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61. The Roots of Racism

107 responses 44 questions

See results:  The Roots of Racism Survey Statistics

62. Homosexual Relationships

106 responses 29 questions

See results:  Homosexual Relationships Survey Statistics

63. Social Perspectives

106 responses 39 questions

See results:  Social Perspectives Survey Statistics

64. Unemployment

106 responses 27 questions

See results:  Unemployment Survey Statistics

65. Gangs on the Rise

106 responses 18 questions

See results:  Gangs on the Rise Survey Statistics

66. Education and American Status

106 responses 23 questions

See results:  Education and American Status Survey Statistics

67. Evolution of Racism

105 responses 24 questions

See results:  Evolution of Racism Survey Statistics

68. Interracial Marriage

104 responses 20 questions

See results:  Interracial Marriage Survey Statistics

69. Pro sports & Race

102 responses 27 questions

See results:  Pro sports & Race Survey Statistics

70. Title IX

102 responses 20 questions

See results:  Title IX Survey Statistics

71. Equal Opportunity Laws

102 responses 20 questions

See results:  Equal Opportunity Laws Survey Statistics

72. Racism in Sports

101 response 21 question

See results:  Racism in Sports Survey Statistics

73. Immigration

99 responses 26 questions

See results:  Immigration Survey Statistics

74. SES

97 responses 25 questions

See results:  SES Survey Statistics

75. Major_League_Baseball

97 responses 30 questions

See results:  Major_League_Baseball Survey Statistics

76. Sexism & Politics

96 responses 25 questions

See results:  Sexism & Politics Survey Statistics

77. Women and Marriage

94 responses 29 questions

See results:  Women and Marriage Survey Statistics

78. Interracial Marriages

93 responses 20 questions

See results:  Interracial Marriages Survey Statistics

79. Malcolm X

92 responses 29 questions

See results:  Malcolm X Survey Statistics

80. Fathers Role Survey

92 responses 35 questions

See results:  Fathers Role Survey Survey Statistics

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