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Survey and Results Locations

81. my survey

90 responses 29 questions

See results:  my survey Survey Statistics

82. Sexual Experiences

89 responses 21 question

See results:  Sexual Experiences Survey Statistics

83. Civil Service Eval.

88 responses 28 questions

See results:  Civil Service Eval. Survey Statistics

84. Hip-Hop Influence

88 responses 20 questions

See results:  Hip-Hop Influence Survey Statistics

85. The Melting Pot

86 responses 23 questions

See results:  The Melting Pot Survey Statistics

86. Thoughts Concerning HBCUs

86 responses 27 questions

See results:  Thoughts Concerning HBCUs Survey Statistics

87. Interracial Dating

86 responses 25 questions

See results:  Interracial Dating Survey Statistics

88. Beauty in the Media

85 responses 23 questions

See results:  Beauty in the Media Survey Statistics

89. Social Networking & Libel

84 responses 21 question

See results:  Social Networking & Libel Survey Statistics

90. Wrongful Accusations

84 responses 24 questions

See results:  Wrongful Accusations Survey Statistics

91. Racial Integration

83 responses 19 questions

See results:  Racial Integration Survey Statistics

92. Non Gender Segregated Bathrooms

82 responses 16 questions

See results:  Non Gender Segregated Bathrooms Survey Statistics

93. Comfort Zone

81 response 20 questions

See results:  Comfort Zone Survey Statistics

94. How Common is the HPV Vaccine Amongst ...

81 response 20 questions

See results:  How Common is the HPV Vaccine Amongst College S... Survey Statistics

95. Illegal Immigrants

80 responses 29 questions

See results:  Illegal Immigrants Survey Statistics

96. Race issues in America

80 responses 21 question

See results:  Race issues in America Survey Statistics

97. Hollywood

79 responses 29 questions

See results:  Hollywood Survey Statistics

98. Mad Black Women

79 responses 30 questions

See results:  Mad Black Women Survey Statistics

99. Race in Public Schools

78 responses 22 questions

See results:  Race in Public Schools Survey Statistics

100. Perceptions of Islam

78 responses 23 questions

See results:  Perceptions of Islam Survey Statistics

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