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Survey and Results Locations

121. Homosexual Adoptions

70 responses 22 questions

See results:  Homosexual Adoptions Survey Statistics

122. Sports and Racism

68 responses 20 questions

See results:  Sports and Racism Survey Statistics


68 responses 23 questions

See results:  BLACK LEADERSHIP Survey Statistics

124. Racial Survey

67 responses 23 questions

See results:  Racial Survey Survey Statistics

125. Survey on Drug Use

66 responses 32 questions

See results:  Survey on Drug Use Survey Statistics

126. Judicial/Racial Issues Surrounding O.J...

66 responses 29 questions

See results:  Judicial/Racial Issues Surrounding O.J. Simpson Survey Statistics

127. What Is A Black Person?

65 responses 40 questions

See results:  What Is A Black Person? Survey Statistics

128. Black Leaders

65 responses 20 questions

See results:  Black Leaders Survey Statistics

129. Movies and Racism

65 responses 28 questions

See results:  Movies and Racism Survey Statistics

130. Survey

65 responses 21 question

See results:  Survey Survey Statistics

131. The DREAM Act

65 responses 20 questions

See results:  The DREAM Act Survey Statistics

132. Labor in Carnegie Steel

64 responses 20 questions

See results:  Labor in Carnegie Steel Survey Statistics

133. Stereotypes Today

63 responses 7 questions

See results:  Stereotypes Today Survey Statistics

134. Racism in the Mass Media

62 responses 28 questions

See results:  Racism in the Mass Media Survey Statistics

135. Juvenile Crime

62 responses 20 questions

See results:  Juvenile Crime Survey Statistics

136. Civil Rights Psych

61 response 20 questions

See results:  Civil Rights Psych Survey Statistics

137. Women_and_Work

60 responses 22 questions

See results:  Women_and_Work Survey Statistics

138. Actors Inequality

59 responses 22 questions

See results:  Actors Inequality Survey Statistics

139. Sport Images

59 responses 27 questions

See results:  Sport Images Survey Statistics

140. Stereotypes

58 responses 21 question

See results:  Stereotypes Survey Statistics

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