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1. Racism 101- Are you a racist?

4958 responses 24 questions

See results:  Racism 101- Are you a racist? Survey Statistics

2. Peer Pressure

1738 responses 25 questions

See results:  Peer Pressure Survey Statistics

3. Purpose of Life

1022 responses 12 questions

See results:  Purpose of Life Survey Statistics

4. Life and Fears

1002 responses 20 questions

See results:  Life and Fears Survey Statistics

5. Black Greek Life

918 responses 20 questions

See results:  Black Greek Life Survey Statistics

6. White Privilege

693 responses 21 question

See results:  White Privilege Survey Statistics

7. People vs. Government

581 response 19 questions

See results:  People vs. Government Survey Statistics

8. Drug Use Survey

507 responses 34 questions

See results:  Drug Use Survey Survey Statistics

9. Smoking Bans

444 responses 27 questions

See results:  Smoking Bans Survey Statistics

10. Which do you prefer?

417 responses 37 questions

See results:  Which do you prefer? Survey Statistics

11. Interracial Relationships

387 responses 21 question

See results:  Interracial Relationships Survey Statistics

12. Interracial Marriage

382 responses 19 questions

See results:  Interracial Marriage Survey Statistics

13. Hispanic-White Couples

324 responses 20 questions

See results:  Hispanic-White Couples Survey Statistics

14. Interracial Dating

301 response 20 questions

See results:  Interracial Dating Survey Statistics

15. Divorce's Effects

277 responses 42 questions

See results:  Divorce's Effects Survey Statistics

16. Interracial Dating Right or Wrong

264 responses 20 questions

See results:  Interracial Dating Right or Wrong Survey Statistics

17. Feminism and Racism

261 response 38 questions

See results:  Feminism and Racism Survey Statistics

18. Equality In The Media

251 response 27 questions

See results:  Equality In The Media Survey Statistics

19. Interracial Dating

224 responses 25 questions

See results:  Interracial Dating Survey Statistics

20. Private vs. Public Schools

224 responses 24 questions

See results:  Private vs. Public Schools Survey Statistics

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