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21. Anti-Semitism

217 responses 21 question

See results:  Anti-Semitism Survey Statistics

22. Sexual Orientation

204 responses 28 questions

See results:  Sexual Orientation Survey Statistics

23. Voluntary Segregation

197 responses 28 questions

See results:  Voluntary Segregation Survey Statistics

24. Stereotypes

195 responses 38 questions

See results:  Stereotypes Survey Statistics

25. Interracial Dating

195 responses 24 questions

See results:  Interracial Dating Survey Statistics

26. Religion and Racism

190 responses 49 questions

See results:  Religion and Racism Survey Statistics

27. Child Labor

183 responses 26 questions

See results:  Child Labor Survey Statistics

28. Katrina: Race, Class, and Governmental...

175 responses 20 questions

See results:  Katrina: Race, Class, and Governmental Involvem... Survey Statistics

29. Dumb, Evil, or Ugly

175 responses 8 questions

See results:  Dumb, Evil, or Ugly Survey Statistics

30. Alcohol on KSU Campus (AM)

161 response 25 questions

See results:  Alcohol on KSU Campus (AM) Survey Statistics

31. Soc 409

156 responses 32 questions

See results:  Soc 409 Survey Statistics

32. Health Disparities

155 responses 20 questions

See results:  Health Disparities Survey Statistics

33. Family Structure

147 responses 20 questions

See results:  Family Structure Survey Statistics

34. Mothers and Religion

145 responses 49 questions

See results:  Mothers and Religion Survey Statistics

35. Interracial Dating

144 responses 20 questions

See results:  Interracial Dating Survey Statistics

36. WIC vs. Welfare

142 responses 20 questions

See results:  WIC vs. Welfare Survey Statistics

37. TV Viewing Habits

139 responses 21 question

See results:  TV Viewing Habits Survey Statistics

38. Civil Rights

139 responses 26 questions

See results:  Civil Rights Survey Statistics

39. AAA S 100

137 responses 28 questions

See results:  AAA S 100 Survey Statistics

40. Interracial relationships in America T...

136 responses 23 questions

See results:  Interracial relationships in America Today Survey Statistics

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