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Informant #77080: Not too muscular but a good size....tall. Def not skinny

Informant #77082: smart, well spoken, well mannered,educated

Informant #77134: Not to chunky, muscular and athletic combined

Informant #77156: Someone intelligent

Informant #77188: I dont really care how you look. I just want you to treat me with respect! Like most say.. I would rather have an ugly boyfriend that treats me right then a boyfriend who looks so good that he cares about himself and treats me like s***!

Informant #77208: I care more about the person, but I would say the face, and athletic body

Informant #77218: no specific "type" of person. i'm a strong believer of "it's on the inside what counts"

Informant #77232: I'm gay, so even though I'm a boy, I'll tell you that I prefer my men to be athletic.

Informant #77245: Personality matters

Informant #77250: It all about Persinality to me.

Informant #77296: I believe that i will find the woman that God has set for me to be the most attractive woman in the world, but i have not found her yet

Informant #77321: I have no preference, as long as you're in shape.

Informant #77360: it depends..

Informant #77363: Tall (over 6 foot) broad shoulders but not muscular all over.

Informant #77425: I like a guy that has some meat on them and a little muscular built.

Informant #77688: I like someone to be have a good personality as well as a pretty face

Informant #77730: Thick and healthy with a lil jiggle.

Informant #77795: i like a man who is slim but muscular at least a strong shoulder to hold on to.

Informant #77986: GIANT TITTIES.........AND A VAGINA

Informant #80616: Although physical appearance and attraction are vetry important, personality and other qualities are also very important to me also. As far as body type my boyfriend is 6'3 and 230 pounds and I'm 5'5 and 150 pounds.

Informant #80635: Who cares...its personality.

Informant #81373: Pretty Face and Muscular

Informant #81525: Depends on the guy.

Informant #81535: A pretty face with a very muscular body. NO FATT at all. I can't stand when bigger men try to date me because I'm so much smaller then them.

Informant #84627: Tall, dark and handsome!!!!!!

Informant #87113: personality is more a key factor than body type

Informant #105852: I like strong but slender guys. A lot of visible muscle grosses me out, and I don't want to feel like I'm dating a bear. I like a masculine looking man who can make me feel like a woman.

Informant #136925: The heart matters.

Informant #232896: No particular preference--it depends on the person!

Informant #286619: I prefer Thin/skinny, Medium all-around, and athletic equally

Informant #290942: nature wise a good human

Informant #373660: I am a woman and prefer women. Please cut the heteronormativity.

Informant #388375: Medium thin with a pretty face

Informant #436105: like muscular kinda but not bodybuilder

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