

Informant #28343: To block the picture of the fear out of my mind.

Informant #28351: usually it's the 'face-it' technique... If it's not one of those self-preservation fears I think facing it is the best way...

Informant #28352: Just tackle it head on.

Informant #28355: I don't know how to fight fear...just try to take your mind off it? Look at examples of people who don't have this same fear and learn from them?

Informant #28356: Personality eithe rconfrount it, or hide from it

Informant #28358: To face it.

Informant #28361: I don't fight fear, It pushes me to do things that I would be scared to do otherwise and to speak my mind.

Informant #28367: Logic.

Informant #28374: face it in your own time

Informant #28377: To experience your fear.

Informant #28378: To stand up for what you believe in,and find confidence in yourself.

Informant #28380: Flooding.

Informant #28382: nothing

Informant #28384: Give it to God.

Informant #28386: Confront them. If it is something physical like arachnofobia, learn about them and try to play with one. Same thing if it's psychic. Confront the person you fear.

Informant #28387: confront it

Informant #28390: Music, calm the mind and get on with it. Right frame of mind

Informant #28391: face it

Informant #28419: Face it heads on. Continue. Do not sway.

Informant #28481: Conquer it

Informant #28485: No need to fight fear

Informant #28489: face it, deal with it

Informant #28491: embarce it, realize the truth of what will happen and make your peace

Informant #28493: face them head on

Informant #28501: To fight fear, it is best to try and confront the fear as long as this does not lead to personal damage. However, I believe that many fears are neccessary and are important to drive people and give people motivation to do a lot of things. Sometmes forcing people to do things can benefit everyone and have positive effects.

Informant #28513: watch horror movies

Informant #28516: feel the fear and do it anyway (Actually i wouldn't have a clue just heard this off a movie ;-))

Informant #28517: i find that i do not have to fight fear its simply in your head an the reality is not what fear makes it out to be.

Informant #28523: expose yourself to what you're afraid of

Informant #28525: Face it.

Informant #28541: Trust in God.

Informant #28547: confront it

Informant #28550: Too many ways to list.

Informant #28567: Death

Informant #28574: Don't fear it; just accept it and deal with it and move on.

Informant #28581: hj,ńµńµ

Informant #28585: I don't know.

Informant #28589: With fear itself

Informant #28593: confront

Informant #28605: use logic

Informant #28611: understand what you're afraid of

Informant #28615: Face it, blend with it, make it one with you and phase it out

Informant #28622: nothing

Informant #28623: think about the thing causing the fear

Informant #28626: Being brave :P

Informant #28633: in a fair, winner takes all bloodsport

Informant #28646: Thinking about whether it is a rational or irrational fear and if it is an irrational fear then you should confront it with someone to support and encourage you.

Informant #28647: Fighting fear is illogical. It should be respected.

Informant #28649: Face it, try to make whatever is making you fearful change

Informant #28664: confront it or stay away if confrontation is too dangerous

Informant #28673: Throw stuff at it.

Informant #28676: Face it

Informant #28682: To accept it and then do something anyway. Also music. :p

Informant #28683: I don't know of a good way to fight fear. What I tend to do is try to ignore and suppress my fears. They are always there inside me, i just try to ignore them so that I am not thinking about them or bothered about them but when in a situation that causes me to fear for whatever reason that fear that I suppress and ignore during the other parts of my day comes right back up to me. I know of no way to fight fear or overcome fear, just ways of pushing it out of my mind from time to time but it always comes back. At least for me.

Informant #28688: Confront it

Informant #28692: Confront it, realise it, discuss it, move on

Informant #28695: Feel it and do it anyway!

Informant #28699: Kill everyone.

Informant #28701: ignor it.

Informant #28702: overcome it - face it at all costs

Informant #28706: erm...not really thought of that as such - Im not sure Imaware of me "fighting the fear!"i don't depends some things im really fearful of that i know are irrational I try to think rationally.

Informant #28715: The Spirit of God

Informant #28716: Think of success not failure you might never know it could come true

Informant #28718: Phyching myself up to face it or to not make too much of an issue of it.

Informant #28720: Face the fear and the problems

Informant #28721: Face up to them.

Informant #28723: Accept that there will always be a certain amount of fear in your life. This acceptance then reduces the fear.

Informant #28735: face it.

Informant #28739: To keep trying

Informant #28748: being rational

Informant #28757: Face it

Informant #28764: Rationalize it.

Informant #28765: ignore it

Informant #28769: Stray away from what is is that you are scared of.

Informant #28772: pretend its not there, or not put my self into a situation where id know there would be fear!

Informant #28774: i dont know

Informant #28783: exposing yourself to it

Informant #28818: You shouldnt fight fear, you should over come it. Fighting something is hitting it head on with your eyes closed, thats not dealing.

Informant #28819: face it, acknolage it, overcome it

Informant #28821: Confront it

Informant #28824: talking with friends, dealing with problems head on

Informant #28857: Give out more then 100% and give it all that you have got

Informant #28877: Treat everything possible in a positive manner.

Informant #28984: dunno

Informant #29227: introspection

Informant #29449: the best way to fight fear is to face it and pray to god.

Informant #29623: Run at it head on.

Informant #29653: look it in the eyes .. understand what you fear and why ... do you need help fighting this monster? can you do it alone? To fight something, you have to understand it ... otherwise you're just trashing around like a fish out of the pond

Informant #29878: with a gun

Informant #31159: no fear

Informant #35450: Kick it's ass.

Informant #35994: Face up to it if you can, I suppose it depends on the fear.

Informant #35998: Talk to somebody.

Informant #36001: Face it

Informant #36005: Dunno

Informant #36006: confront it

Informant #36007: do as your stomach says.

Informant #36008: Head on. Don't avoid it. (Obviously if you have a fear of something dangerous, such as sky-diving for example, avoid that.) Embrace and accept fears you have that affect your normal, daily life. Don't ignore them-accept they're there and work with them, rather than around them.

Informant #36010: xdfsxfx

Informant #36012: Take a moment to evaluate the situation.

Informant #36015: face up to it

Informant #36018: confront it

Informant #36019: face it

Informant #36020: With my fist.

Informant #36021: acknowledge it, face it, and trry conquer it

Informant #36024: Barry Scott. He uses his Cilit Bang super powers to fight fear all over the world.

Informant #36029: dont know

Informant #36031: try not to think about it

Informant #36032: Be rational and logical.

Informant #36034: rationalise all of my thoughts through relaxation and alone time

Informant #36037: /

Informant #36038: Face it

Informant #36039: attack it

Informant #36040: Confidence

Informant #36045: Face it head on

Informant #36053: do what you fear

Informant #36054: Take a deep breath and tell myself i can do it, and just go for it

Informant #36061: face the fear

Informant #36064: to become part of what you fear, and try to eventually overcome it.

Informant #36088: To try understand them attempt to conquer the one's which are conquerable.

Informant #36089: To understand that it all happens for a reason. And all you have to fear, is fear itself.

Informant #36094: face it

Informant #36104: Logic,

Informant #36105: face it

Informant #36110: any way

Informant #36183: Disprove the source of fear

Informant #36184: face it head on if i have to

Informant #36196: fight fear with fear

Informant #36198: To become familiar with something

Informant #36200: Determined by the degree of threat to self.

Informant #36209: Face it

Informant #36212: logically reason with your self and then confront and understand them

Informant #36214: Face it.

Informant #36215: it's all mental, you need will power; lots of will power.

Informant #36216: face it

Informant #36219: face it head on.

Informant #36220: face it

Informant #36221: face it, over come it. IE walk to the edge of a building, since I'm afraid of height.

Informant #36225: with boxing gloves

Informant #36234: Face it.

Informant #36239: Confront it. Keep pushing. Know fear exists, but do what you need to for survival.

Informant #36240: Jackoff

Informant #36250: Try to be mentally tough. Tell yourself it is nothing and it isn't able to hurt you/ you are unable to do a thing in the world about it. You might also need to try to fight the fear or confront it.

Informant #36251: Depends on the type of fear. But the fears that you can get rid of, such as spiders, heights, closed spaces etc... you just have to be exposed to the thing you fear and it will usually go away. Things like the fear of dying is not a fear you want to fight, or else you will die pretty fast.

Informant #36252: Directly meet it

Informant #36253: F*** fear!

Informant #36254: Just to man up, and ignore it straight up.

Informant #36255: calm down.

Informant #36260: telling yourself that it's really not a problem.

Informant #36268: Communication i beleive is key. I always feared being too late when i went out with my buddies. Then i brought up the subject to my mother and asked for a curfew so i had an idea. She told me 11:30, albeit it's a little early i now know when is late and when i'm fine. So i don't have to be in constant fear when i'm out. Communication in a household and between people is very essential in life to let people have a better understanding of what bothers each person and how each person can help someone else fix their problem, and vice versa.

Informant #36269: to confront it. you have to overcome it, you cant escape it.

Informant #36270: I try and forget about it

Informant #36272: to look at the big picture and realize that

Informant #36273: nothing will happen if you dont

Informant #36276: Find the source and eliminate it.

Informant #36278: Face it

Informant #36280: face it

Informant #36282: Work, try to be as productive as possible. All I do is, sleep, play video games, and watch tv though. Im my own worst enemy and I know it, and its hard for me to correct this problem of mine. Its all a head game.

Informant #36285: stay away from it. i hate bugs. i stay away from bugs. I ask my mom to kill them.

Informant #36299: practice overcoming

Informant #36301: talk it a step at a time and just go for it.

Informant #36306: PIITB

Informant #36310: turn it into positive motivation to change an outcome

Informant #36311: Face up to what your afraid of.

Informant #36315: confront it

Informant #36319: Knowledge

Informant #36327: face it

Informant #36342: run

Informant #36370: Not give a shit.

Informant #36374: face it!

Informant #36376: Do it.

Informant #36386: face, or reason

Informant #36396: im not writing anything

Informant #36397: Face it.

Informant #36410: My best way to fight fear is to ignore it when it certain situations and embrace it in others.

Informant #36412: I haven't found one.

Informant #36414: hide it

Informant #36417: Confront it head on

Informant #36444: Head on.

Informant #36468: Face it

Informant #36507: Keep telling myself that I am fearing whatever I am facing at the time and that I recognize the feeling as fear. Then I can confront that feeling.

Informant #36512: no point fighting it,it is good for you.

Informant #36513: face up to it

Informant #36514: Confront it,learn more about what you fear and why you fear it, find out if it is worth fearing

Informant #36515: confront your fear

Informant #36517: dont think about it

Informant #36521: go head to head to it.

Informant #36524: Drugs; legal or otherwise.

Informant #36528: Use questions to dissolve anxiety, and to properly channel fear.

Informant #36529: with a sausage

Informant #36532: Confront it

Informant #36533: take drugs `

Informant #36537: confront that which i fear

Informant #36596: confront it

Informant #36604: To understand and learn everything about it, and only then it can be conquered.

Informant #36642: physiological responses

Informant #40887: With truth and knowledge.

Informant #41000: Direct confrontation, followed by therapy.

Informant #41007: The ability to not be arsed to be afraid. Beomce totaly lazy.

Informant #41010: to face it

Informant #41011: Face it

Informant #41017: With bullets.

Informant #41038: kick it in the nuts

Informant #41045: Remind yourself there is nothing to fear but God.

Informant #41047: Confronting your fears

Informant #41067: do what you are afraid of ie jump out of a plane if you are afraid of heights

Informant #41085: try to see why you fear something, and see if its possible to overcome that

Informant #41086: Face your fear and you will conquer it.

Informant #41087: Facing, Reasoning, and Solve it.

Informant #41093: To concentrate on breathing, and then convince yourself why nothing bad can happen.

Informant #41105: acceptance, get to it's route

Informant #41108: question it

Informant #41121: Take what ever bothers you, double it, then triple that then realize that if all that fear was “ingested at once” it wouldn’t make any difference to the current citation. So move on and ignore it.

Informant #41122: Face if your scared of dogs get a puppy and bring it up

Informant #41160: Don't be afraid of it; whatever happens, happens.

Informant #41162: confront it, sometimes some things dont seem so bad once you actuall y do it/try it.e.g. exams

Informant #41166: Confront it, i guess...

Informant #41171: 2

Informant #41173: experience

Informant #41179: Confront it.

Informant #41181: I know it sounds cliche, but just facing the fear is how you face it. Sometimes I'm afraid of doing something and I want to run from the situation. Instead, if I just try it (what could it hurt, anyhow) I am sometimes surprised to find that it wasn't so bad after all. Sometimes, it doesn't turn out well, but I'd rather know than not know.

Informant #41187: suck it up and deal with it

Informant #41193: I don't know.

Informant #41199: take control. face up!

Informant #41296: I don't know, honestly. Never tried to fight them. I just avoid them.

Informant #41297: Pick it apart, discover the cause and attempt to conquer the fear as much as possible.

Informant #41302: Face up to it!

Informant #41310: Do something about it

Informant #41318: Understanding and Rationalization. Too many fears are irrational, but reasonable fears can be rationalized and appropriate action can still be taken even when fearful.

Informant #41328: alcohol

Informant #41406: face fear itself

Informant #41409: Most times it helps to confront the fear so you will know there really is nothing to fear.

Informant #41451: meditate

Informant #41517: Let it in and then push it aside.

Informant #41521: Get the finger out and just get on with life.

Informant #41526: face them

Informant #41541: Why would you fight fear? It's not an illness for christ sake. Fear is an entirely legitimate human/animal response to a situation.

Informant #41542: masterbation

Informant #41554: Find a reasonable explaination for it.

Informant #41557: Aviod it

Informant #41561: To face it and overcome it


Informant #41566: face it.

Informant #41570: I don't fight fear. I believe fear is a good thing and it serves its purpose. I just cope with it.

Informant #41581: Understand it. Realize that you have the fear, analyze the fear, and understand what is causing it. Examine the causes and determine them to be valid or silly, and address them appropriately.

Informant #41584: Rationalize what it is you are afraid of.

Informant #41591: either face it, or leave it. Usally facing your fear will get rid of your fear.

Informant #41594: ?

Informant #41601: Rationalization, knowing yourself

Informant #41611: face it

Informant #41618: accept it

Informant #41629: YA RLY

Informant #41634: Confront it step by step.

Informant #41713: confront it

Informant #41714: To generally face the fear head on...

Informant #41719: Rational thinking.

Informant #41721: Alcohol.

Informant #41734: 0

Informant #41745: I look at what causes the fear, usually its a deeper issue rather than something superficial i.e I' m afraid that I can't do something - its not that I am afraid of actually trying to do that thing its more the fear of failure so through belief and understanding in myself I deal with that fear

Informant #42054: face it

Informant #42066: deal with it

Informant #42069: Attack it!! Find out why it is causing you to fear it and go for it. Get over it.

Informant #42129: Take deep breats and calmly rationalize the situation and gently face that fear head on!

Informant #42140: tackle it straight on

Informant #42147: Be active in fighting it. Don't procrastinate. Tackle it head on.

Informant #42150: feel the fear and do it anyway

Informant #42156: depends

Informant #42167: Being brave and praying for courage

Informant #42172: accept that being afraid is part of being human and that you just have to tackle it

Informant #42206: overcome it

Informant #42245: think about something nice

Informant #42279: Confidence, knowledge.

Informant #42283: confront it

Informant #42284: face it

Informant #42286: If I knew that, I wouldn't be terrified of dogs.

Informant #42290: Face it.

Informant #42299: Try and conquer and face it at one's own pace, with lots of encouragment and no desrisiveness.

Informant #42341: With a metaphorical baseball bat

Informant #42447: Logic. Using logic helps alot.

Informant #42490: Learn to recongnize it in myself and face it.

Informant #42682: Positive thinking

Informant #42795: Come to terms with it and get used to it and time heals it

Informant #47952: Talk to someone.

Informant #55236: ask for advice

Informant #57705: Work through it, we fear what we don't know.

Informant #57716: find out about the cause or accept the feared consequence: cease clinging to it

Informant #57721: To learn from frightening experiences.

Informant #57739: fight or flight

Informant #57741: relax.

Informant #57757: confront it

Informant #57771: Think logically and mellow out.

Informant #57805: understanding that its my mind telling me to f***ing pay attention

Informant #57864: hj

Informant #57919: "fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death there is no fear in the now fear is in the future in the now is only the doing or the not doing" I tell myself this as I work through fearful situations

Informant #68243: Avoid the situation or bring someone for support.

Informant #68246: pray

Informant #68463: Face fear.

Informant #68477: Face it

Informant #77714: not caring


Informant #86013: Sleep

Informant #86015: Confront it and live with it for a little while until you're over it.

Informant #86016: face it

Informant #86021: Face it with friends

Informant #86022: kill it

Informant #86023: Confront it head-on.

Informant #86025: Accept it.

Informant #86026: hit it head-on

Informant #86028: To fight it head on and not to dodge it

Informant #86032: confront it

Informant #86033: To deal with it headforward

Informant #86038: Face it

Informant #86041: .

Informant #86045: watching 300

Informant #86048: meditation

Informant #86050: try your best not to let it bother you and do other things that lessen your fear

Informant #86052: to fight it

Informant #86053: Gun

Informant #86058: acept the fear

Informant #86060: To not think about it.

Informant #86063: Cheese nips.

Informant #86067: don't know

Informant #86068: Face it, smash it.

Informant #86072: fight the fear

Informant #86074: smoke blunts inside the house

Informant #86075: Do not be afraid of fear

Informant #86076: Face it.

Informant #86093: be strong

Informant #86099: Fear is what makes you more confident

Informant #86102: Just do it!

Informant #86107: Confront it.

Informant #86109: Overcome it.

Informant #86111: Blow it up!

Informant #86115: trust is jesus

Informant #86117: Action and experience

Informant #86126: shinobigatana

Informant #86133: logic

Informant #86138: just try to take it. close your eyes if that helps.

Informant #86162: To overcome it

Informant #86165: Straight on

Informant #86175: i dont even know

Informant #86176: meditation

Informant #86178: dont think about it

Informant #86182: Do more things, be more open to things, like mountain climbing to destroy fear of heights, etc. Same will apply to all.

Informant #86192: Not to succumb to it.

Informant #86195: to eat it

Informant #86197: Face it with caution

Informant #86200: face them straight up

Informant #86261: avoid it at all costs I know its not the right thing to do but its what I allways do

Informant #86360: to do whatever your fear is and face it head on.

Informant #86362: just do iy

Informant #86371: to go up against what your scared of

Informant #86372: beat some ass

Informant #86379: I don't because I don't know how.

Informant #86380: Avoid it

Informant #86427: face it, evalute it, explore it, learn about it.

Informant #86429: Face it

Informant #86439: vbnv

Informant #86443: Face it head on.

Informant #86444: with a knife

Informant #86445: accept it

Informant #86596: Face your fear and conquer it.

Informant #86597: Ignore it.

Informant #86604: MAN UP, SON!.

Informant #86614: realize your problem and tackle it head on, easier said then done though

Informant #86619: g

Informant #86635: Face it.

Informant #86636: to try new thnigs

Informant #86639: By understanding your fear better.

Informant #86650: dont linger towards it.

Informant #86729: None.

Informant #86733: Ignore it and move on.

Informant #86736: Face them head on

Informant #86748: rawr?

Informant #86873: Confront it.

Informant #86874: don't pay attention

Informant #86876: MAN THE F*** UP

Informant #93496: dismantle it.

Informant #96229: Pray for the fear to be lifted. Recognize that I am letting my actions be dictated by fear and change that.

Informant #98549: face it

Informant #107990: no clue

Informant #108650: fear is induced by Satan, he wants you to fear. Fear is not an emotion of God

Informant #108709: None

Informant #112167: Hypnosis

Informant #112381: rationally,sometimes face the fear

Informant #121521: knowledge

Informant #136927: To realize that most things you fear CAN NOT be changed. So shut up about them and put your mind on something you can change. That way you actually use your time and energy for something worthwhile.

Informant #165595: green

Informant #182489: Explore why and think more rationally.

Informant #190202: Face it head on.

Informant #201401: Everyone says that the best way to fight fear is to confront that fear, but I find that that only makes the fear much worse. For me, I try to learn as much about my fear as possible, and see how other people have handled it. I like to take small steps to gradually rid myself of a fear. However, each fear of different and must be handled in their own respective ways.

Informant #216967: always obedient to the Word of God, according to the scriptures

Informant #222176: Slap in the face and yell, "Give me a grilled cheese sandwhich!" And if it gets back up, get a baseball bat and whack it down and also yell, "SAY SOMETHING! I DARE YOU!!!!!!" And if it does, run...

Informant #233840: bed

Informant #261946: to face the fear

Informant #306070: to face it

Informant #321158: face it head on!

Informant #334861: be objective

Informant #334975: Face it head on

Informant #343204: Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for tiknag the time.

Informant #352364: zz

Informant #363410: Face the fears or just accept that they are there

Informant #373651: I don't know.

Informant #388141: take your fear head on and tackle it and get over your fear.

Informant #388147: face it

Informant #441801: Standing up to my fear by facing it.

Informant #460926: I stay quiet and try to think through things rationally. A lot of the time, though, that doesn't help.

Informant #532854: Prayer

Informant #558035: Tell myself that it is not something to be afraid of and that it is all in my head.

Informant #632867: It depends on what I'm afraid of. If,as a teenager and a conscious person, I'm afraid of doing drugs, then I don't see a point in fighting that fear. On the other hand, I believe that the best way to fight fear related to inner things that we cannot change, is to get informed on other people's experiences and to seek out for help.

Informant #771763: You need some adult swim lessons! You are mnsiisg out. We LOVE the water at our house. Slimy ocean bottoms and jelly fish and fish in general swimming are not my favorite things but we love swimming in lakes, rivers, the ocean you name it. I haven't been on a boat much but our best vacation ever was in Maui and a lot of it was spent planted firmly on the beach.Not that you are wrong, everyone can have different interests. I am just saying maybe if you were a strong swimmer you could get over your fear of drowning.

Informant #866222: Face it, or outthink it.

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