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Informant #77073: I want to help people through medicine.

Informant #77074: To have better and more options for career chooses

Informant #77075: I want to become a doctor.

Informant #77079: To get a well paid job

Informant #77080: Because I want to futher my education as nowadays a post college degree is best acknowledged

Informant #77081: want to make more money

Informant #77083: Why wouldn't I?

Informant #77084: To make more money

Informant #77085: I like to learn

Informant #77086: dont want 2

Informant #77087: I ALAWAYS WANTED TO BECOME A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Informant #77088: it is essential for the life style i want to live.

Informant #77089: to make a bigger impact in this world and the lives of others around me, and to live a better life

Informant #77090: it is necessary

Informant #77095: More money

Informant #77096: required to advance in my job industry

Informant #77098: So I can make a better life for myself.

Informant #77100: Because I want a different kind of experience.

Informant #77113: To further my education

Informant #77114: Because I have always wanted to go all the way with my education and be something in life

Informant #77118: To further my education, income, and knowledge in medicine.

Informant #77119: Because what is the point of going to High School if u aint gonna to to college?


Informant #77121: Make more money

Informant #77122: I wanna continue my education

Informant #77127: I'm just ready to get a career and move on with my life.

Informant #77128: Qualify for better jobs

Informant #77129: Because I love what I'm learning: philosophy.

Informant #77131: Because i want my master in Sociology. I feel that a BA degree taking the place of a high school diploma with a master i really cant do anythin with my degree

Informant #77132: I am already in graduate school.

Informant #77134: Because the coporate world is very demanding and I don't want to limit my options.

Informant #77137: because i need 2 go to med school to persue my dreamsd as a doctor

Informant #77138: I feel it is important to better myself so i can provide for myself lol

Informant #77143: I want to be a pediatrician.

Informant #77144: To fulfill a dream

Informant #77145: unneccessary

Informant #77148: because i want to make that money

Informant #77149: i want to be a lawyer

Informant #77151: Need to make more money and for job security.

Informant #77153: cuz i wish to be lawyer and you cannot be a layer without going to law school

Informant #77155: Because I want to be a veterinarian.

Informant #77156: Pursue more education...

Informant #77157: More money and less time working to get my PE

Informant #77161: More opportunites to make more money.

Informant #77163: To get ahead and have a step up in my field.

Informant #77164: why not?

Informant #77168: well maybe it matters how i feel after i graduate

Informant #77170: because i was a succesful live and good financial status

Informant #77171: because i think that most higher profesions require a masters degree

Informant #77172: Better Salary

Informant #77174: make more money

Informant #77177: Financial independence.

Informant #77180: I plan to receive a higher income

Informant #77181: better pay

Informant #77182: Because i want more in life and i cannot just settle for a bachelors degree.

Informant #77183: I am interested

Informant #77185: Why not?

Informant #77188: I want to better myself as an individual and make sure I give back to my community( especially the Ghanaian and Nigerian community).

Informant #77189: My desire to help shape the country is driving me towards Law school. I want to become a federal judge.

Informant #77191: I really like science and I think I can bring it back to my country to benefit my country.

Informant #77192: Because I need to feel fulfilled in life. Cannot achieve full success without reaching the top of the educational ladder

Informant #77193: To expand my knowledge

Informant #77195: More money

Informant #77196: i want to make more than what my parent make,which is a lot

Informant #77198: You need more than one degree these days!

Informant #77199: a broader understanding of the topic to obtain more money and experience

Informant #77207: Better oppurtunities.

Informant #77208: Better education = better money

Informant #77209: So I can be a Pharmacist and further pursue my desire to give back to society.

Informant #77210: I would like to become a doctor.

Informant #77213: So i can make more money

Informant #77215: i want to achieve the highest level of education i can so that i can in turn get the most amount of money i can get when i graduate

Informant #77216: to accomplish life goals

Informant #77218: why not educate yourself as much as possible?

Informant #77223: Completed advanced degree

Informant #77224: it's competitive out there...

Informant #77228: More opportunities, and a chance to increase finances

Informant #77229: Open up More Job Opportunities

Informant #77231: We need to advance and be educated strong black females.

Informant #77232: Because it's important. Ultimately I will get more money.

Informant #77234: I might go to grad school if my job pays for it

Informant #77235: to further my professional career

Informant #77236: Because I want to further my education.

Informant #77237: Because i want to be all i can be.

Informant #77239: hamburger

Informant #77240: because i dont wanna

Informant #77241: To be successful.

Informant #77242: Spent enough time in my bachelors, will get decent job in my domain without grad school....

Informant #77243: Eventually want to become a Food and Beverage Manager and you need a very good education for that.

Informant #77249: money

Informant #77250: To get my Masters

Informant #77251: I suppose because thats what is expected of me.

Informant #77253: I wan't to become a criminal lawyer

Informant #77255: So I can have a strong foundation for myself and family, and I know that I will be able to have a good paying job.

Informant #77256: I'd like to be a surgeon some day.

Informant #77260: Because it will help me gain success in the future

Informant #77266: takes too long

Informant #77271: No more school!

Informant #77287: NO TIME

Informant #77288: The more education I receive, the more well rounded I become.

Informant #77291: To make more money

Informant #77293: Its something Ive always intended to do

Informant #77304: I want to pursue career in academics.

Informant #77305: I like school

Informant #77309: For the purposes of personal development, I would like to epand my horizons

Informant #77321: to make more money

Informant #77325: To make more money

Informant #77331: to get ahead and more knowledge. it also requirement from my parent

Informant #77332: I feel like further education will be required to succeed in the constantly growing and changing world.

Informant #77334: Because it is a requirement for the job I want as a pediatrician


Informant #77337: so i can get a better paid job... and tehre is never an end to education...

Informant #77341: Cause I want to get a good job and make alot of money

Informant #77344: i want the highest degree possible

Informant #77345: Because I want to

Informant #77349: So I can get a good job, make enough money to maintain my current lifestyle and make positive changes in Africa...also so my parents don't disown me.

Informant #77352: to get a better education

Informant #77353: i want to futher my knowledge in medicine so I can help others

Informant #77354: to earn money.

Informant #77359: because a bachelors degree isnt enough any more.

Informant #77360: I really enjoy learning and in this day in age we live in an extremely competitive environment where higher levels of education are neccesary

Informant #77361: Better on the Job Market

Informant #77363: Because I don't like college and can not stand it anymore.


Informant #77375: To make more money

Informant #77381: I would like to eventually be eligible for a professorship.

Informant #77383: not necessary

Informant #77384: BETTER JOB OUTLOOK

Informant #77391: i need to

Informant #77393: I want to be a physician assistant

Informant #77395: Knowledge is power

Informant #77398: I want more money.

Informant #77400: money

Informant #77401: Because I want to make a lot of money. I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck or be comfortable with what I make. I want to know that I will have to give all the time

Informant #77402: Because you can get paid more money and receive more experience.

Informant #77404: To better myself

Informant #77414: I want to become a cardiac surgeon

Informant #77416: causemore money

Informant #77425: I am a Psychology major and that is the only way i can get more money.

Informant #77432: Because I need to future my education and the more knowlegde I have the better off I am and I will become a greater asset.

Informant #77450: cause thats what I wanna do

Informant #77461: it's important

Informant #77462: to get into my feild

Informant #77463: To recieve an MBA

Informant #77466: To fulfill my dreams

Informant #77468: In order to teach I need my masters in 5 years.

Informant #77471: $$$$

Informant #77472: Get better pay for the same job with higher education.

Informant #77475: Knowledge is power..the more I become an expert in this field, the better I will be when I put this book knowledge into work.

Informant #77476: wanted a better professional opportunity

Informant #77477: I want to increase my earning potential.

Informant #77481: In this society, it is important to have advanced education to help you succeed in the corporate world. Also, I have always had a passion for law.

Informant #77482: You need a masters now adays to get somewhere

Informant #77485: Just have to

Informant #77486: Because I want my children to live comfortably.

Informant #77490: Money, Interest

Informant #77491: I have a child and I would like to start making money as soon as possible.

Informant #77497: school sucks

Informant #77500: Job market sucks

Informant #77505: so i can get my masters and don't have to hear shit from no one

Informant #77507: To be competitiv in my field of interest

Informant #77511: to fulfil my lifelong dream

Informant #77543: I believe that attaining an advanced degree will give me a greater chance of getting the job I want.

Informant #77544: more money!!!!

Informant #77582: I want to recieve the highest degree I can.

Informant #77602: More money

Informant #77620: to learn more and get further along in life

Informant #77621: The money, experience, education.

Informant #77655: to become an attorney

Informant #77670: Because, I want to advance as much as possible in my career choice.

Informant #77685: More insight and knowledge into my major

Informant #77688: because 4 years of college is enough fo me

Informant #77717: i want to be successful in life

Informant #77721: To prepare myself for research opportunities in industry

Informant #77724: As of now I am a bio chemistry major with the ultimate career goal of going to pharmacy school at UF

Informant #77730: it is necessary to gain a better understanding and appreciation for the field in which i am continuing.

Informant #77761: to get my PHD in psychology

Informant #77782: Knowledge and increased credentials / salary.

Informant #77794: just not sure yet what I want to do if I want to go to grad school or not

Informant #77795: because i want to become a surgeon one day

Informant #77796: Experience and monetary reasons

Informant #77852: cuz its required with my profession

Informant #77886: I am smart enough already, I realy am smart (140 IQ). But wasting anymore time in school would be time i could not spent being useful.

Informant #77915: hope to be a professor someday

Informant #77940: career purposes

Informant #77942: Because I always want the best for myself and I want to be in charge one day


Informant #77978: to become a lawyer

Informant #77986: Money

Informant #78032: Doesn't apply to my field of work

Informant #78048: I enjoy learning new things and I plan on being involved either in the U.S. or somewhere in Africa socially. Advancing my degree will help me do that.

Informant #78061: Becasue i want to further my education

Informant #78077: takes up too much time!

Informant #78086: because i want to become something better in life

Informant #78154: So I can become a doctor.

Informant #78292: to be a better person

Informant #78400: status, fuure stability, to prove myself

Informant #78466: better job opputunity...

Informant #78521: To become a teacher

Informant #78590: not my calling

Informant #78727: Why not

Informant #78861: To Begin my Career as A Teacher and a child Pyschologist

Informant #79432: Having a bachelor's degree isn't enough to qualify in this day and age.

Informant #79629: I want 2 be a mortician

Informant #79657: So I can earn more money

Informant #79738: become a doctor

Informant #79841: to further my education and better myself

Informant #79984: I've always wanted to become a pediatrician so I am majoring in Child development and minoring in Spanish

Informant #79986: because i wanna make something outta myself

Informant #80096: because its better to have high education, you get better chances in life

Informant #80366: because of the changing economy and the fact that you cant get a good job with a bachelors anymore

Informant #80450: Cause I canmake my money other ways

Informant #80582: money and better future for my kids

Informant #80598: get my doctorate

Informant #80616: I want to better myself and make sure that a successful future is guaranteed for me and my family. I want to be a lawyer and you MUST further your education to do that.

Informant #80635: Needed now-a-days

Informant #81373: It is not needed for my career

Informant #81429: Would've preferred to check off "Maybe." Not sure why I'm leaning toward "Yes."

Informant #81515: Honestly I don't know what else to do

Informant #81525: Whould rather start working immediatly.

Informant #81535: To become a lawyer

Informant #81955: Strapped for time

Informant #82155: Change careers / Higher income / More choices

Informant #82197: Pursue a PH.D so I can work in a private firm.

Informant #82234: Because I want to

Informant #82236: because I want to, and it's the best thing for me considering my major and the field that I'm interested in

Informant #82253: to be able to teach at a college level

Informant #82314: im gonna need to survive in life financially and support me and my son.

Informant #82385: I want to be a Sign Language Interpreter and to interpret in the school system here in Oklahoma I have to have my Bachelors degree. I don't know what I'll do after that.

Informant #82426: To reach the highest band of salaries that I am capable of

Informant #82663: hate small jobs

Informant #83202: Can't afford it

Informant #84253: need to have advanced and diversified credentials in today's unstable job market

Informant #84888: I want to make good money

Informant #85229: Not sure I'll be able to get funding.

Informant #85367: i prefer education to work

Informant #85657: to better my ducation and obtain a good job

Informant #87113: Because I don't need an advanced degree; a B.A. will be fine.

Informant #91106: pleasure, personal growth, and financial security

Informant #92709: because

Informant #95389: Haven't thought about it

Informant #105852: To get a Master's in French Language or Translation

Informant #116846: Because i would like to have a stable career and good income so that I can stand on my own two feet

Informant #117661: Income

Informant #120527: money

Informant #136925: Socially encouraged/more money

Informant #140291: to be better at sex

Informant #151537: I have to in order to be qualified for the job I want.

Informant #157614: To get a good job

Informant #163430: To make more money.

Informant #192881: To make a living of of something i enjoy

Informant #196175: For my happiness and to help other people--help the worlds knowledge and understanding about Midwifery

Informant #198321: to make more money

Informant #216975: enough

Informant #228704: No interest

Informant #232134: personal growth

Informant #232896: I did all the coursework for a master's degree, but stopped believing in the efficacy of the project. Since I will teach only four more years, shorter forms of more subject-specific material are the most efficient use of my time.

Informant #255689: Because I want to.

Informant #260212: Career growth ($)

Informant #264000: It will help me to be in the top 1% of my chosen field.

Informant #268791: To make money to support myself comfortably as well as my future family. I'm also pursuing a career that is meaningful and fascinating to myself.

Informant #273255: im cool

Informant #290942: to become independent

Informant #300351: In my area of study, public relations, it isn't necessary.

Informant #306073: i wnat to be successful

Informant #355796: TO BE SUCESSFUL

Informant #364260: So I can have a successful career

Informant #365411: Because I need it

Informant #366860: Make more money and do what I'm really interested in

Informant #387777: To further my education

Informant #388154: cause i just want to go to 4 years of college.

Informant #388155: don't want to.

Informant #388375: to get a degree in science

Informant #405827: Not interested

Informant #414850: The career I want requires at least a master's degree.

Informant #431819: Happy how I am.

Informant #436105: because i have other music :D

Informant #439252: The career I want requires an advanced degree.

Informant #478686: So I can get a better job and do better at it.

Informant #505027: No interest in career

Informant #528444: ILL

Informant #532912: cbb

Informant #547857: I want to be a Pediatric Surgeon.

Informant #608633: Because i's cool.

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