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Informant #26984: Good luck!

Informant #27159: Overall, very good, thought provoking survey. How about a few more questions? For example, one (multiple choice or check box) question listing common fears: fear of dictators, fear of persons of opposite sex, fear of heterosexuals or homosexuals, fear of persons of another race, ethnicity, nationality or religion, fear of terrorists, fear of rulers who conduct wars or who do not support social programs for the common people. Another question: A text line response to question about one's religious (or no religious) affiliation. Another question: perhaps a text box response about which fears do you think are good to have? Another question: if you have no fear of people who do evil, then what would you do to oppose such evil people?

Informant #27171: this survey seems based on premises which are simplistic and perhaps driven by an unseen agenda

Informant #27190: Interesting.

Informant #27191: nice survey.

Informant #27212: Fear is used as a guideline as we grow up. We fear the penalty for our actions when they are not appropriate.

Informant #27220: Fear can be a motivator just as a deterrent but if a person willing to learn about what they fear, usually they'll find there really wasn't anything to be fearful of the first-place. As long as you never let your fear stop you from doing your heart desire you will be successful. Also, fear isn't the only thing that can causes failure but it is a big part of it most of the time.

Informant #27226: no comments

Informant #27227: none

Informant #27241: this was kind of confusing. good or bad fear, fear is natural isnt it. it also depends on what you fear. on how u react to it... thanks

Informant #27246: i like carpet

Informant #27248: WhoahaWhoahaWhoah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Informant #27253: What's the point of this?

Informant #27256: I have just gone through a fear of almost losing my husband, to cancer. (I have not been that scared in a long long time.)

Informant #27257: Nope, that's about it, really.

Informant #27261: i like cheese

Informant #27262: While I see the uses of yes/no studies, myself I always preferred ones with more options to get more accurate results.

Informant #27264: this survey helped me bye showing me what i know about fear

Informant #27277: good survey.

Informant #27280: no

Informant #27282: *comments* =P

Informant #27296: hi

Informant #27300: suffering is caused by desire, not fear. as humans we desire so much, and when what we desire is nor achieved or does not meet our standards, we begin to suffer (mentally).

Informant #27301: If we didn't have fear we would be stupid (eg. fear of falling off a cliff, fear of walking in front of a bus)

Informant #27303: I hope I did this right!

Informant #27309: Good luck.....u need a person take your fears away. Few can do it by staying alone. Iam alone but i do not fear that.

Informant #27330: No comments.

Informant #27337: f*** you

Informant #27349: Fear is all in the mind.

Informant #27352: Okay.

Informant #27354: peace. safe. Illiades here.

Informant #27355: No thanks. = )

Informant #27363: Goo survey.

Informant #27381: butts! lmao

Informant #27387: I am paranoid, that is my fear.

Informant #27395: Shutup

Informant #27396: :-)

Informant #27445: no fear

Informant #27462: no

Informant #27478: some of your questions are kind of broad like "Which of the following do you think is caused by fears:" i dont think any of the things you listed are only caused by fear but can be caused by a huge factor of things that may or may not include fear. But then again im sure ,theres away someone can argue how all of your decisions are based on fear.

Informant #27529: Question #4: Some fears are good. For example, if I see a angry dog looking at me, I will fear getting attack. So I will find a way to get out of the situation. Qestion #5: Only if I do not understand why I have the fear of a particular thing. Question #6: I picked only those items that I think result directly from fear. The other items might result indirectly from fear. Question #8: I also think suffering can describe situations where I feel pain. I think a toothache is not caused by fear, but it gives me pain, and I suffer from that pain. Question #14: Helpful in that I can understand why I cannot change "x" and what I can do to remove myself from "x."

Informant #27541: No

Informant #27553: some ridiculous questions on this survey.

Informant #27569: this is a hard survey....specificly, questions can be answered either way depending on the TYPE of fear and circumstances.

Informant #27582: all the best with the survey

Informant #27590: Did I win?

Informant #27592: Some of these questions are biased. Sometimes I put answers simply because none applied to me.

Informant #27594: nope

Informant #27595: No thanks.

Informant #27602: Some of these questions need a "occasionally" answer.

Informant #27603: ?

Informant #27613: OK survey

Informant #27625: fear is for fools who no not how to handle life

Informant #27646: I like feeling fear

Informant #27652: Fear is too broad a term. You seem to haveb ased your survey on being affraid of some kind of leader etc However I fear that if i do not eat my bananas they may go off!

Informant #27679: This may be pretty lame but I think your survey changed my life. In a very big way. these are some questions that I have been seriously wondering about lately. Thank you.

Informant #27685: In my opinion, your questions should be more specific, such as what types of fears. It would help answer your questions more accuratly.

Informant #27694: On question 11, the question would be a lot better if the word "some" had been added between "that" and "rulers". Some rulers do attempt to play on the fears of those they rule, and some don't. Some are fearful in themselves, and simply say what they think. As posed, the question forces a generalization, I answered it with a yes, however, If I had the option, I would have chosen both the first and second option. On question 12 I selected yes but I think there should have been a third option. Someone who encourages fear for good cause, for example a doctor who frightens people with bad eating habits with stories of diabetes, is different form someone who puts energy into intimidating people for his or her own gain.

Informant #27704: Fear is all in the mind. Thanks for listening.

Informant #27708: Fear isn't always a bad thing; your survey seemed to have that bias.

Informant #27734: meh

Informant #27736: I am sorry but your questions are very simplistic. Some of them are worded in a way that builds bias into the question. Some are too absolute to make accurate observations with. Definitely some interesting questions, though.

Informant #27741: Couldn't answer some questions as accurately as I would have liked.

Informant #27759: Perfect Love casts out fear. God says to fear not.

Informant #27763: A very interesting Survey

Informant #27766: An interesting quiz, some of the questions were far too simplified.

Informant #27785: some of the questions were very insightful

Informant #27789: Nope.

Informant #27793: Sorry for the lousy English..

Informant #27798: Question 16 was not so plain, I doubt, if I gave the correct answer.

Informant #27807: ...

Informant #27820: Nice Survey.

Informant #27821: Please ignore my answer of question 11, I do not like any of the possible answers

Informant #27822: There are many kinds of fear and not all of them are bad. Some are, but those are the ones that paralize a persons life.

Informant #27824: Afraid of Fear? Heh, sounds weird, some kind of twisted doubblethinking fit for the book "1984"

Informant #27833: These are interesting questions. Several of them, though, assume that one knows the actual answer. A person might be invovled in a religion that encourages fear, and yet be unable to answer 'yes' to that question. Also, regarding question 15, there are many definitions of 'freedom', and to really judge a person's answer to that question, I think it would be necessary to know exactly what they mean by 'freedom'. Otherwise, their answer will be vauge. I define 'freedom' as the situation where each person may enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of their own happiness, provided that they do not infringe upon anyone else's rights to the same. Some questions could have used a 'not necessarily', rather than just 'yes' or 'no'. Questions 9 & 12, for instance... Anyway, interesting.

Informant #27835: Some of the questions provided either/or answers that didn't fit. For example, not ALL leaders instill fear, but someone like Saddam Hussein sure as hell does. Leaders are as different as all types of humans. This seems constructed to fit preconceived notions.

Informant #27844: Question 17 is foolish.

Informant #27866: i feel that fear is just another way your mind keeps you safe. its a way of pretecting yourselves. but too much fear can be bad it can lead to phobias and other mental illness's

Informant #27899: This survey was random...

Informant #27900: Fear eventually destroys us all.

Informant #27910: Question 10 is quite difficult to answer, because it depends upon what the person is fearing.

Informant #27920: Good analysis, happy to participate.

Informant #27935: I'm afraid to post more comments. :(

Informant #27939: trance rules!

Informant #27968: A man without fear is a man without hope...

Informant #27970: you sucks mayn

Informant #28019: none

Informant #28047: n/a

Informant #28049: Good survey!!! What R U afraid of?? lol Just kidding :D

Informant #28058: is this a scary flash presentation

Informant #28063: Im sure that making the last 3 questions mandatory vastly reduces the amount of responses you get.

Informant #28119: fear is more a matter of losing controll. i.e.... fear of heights, animals, the dark. fearing perosns is more intimidation and thus can be adheared to. i belive people use fear as a reason( excuse) to not cure themselfs of what ever conditions he/her may be suffering. is fear linked with self confidence ? are confident people less fearfull ? does over coming fear bulid confidence ?

Informant #28125: stupid survey

Informant #28135: The quiz is cool, but just so you know, my fears are spiders, deep water and needles.

Informant #28141: Very good survey!

Informant #28142: listen to trance music;-)

Informant #28161: no

Informant #28216: Very good questions in this survey.

Informant #28217: I used to have a fear of vomiting, then a couple of times I got really sick and had to just put up with it and deal with it. Now it doesn't really bother me.

Informant #28218: Wanted to clarify #11 above. I put that rules do cause fear in people on purpose, but just wanted to add that I don't that _all_ rules do this, just some do.

Informant #28224: Your questions are worded very badly. More revision is needed.

Informant #28228: interesting...

Informant #28230: Fear is not the cause of all evil, it can be a motivation for some of the ones listed but ultimately any other base emotion could be a driving force for these evils.

Informant #28245: this survey sucks -_-!

Informant #28252: I think fear can be a positive thing and help us along our journey through life. Sometimes it protects us from ourselves. But it's a doube-edged sword because it can paralyze us and prevent us from doing or trying things that would improve our lives tremendously.

Informant #28260: No further comments.

Informant #28281: Some fear is helps us survive in crisis situations and keeps us from unnecesscary harm. Too much fear can cause us to go insane, and become innefectual in doing much of anything productive with our lives. It can isolate us, or make us easily led. Knowing the differnce between rational and irrational fears is good, as is being able to confront our fears so that our fear does not hold us in domination.

Informant #28288: NO

Informant #28295: I think most people function on fear. I dont think we would do half the things we do, if we were not scared in someway

Informant #28342: what is this all about? :)

Informant #28343: I like this test......... (~.~)

Informant #28351: the thing is not to be fearless but to not let them control you... I live in a pretty dangerous city and I know I don't feel half as afraid as the crime statistics say I should... that might be a risk but then again I don't think I'd leave the apartment if I was as scared as I should realistically be...

Informant #28367: Fear, love, hate, etc. are all learned. You may be genetically more predisposed to fear things or love things, etc., but in the end, it's still learned through classical conditioning. If someone is throwing swords into the air around you, you'll have a fear that one may fall on you. This fear is rational, and helpful, because it tells you to move away from the falling swords. We learn to fear this because we learn that getting cut is uncomfortable. If we never learn this, we wouldn't fear the swords falling, and this lack of fear would increase our likelihood of getting injurred or killed. Phobias, on the other hand, are irrational fears. Like the fear of bridges. Or the fear of elevators. These fears are also learned through classical conditioning. To the person feeling these fears, they feel an extreme discomfort even considering walking on bridges, or elevators, or being near dogs, or whatever it may be.

Informant #28368: Hi, I'm Informant ID 28367. I'd just like to make a correction. I misread the "Do you think that a person who has no fear is incapable of doing anything wrong?" one. I thought it said capable, that's why I said yes. Sorry.

Informant #28378: woooo!

Informant #28380: thankyou (:

Informant #28382: nothing

Informant #28386: On some questions I'd like to answer but yes or no (preferably some middle answer). A could be or sometimes button would be helpful.

Informant #28390: yea, i like it

Informant #28419: 'Fear' is a very broad understanding. Fear for oneself might fuel different actions than fear fro ones loved ones, fear for ones future or fear for the wrath of an invisible being. Fear of 'evil things that might happen' can paralyze a person and kep them from doing anything at all. fear can make one succumb or make one stand up and fight. the questions don't ask WHAT fear would likely encourage a certain type of behaviour. A missed opportunity in my opinion.

Informant #28489: This was a bizarre survey. i wasn't always sure what you were asking.

Informant #28513: ok.

Informant #28516: im bored now bye.

Informant #28517: thanks

Informant #28547: BO!

Informant #28567: Such meh

Informant #28574: This survey is weird.

Informant #28581: n

Informant #28611: some questions are kinda too generic to answer realistically with only 3 options

Informant #28615: Interesting test...

Informant #28622: nothing

Informant #28623: no it's ok

Informant #28626: Whatever..

Informant #28647: youve tried to comment about fear in reference to terrorism with your questioning. This is a poor line of questioning about fear. Fears come in all shapes and sizes and need to be held in check. Is fear beneficial? Yes, in the fact that I should respect and fear that mountain before I ski/snowboard/climb/etc. Is fear detrimental...yes. Fear of an unknown individual can promote hatred. Youve created a very poor poll.

Informant #28649: n/a

Informant #28673: Listen to more trance. Always rock out with your cock out. I'm done.

Informant #28676: Something is going to happen now right?

Informant #28682: You should watch the film Donnie Darko for a good insight into this type of issue.

Informant #28695: have an awful fear of death which makes me pretty miserable.

Informant #28699: You are an asshole.

Informant #28715: I don't think that fear causes any of the list of bad things you gave, I think our sinful natures do. Fear is a bi-product or a symptom of the problems caused by our sinfullness.

Informant #28721: I think this survey is very subjective - some of the above points i would have preferred not have given a yes or no answer, and responded with "sometimes" etc.

Informant #28735: i think fear is a natural feeling - some fears are useful, some are just stupid....fear of spiders(generally non poisinous) - stupid fear. fear of man with a gun pointed at your head - sensible.

Informant #28748: none

Informant #28783: this questionairre is really badly structured, the questions ambigious and really could not really give you any decent data because of this, i'm wondering why you bothered e.g rulers making people feel fear on purpose, what rulers are you talking about? i know there are rulers who do make people fearful on purpose but some don't. Complete rubbish

Informant #28818: Sort your research methods; your questionnaire has been poorly laid out, too much use of closed questions and not enough options, such as the 5 option method that would have worked better IMO. Fear is an interesting topic none the less.

Informant #28824: this survey struck fear into me :(

Informant #28857: I am offically fearless

Informant #28877: Ya, cool survey thingy. Truly, a facinating topic.

Informant #29227: no

Informant #29449: drink beer f*** fear.

Informant #29653: Good idea this poll, but some of your questions are too general, while others would benefit from a follow-up question .. like #13 for example .. #14 "In what way" or something like that. You could also ask about the religion the person answering the test was brought in .. is it still the same.. this kind of things .. religion and piety have a great influence on fears.... not a bad test, but not focused enough .. IMHO (I've done dizains of test in professional settings) hope I was clear enough and actually told you 1 or 2 good things :D

Informant #29878: cows are cool......

Informant #31159: ow do?

Informant #35450: Very nice.

Informant #36005: Hi

Informant #36007: i don't know what this test is about? wtf...

Informant #36010: xdfsxf

Informant #36018: trance is the only way of living

Informant #36019: i don't fear this test )

Informant #36021: ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! without fear, i think like would be kinda boring


Informant #36034: fear is the enemy of progress and contentment.My main goal in life is to get rid of all of my fears so that i can succeed to the maximum of my potential

Informant #36037: /

Informant #36045: Hi, some of the options are a bit off... pity?? Other than that, fear means nothing to me.

Informant #36064: i don't like question 15. the feeling of freedom depends on your psyhical and mental circumstances, wether you have or haven't got fears.

Informant #36089: People should stop being so afraid of each other. We have other problems to fear.

Informant #36094: hey

Informant #36104: fear caused by traumas make people hypersensitive, but fear is generally there to protect us, it can hinder or protect depending on the situation

Informant #36105: fear factor rulez

Informant #36183: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Informant #36196: no comment

Informant #36200: What's the point in this survey?

Informant #36212: fear is like beauty, it's all in your mind

Informant #36221: Are you afraid your survey isn't that good? or is pointless?

Informant #36225: omghi2u!

Informant #36234: Fear my wrath!!!

Informant #36239: Blah.

Informant #36251: Be specific on what kind of fears you are talking about. There can be things like claustraphobia or whatever that you can get rid of and there can be fears like fear of death, fear of faliure, fear of emberesment, fear of losing that actually allow us to imporve ourselves, keep us alive and make us stay competitive. because of my fear of faliure in life, i work very hard in school.

Informant #36254: Great survey!

Informant #36255: there are some roads that are not to be traveled and some cities that are not to be taken.

Informant #36268: This is a great survey, i would love my parents to be able to see this, i beleive most parents (especially religious parents) who pretty much run their kids through fear should be able to witness what it does first hand and how it is a detriment rather then a benefit. Please publish the results of this test. Thank you.

Informant #36270: Some of these questions did not make sense. Like "Do you think that someone is able to become happy if he or she has fear?" and "Do you think that any suffering would be possible if there was no fear?". I dont know what you meant by rulers either. We dont really have any rulers, we have governing people, but they dont rule us.

Informant #36272: my cat's breath smells like cat food

Informant #36273: hi

Informant #36278: I love you all

Informant #36280: fear is instinct. We need it.

Informant #36301: I like chicken lol

Informant #36306: PIITB

Informant #36311: There are many different kinds of fear. Some of these questions are not specific enough to answer 100% correctly.

Informant #36319: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself...

Informant #36327: some time fear is helthy

Informant #36370: Some of the questions are pretty stupid.

Informant #36376: A little vague in the questioning...

Informant #36396: im not writing anything

Informant #36397: Fear is what seperates the strong from the weak.

Informant #36444: Pizza.

Informant #36507: Good survey. Academics must hate this survey.

Informant #36512: yo! s'up homie.fear is natural,embrace it!

Informant #36514: Ignorance is bliss mabye...but an unexamined life is not work living, fear is biologicaly essintial to survival if a rabbit did not fear the fox would it run ? What would be the prognosis for the survival of a species withouth fear?The dodo didnt fear man which is one of the reasons it became extinct.Fear naturally serves a purpose, but in todays socity people instilling fear is different it serves their purpose to control, see terroisim.

Informant #36515: purple monkey dishwasher

Informant #36521: Fear is in all of us.

Informant #36524: The only thing worth fearing is other people...

Informant #36529: i like milk

Informant #36532: Some of these questions are too closed, such as the ruler one, q 17 = "afraid of being afraid"..

Informant #36533: i am not fearful i am huge and that's why

Informant #40887: Okay ;)

Informant #41000: Interesting survey.

Informant #41007: fear is gay.

Informant #41010: great questions !!

Informant #41038: you suck

Informant #41067: around the middle your q's are to similer

Informant #41108: absoloutely useless survey.

Informant #41121: I have been fighting my fear for as long as I can remember. I think fear will always exist as long as we are biological beings.

Informant #41160: interesting. :)

Informant #41166: keep up the good work

Informant #41171: odd

Informant #41181: We all deal with fear; it's just part of our human emotions. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Fear can cripple us if we let it, but I believe we all have the power to rise above fear if we just trust in God and let Him guide our steps.

Informant #41199: where is this info going?

Informant #41296: More an explanation of my q.9 answer. I really wanted a depends button, because not everyone who watches TV is going to get fear. It depends on the type of person they are, what they're watching, etc. I don't think TV alone can bring fear, there are a lot of other factors involved as well.

Informant #41297: Not all fears are phobias, some are natural instinctive reactions to things that are dangerous to our wellbeing. Some fears are there for a reason and don't need to be conquered.

Informant #41310: Good luck, Blondinec!

Informant #41318: This is... interesting.

Informant #41451: nice questionnaries

Informant #41541: I believe you could have done with more of a definition of what kind of fear you mean. Fear of what exactly? Death, lonliness, injury, the unknown, ilness, losing face? Some of the questions allude to certain types, logical fears, others to seemingly illogical paranoid fears. Without a context it is difficult to give accurate answers.

Informant #41542: OT > you

Informant #41554: This sucks. These questions dont make sense.

Informant #41565: O RLY

Informant #41570: I hope this survey has helped you.

Informant #41591: good job?

Informant #41601: Good luck!

Informant #41618: some questions are not as simple as a yes or no answer

Informant #41629: OH RLY?

Informant #41634: I thought some of the questions were too general.

Informant #41734: 0

Informant #42069: Think I've done this survey before or you stole it from someone else! naugthy!

Informant #42129: My greatest fears are Baloons, bangers, fire works and guns. I don't like swimming in the sea although I have faced that fear and even swam with sharks. I'm probably most afraid of fear itself and the posibility of triggering a panic attack.

Informant #42156: this was a waste of time

Informant #42283: lalalalalala

Informant #42299: I like this survey cvould have a few more options on the yes and no parts though.

Informant #42341: Fear is a survival tactic, and an irrationability. It's up to each individual to sort them out accordingly.

Informant #42795: Fear in society is put into us by dickhead media etc.

Informant #57716: Fear is the gap between reality and desire. Diminish desire, embrace reality and the void is filled by peace.

Informant #57739: this survey is far too 'closed'.

Informant #57805: this reminds me of donnie darko. i feel like i need to tell you to shove a book up your ass.

Informant #57919: fear is useful.. its keeps bungie jumping deaths down. Without fear people would do many foolish things. however to be incapacitated by fear is also rather useless.

Informant #68246: This survey was very very very very very poorly written


Informant #86009: Good one!

Informant #86013: From Russia with love!!!

Informant #86021: Fear of God actually means absolute respect for God.

Informant #86022: oh hi trapz

Informant #86032: im scared shitless to step outa this room

Informant #86033: Boo?

Informant #86041: .

Informant #86052: ok

Informant #86063: I can ejaculate my parachute

Informant #86067: bite me

Informant #86074: i am smoking one right now

Informant #86111: Boom protine everywhere!

Informant #86115: perfect love casts out all fear

Informant #86126: ACAB

Informant #86175: i dont even know

Informant #86178: ok

Informant #86195: ecstasy gives u no fear

Informant #86197: I'm being tricked aren't I.

Informant #86261: the world runs on fear

Informant #86360: piitb

Informant #86371: fdbxgfd

Informant #86372: f*** you

Informant #86379: sup

Informant #86427: =) u should make a quiz about "what are you afraid of"

Informant #86439: nbv

Informant #86443: n/a

Informant #86614: nah

Informant #86619: g

Informant #86729: No.

Informant #86733: F*** fear

Informant #86876: do i have potential?

Informant #93496: fear sucks.

Informant #108650: Fear is not a Godly emotion. In this survey, it seems like fear and being afraid are equated. There is nothing wrong with being afraid, or even anxious, however, fear is more deep and dark. Where it is asked if fear is used to control people, I think people are afraid of the consequences, and that keeps them in line. However, fear is a little too strong of a word to use. Consider revision of the questions, or the usage of the word "fear."

Informant #108709: None

Informant #112167: Individualized questionnaires like this are an important tool in assessing our and correcting negative behavior. My appreciation to your entire team. Dr. Sunil Shankar Ph. D Chennai, India

Informant #136927: I can't stand when people waste their time on fear. It really irritates me. I rarely RARELY fear anything, and its because it RARELY gets anything done.

Informant #165595: blue

Informant #190202: Blahhh :D

Informant #201401: This was a very insightful and interesting survey.

Informant #216967: thank's for all of you.....

Informant #222176: My comment is welcomed. This makes me feel better but I also enjoy facing my fears such like, OJ Simpson.

Informant #321158: Interesting survey

Informant #334861: stay cool and focused

Informant #343204: Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for tiknag the time.

Informant #352364: zz

Informant #354640: great!

Informant #388141: good servey

Informant #632867: I believe this survey is useful.

Informant #771763: You need some adult swim lessons! You are mnsiisg out. We LOVE the water at our house. Slimy ocean bottoms and jelly fish and fish in general swimming are not my favorite things but we love swimming in lakes, rivers, the ocean you name it. I haven't been on a boat much but our best vacation ever was in Maui and a lot of it was spent planted firmly on the beach.Not that you are wrong, everyone can have different interests. I am just saying maybe if you were a strong swimmer you could get over your fear of drowning.

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