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Informant #66100: Hello

Informant #66101: wtf is this about ud be better of asking us what we think of our own govenment cos we all know the a big heap of corrupt wankers who cant do nothing right.Ireland at its best

Informant #66115: What's the something else in the gender question?!

Informant #66125: No

Informant #66129: very good

Informant #66136: how can your gender be other?

Informant #66142: would rather the questions refered to current government than just government cause administrations change

Informant #66170: sod muslims

Informant #66171: A very bad survey. Another one from someone looking to start something. US Government is fine. It's policies are superb.

Informant #66183: fun survey..hope it helps

Informant #66210: blub blub nubba lub

Informant #66223: Boring Survey

Informant #66232: wtfbbq?? kthxbai :D

Informant #66238: Dunno

Informant #66255: Never met a North Korean so I can't comment on them.

Informant #66256: You ridin'?

Informant #66264: Nuke North Korea (NNK), ftw!

Informant #66285: F*** Bush and lets get him out of office and get this country back on track

Informant #66301: i love lamp!!!!!!!!11

Informant #66306: 'WHY ARE YOU CRUEL?' Homer Simpson to Japanese TV gameshow host 'The Japanese are a very cruel race' Unknown actress, BBC television, 1987

Informant #66311: Absane

Informant #66329: I think if the word "America" was substituted for "USA" I would have opted for "people and lifestyle" rather than government and politics" though I'm unsure why. Also, I'm unsure why I'm neutral toward Canadian people rather than positive- possibly due to an ex, lol.

Informant #66357: That was..different. You sure those questions provide statistically significant/useful answers? Not sure what the point of this was but I'm glad to help out, good luck!

Informant #66431: One of my biggest problems with the US Government are the bullshit laws and 'wars' like the war on drugs, and other 'wars' that limit a person's individual freedom of choice and waste money that could be used for useful programs that benefit people, rather than destroy society.

Informant #66432: wow strong survey. Good luck with the paper

Informant #66472: PIITB

Informant #66483: Too few questions on each country. What i feel for the government is too broad. China for example, where i currently live, i give mad props for the government for being able to keep a country and so many citizens together but there are many things which i strongly resent. Ohand i am extremely biased towards russian people as i did not very much enjoy my stay there when i was there last. good luck with your project you need more specific questions. cheerio

Informant #66487: Screw the USA, let's hope the behemoth overstretches and breaks.

Informant #66499: Not specific enough. It seem geared specifically for American's and their world views. The buzz words for America are Russia, China, Canada... surprised you didn't throw in Iraq. Could use some work.

Informant #66512: It's hard to separate govenment/politcs and people/lifestyle when thinking of particular countries.

Informant #66517: This is plain retarded.

Informant #66524: Im a closet heterosexual

Informant #66542: A trend is developing.

Informant #66550: Wow, Strong surway.

Informant #66558: DID YOU KNOW #392 Jesus was known as 'Supa Fly Nigga' to his 12 Apostles They owned the western side of Jerusalem

Informant #66562: Canada ftw :P

Informant #66602: Two things on my mind: Negative: My twat boss had a go at me today for playing solitaire (it was actually Freecell, so the joke's on him, ha!) while I was supposed to be working. My 'job' is to correct data (postcodes and suchlike) for seven and a half hours a day for heaven's sake! What a prat, eh? Positive: Had a lovely cod-German conversation with a Polish lorry driver on my walk into work today. He wanted to know the way to Merstham. It was a great start to the day, only to be ruined by my facist twat of a boss. Eagles! Etc. All the best, Richard

Informant #66605: Bang on deez nutzzzz

Informant #66606: While I am from Russia I am a citizen of America and have lived here for 15 years.

Informant #66610: Were you trying to get me to check 'Negative' for the North Korea questions? You sneaky bas****! :)

Informant #66656: I think you'll find a correlation that when a country's govt is thought of before its people, there will be a negative or neutral attitude towards the people and/govt.

Informant #66669: Im A FLAWWWWDA NIGGUH

Informant #66670: wow strong survey

Informant #66685: The

Informant #66694: This survey sucked. I can't see what the hell you're going to get out of it.

Informant #66715: I despise the fascists who have taken over my country. What most people here don't understand is the division between what this country stands for and the despicable swine who are driving us into the ditch.

Informant #66718: When asking what (countries) "mean to you?" maybe you should instead ask "What do you think when you hear." The question could be taken different ways, and that isn't in your best interest for an unbiased report.

Informant #66736: Lefties suck. They will bring down the whole of modern western civilization through their constant meddling in the military, foreign and domestic affairs of the Government and hindering its collective efforts to solve issues and reduce or end threats. Furthermore they are also constantly collaborating with the Islamofacists and Communists providing them with at the very least encouragement which strengthens the enemys resolve. If you want freedom and security and wish to preserve them you need to keep the lefties suppressed and out of power.

Informant #66748: TEXAS IS ALIVE. F*** COMUNISM

Informant #66752: Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them (Paul Valery)

Informant #66763: Interesting survey!

Informant #66771: Puzzled about age? You must be joking

Informant #66773: I see what you're trying to do, though you might want to explain it better.

Informant #66785: This survey is real bland. First off when I hear the word USA it has several meanings that are not listed. I think Freedom, Pride, Strength, and then some other things like coruption, propaganda, lobbyist. The US people could use some work on the way that they treat each other and be more involved in their government. I think that the US government means well but are sometimes miss guided by LOBBYIST. Canada has been our neighbor for a long time and yet I really don't know to much about them. China will be the worlds next Superpower that will continue to consume the rest of the planet. They pretty much manufacture everything so this creates a strong grip on everyone else. Russia seems to be ok but why are they still in compitition with the US? Are they still against us? North Korea is a thorn in the worlds backside. Why do they need nukes? To hold a better seat in the UN? To threaten other countries? To show the world that "I defied everyones wishes to not build the bomb but look at me I did it anyway and no one will do anything about it!" I believe that their leader is a tyrant also. He showed Iran that if you built a bomb no one will stop you or do anything to you. Good job! I wonder what kind of world are we leaving for our kids? It's not even our it is everyones past and present.

Informant #66790: I'm from Belgium (EU). I respect all human beings, but I don't agree with governments who don't respect the Human Rights, the rights of "minorities" (women, religious, cultural, color of skin, poor people, gays and lesbians...), democracy, international treaties, use violence or lie just to start a war (divert public attention from internal problems)...

Informant #66841: I also believe that Austria-Hungary ought to be restored.

Informant #66852: very nice

Informant #66861: North Korea, Iran, PR China, Palestine, Syrian governments are a pile of f***ing bullshit

Informant #66889: Incredible sympathy towards the people of North Korea.

Informant #66918: Normally I would think that by the name of a country someone thinks about the country itself, not the people, lifestyle, government,... first. Further I'm negative about almost every government, including my own.

Informant #66942: Ask the same questions during the Olympics and you'll get entirely different answers to the question: What does word "XXXXXXX" mainly mean for you?

Informant #66975: The North Korean Government should burn in hell

Informant #66980: I find their Imperialistic, based solely on internal economics, foreign policies offensive.

Informant #66982: I am trully sad about how things go in the world today. Everyones picking eachother ,but what about africa? Still think the moslims in europa are a threath to our democratie!

Informant #67030: This survey didn't include Malta?

Informant #67094: crush the state.

Informant #67096: Americans are CERTAINLY not well liked here in Italy. Nobody has forgotten OLD and RECENT bad manners against some italian citizens.

Informant #67136: These are difficult years, i hope changing is coming...

Informant #67391: some of asian governments are too tight with their people. But the people are generally of goof morales. The US is just like a big spoiled fatso with a gun

Informant #67511: It is perfectly possible to think simultaneously about lifestyle and politics. They are rather inseparate, especially in a country like North Korea.

Informant #67527: Since there was no option for "both" i chose "I'm truly puzzled" on the russia issue instead. Some russians are ok though.

Informant #67540: heil hitler

Informant #67541: US has no right to police the world, and I don't believe it is even productive in the long run. Dictatorships will fall with education and information, rather than bombs, in this modern time. US needs to learn modesty!!!

Informant #67553: Sweden rules!

Informant #67583: - sampling is unscientific - questions are vague - title is misleading - ...

Informant #67591: Lived in America for short time had good and bad experiences of the people. Think badly of the government. Not much experience of Canadians tho don't equate them with politics. The word China conjures up images of a totalitarian state, whereas I've only had good experiences in contact with Chinese persons. Russia post U.S.S.R. I would equate more with people & culture rather than with state. No real experience of Russians. Apart from Andre Kanchelskis and he played for the huns (nuff siad but cannot judge a people on him) North Korea has to be the state, don't get enough information about people or culture and no real contact. Hope this helps and good luck.

Informant #67600: Up yours. As*hole. hey you said anything goes.

Informant #68008: Republicanism: Just say no.

Informant #68022: You should focus your attention on political forums, because you will have strange results. If you want a clear picture, look for people on a neutral website. e.g. datingsite

Informant #68035: Interesting survey. I seem to have a better opinion of people then their governments

Informant #68064: Crappy questions and even worse answers... This sucks.

Informant #68223: I like liberal governments and people...

Informant #71545: I have a negative impression of the Russian government mostly because I feel sorry for it-- its history is a bit muddled, and I think its organization is currently based upon the French government. (Nothing against the French, I just do not think that their government structure makes much sense.) I have a negative impression of the North Korean government mostly because I am frightened of it.

Informant #75369: my attitude towards the US government tends to change according to who's in charge

Informant #77698: NO

Informant #107393: i think the world is going to shit

Informant #108710: None

Informant #123091: weird survey

Informant #157400: You have a few typos in this quiz. :)

Informant #157608: This actually opened up my eyes. I see that because I am an American, whenI look at countries who are not "on board" with the US, I see them for their politics and not their people...

Informant #215856: I don't mind the people, there's good folks everywhere, but goverments are purely against us=people.... Corporatian cartels, banks and goverments are the worst evil in the whole world!

Informant #216970: in fact, when asked about a country, I want to answer: including governments, communities and lifestyles, too. but the answer that you have made, is in a separate state.

Informant #222694: good survey!

Informant #268773: I say my attitude towards North Korean peoples is positive not because I support their brainwashing, suffering, or government... but because I support them. And I have faith in the good of all people.

Informant #343188: That's the best anwser of all time! JMHO

Informant #394503: What is this survey for???

Informant #437840: USA USA USA USA USA USA

Informant #438975: I am not a racist person

Informant #461609: something like, A man who carries a cat by the tail, laenrs a lesson which he can not learn in any other way. And so it is sometimes with the lessons in our own life. I do not condemn anyone who drinks. I however, like to think of Romans 8:1-17. We are no longer to be controlled by our sinful nature, but we have an obligation to live according to the Spirit of God. If we can teach other people to do that just by modeling it, that could save a lot of pain. However, sometimes a person can learn only by one way. How do you learn? How do your children learn?

Informant #505026: None

Informant #512053: hi

Informant #672661: I think you are all suckers Conor Cooper

Informant #735063: what about Ghana

Informant #1018123: This short movie got me very emotional. I alomst cried when the old man was speaking. In order to be grateful we have to see. and in order to truly see, we have to be present. We are all in such a hurry that we are not present and we do not see. Every day I strive to be present, even if for just a few minutes.

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